Christmas Gift Idea: Benefit Little Love Potions and It’s a Love Fest – My Initial Thoughts


I bought a small Benefit kit back in May time called How to Look the Best at Everything as my friend from uni swore by Benefit. I thought this was a great way to try some products out relatively cheaply as it contained four sample sized products (primer, foundation, concealer and powder). Previously I had only ever tried the Benefit mascaras as they were free with a magazine and I loved them so much I had purchased full sized tubes. I sort of felt like if it aint broke don’t fix it with my makeup and was not prepared to pay £25 for a foundation and end up hating it. Anyway to cut a long story short, I loved the Porefessional Primer and my tube of Bad Gal mascara is on its last legs, so I decided to order replacements. After perusing the Benefit, Feel Unique and Boots websites, I decided to order the It’s a Love Fest Kit at a cost of £39.50. I know, I know it’s such a lot of money and I am Skint with a capital S this month, but a girl can’t live without mascara right? The 22ml of Porefessional retails for £24.50 and a tube of They’re Real for £19.50. My calculator tells me that’s a total of £44 for the two and It’s a Love Fest is £39.50, so in my book a saving of £4 is amazing. Not only that, but I got a 4ml sample size of Sun Beam and a sample size of Coralista. Okay I didn’t need another lip product (last count I had over thirty!), but it was free, well that’s how I keep justifying my purchase. I have had a full sized tube of They’re Real before and the reason I switched back to Bad Gal is purely because They’re Real is a nightmare to remove. It has some staying power I tell you! I tried Sun Beam out for going out last night and it was a dream to apply and looked gorgeous on my skin. I will do a follow up post on this once I have put it to the test for much longer.  Sun Beam retails at £19.50 for 13ml, making the 4ml cost around £6. I am super please with this set and the tin it came in is so cute! I haven’t found a use for it yet, but I am sure I will. Coralista lip-gloss retails for £14.50 for a 15ml tube, so the 6.5ml Coralista would come in at around £6. This makes the total retail value of this kit around the £56 mark. NOTE, if you are ordering from Feel Unique, it states the lip-gloss is 15ml but this is not the case.


Little Love Potions contains ten sample-sized products and retails for £29.50. I must stress that the products are very small, especially the posie tint, stay don’t stray and high beam, however from experience a little goes a long way. I’ve shown a standard eyeliner next to the kit in the phot so you can get an idea of size. They are great sizes for travelling and as I said before it is an affordable way to try Benefit. If you have Boots points, then this is a great way to spend them, if not I would recommend giving Feel Unique a try as I managed to find a voucher code to get a massive £12 off (Google I salute you!). So far I have tried the stay dont stray out and wow, it did not budge at all. After 6-7 hours of sweating it up in a bar, with lots of dancing, my makeup still looked fresh. For you geeks like myself, who like to know the relative cost of everything, I have included a breakdown below.  Beware the next paragraph is rather tedious and repetitive. All the costs are based solely on a volume to volume basis of the full size product since Benefit does not sell minis or sample individually.

As mentioned above, 22ml Porefessional retails for £24.50 making the 7.5ml around the £8 mark.14.2g of It’s Potent Eyecream retails for £24.50, making the 3g tub around the £5 mark.A 13ml bottle of high beam will set you back £19.50, making this cute little 2.5ml sample worth £3.75. 12.5ml of the Positint costs a whopping £24.50, making this tiny 2.5ml tube worth almost £5. Stay Don’t Stray retails for £20.50 for a 10ml tube and in this kit you get a 2.5ml tube worth £5. A 9.4g stick of the Watts Up highlighter costs £24.50, meaning the little 2.5g stick in this kit is worth almost £6.50. Bad Gal mascara costs £17.50 for the 8.5g full size, in this kit you get a 4g mini worth £8. Benefit retail That Gal primer for £22.50 for 11ml and in the kit you recieve the sample size of 7.5ml worth £15. Hoola bronzer retails at £24.50 for 8g and in this kit you get a rather generous 3g of product worth £9. Finally Hoola lipgloss retails at the same price as the Coralista, a 15ml tube for £14.50 making this 6.5ml sample also worth around £6. By my calculations the total worth of this kit is actually worth over £70, so essentially you save yourself over 50%.

I would recommend the Little Love Potions to anyone just looking to try lots of Benefit products or maybe teenagers who are just starting out with a makeup collection as this has everything you need minus a foundation and eyeliner. The It’s a Love fest is also a brilliant bargain, especially if like me you need a new primer and mascara. Apologies for the lengthy post, I just had to share these absolute bargains with you all.

Have you tried any Benefit cosmetics before?


9 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Idea: Benefit Little Love Potions and It’s a Love Fest – My Initial Thoughts

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