Lush Snow Fairy Massage Bar


Sorry for neglecting the blog this week, I’ve had a headache lasting pretty much the whole week, so I will be keeping this post short. I picked this up over a month ago and I must admit it was my first foray into the Snow Fairy fragrance line and I love it. So much so that I will be picking up the shower gel and maybe the perfume too. As you can see in the picture, my poor little fairy went through the wars in the bag and a little of the pink outer coating peeled off revealing the white glittery inside. The snow fairy sparkle massage bar is solid, but fairly soft and reminded me of the consistency of butter when just removed from the fridge.

‘The idea for Snow Fairy Sparkle came from Claire, our Covent Garden shop manager. She said that she loved the idea of covering people in glitter when giving shop demos – so this product is a bit like a massage bar with a super soft fondant centre, and lots and lots of sparkle!

Inside the Snow Fairy Sparkle is a fondant centre with Shimmy Shimmy lustre. This sparkle will leave you smelling of our popular Snow Fairy shower gel. Smoosh the Fairy, and its organic shea, murumuru and cupuacu butters will melt over your arms and shoulders (and anywhere else that needs to sparkle) for soft, shining skin that catches the light as you flutter, leaving you beautifully moisturised. Perfect for little girls, boys and closet fairies who want to sparkle from head to toe. Make sure you complete the look with the Snow Fairy scented Magic Wand.’ – Lush


For a start, I love that this is against animal testing and vegan friendly. The smell is delicious, think sweeties. Candy floss, bubblegum and per drops. MMMM. If you don’t like sweet smells, this probably isn’t for you.  The almond oil and shea butter on this make it extremely good for dry skin and I’ve found that it definitely locks in the moisture. I like to get the other half to massage my shoulder with this, but I also use it on my arms myself. This does have a bit of shimmer in it once you get past the initial pink layer an so it would be great to rub on those bare legs to go with the little black dress this party season. The bar is very small, only 40g of product, but a little goes a long way. I prefer to just massage the skin with the bar directly, but you could warm it in your hands to melt it a little and apply it that way. Whatever works for you. I think I will definitely repurchase this in the near future. Will you be trying this out or do you have any lush products that you love?

Available from Lush for £4.95 for 40g.


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