You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 2


Just a quick post, with whats in the advent calendar today. I have previously tried a serum from Caudalie and really enjoyed using it and have been meaning to try more from the range, so I was delighted to get this hand cream this morning. I received the blackcurrant version, which smells lovely and sweet and fruity. I am really looking forward to using this as my hands get so dry in the winter.

Get 15% off all Caudalie products at using the code HARVEST15 until the 15th jan.

Have you tried anything from Caudalie? What would you recommend?


24 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 2

  1. That scent sounds delicious! I’m still wrestling with myself over getting one of these calendars…but I have so many things already that I don’t always use! Tricky tricky. I think I’ll live vicariously through your blog for now πŸ™‚ loving these bitesized posts, all the products look so lovely xx


    • Do it! Buy one! I accidentall ripped it in my excitement this morning and one of the later products is awesome. Plus, 24 products for 50quid. Dam good deal. And if you get anything you don’t like throw it in someone’s stocking xx


      • OH MY GOD THIS IS SO HARD. I’ve already gone mad with Boyf and Sister’s Christmas presents…I’m going to go and stare at my bank balance and think long and hard. Possibly for days. xx


        • I’ve done exactly the same. I’ve blown my first three months wages, but thought I deserved it after five years of uni saving. My bank balance must hate me right now but I am loving having new stuff xx


          • I keep blaming the fact that I’m just breaking even on trains and petrol, and in fairness that does take out at least a third of my salary every week. But I think the beauty addiction takes more out than I give it credit for! Still, I should stock up whilst I’m still living with mum and dad and don’t have as many expenses. It’s just logical…. πŸ˜‰ xx


      • It would sort of help. I just found out I got down to the bottom two with that job and they really liked me, but they decided to go for the other girl because she lived locally so it was less of a risky prospect getting her settled. So close! I need perking up now :p xx


        • Awh no, that’s such a rubbish reason. At least you know that you aced it though for the next one. That’s so rubbish of them, but I guess if people moved in the past and didn’t settle. In pure your dream job will come up eventually.
          And espa is amazing, just looking at their wonderful gift sets and drooling. Going to treat my mum with the gift card though xx


        • Just think of it as fate. I had a similar experience in my fourth year of uni, I applied to a few internships and the one I really wanted in Southampton I didn’t get. I ended up getting a high paying and great experience in Aberdeen. I applied to Southampton again for a graduate job in my fifth year, flex down (400 pound lighter) and once again was unsuccessful. I used the feedback and experience from that assessment centre to blag myself this job. So the morale of this novel is use the interview to your advantage and you will blag your dream job soon enough xx


        • I’ve already spoiled some for you, but so far I’ve been dead impressed. Most things are high end, so I wouldn’t normally purchase them so it’s nice to try them out. And the 15 quid gift card was nice surprise. Xx


      • Oh no, they haven’t been spoiled at all – I’m even more excited to get them now! That blackcurrant smell sounds amazing, hopefully I’ll get the same flavour as you. Thank you so much for the wise words on jobhunting too. I love my current workplace but really want to fly the nest and move somewhere new – I’ve got itchy feet! Also your current job sounds fantastic, so it’s lovely that you found the right place so soon. Inspired πŸ™‚ xx


        • If you don’t get the blackcurrant, we can swap as I haven’t used mine yet, I just opened it to smell it haha. And I know what you mean with itchy feet. I think I felt the same during my final year at uni xx


  2. Lol just read your thread with effie and it made me smile when I read she had caved and bought the calendar, but I will resist I said resist lol. You enjoy it girl’s! X


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