You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 3


Wow. Just wow. Today’s gift is going to be hard to trump. A lovely little wood effect ESPA box, filled with not one, not two, but three goodies. I have tried ESPA before and my mum loves the stuff, but it was always a little too pricey for me to buy myself. Now I am working, I can splash the cash a little more (think rolling around in fifites, eating caviar and drinking champers, nah not really but we can dream).


So in the box I got a mini sample of a cleanse and exfoliate refining skin polish. I haven’t quite decided whether to keep this for myself or gift it to my mum. The second sample is the original skin pro serum, which actually looks a bit like oil in the bottle. My mum is a face oil fiend, so this will definitely find it’s way into her dresser when I go home. Once she ordered face oil and Hermes, the delivery company decided the blue bin (paper recycling) was a safe place to leave it. Off the £50 face oil went into the bin lorry. Silly Hermes. Talking of Hermes, I ordered some things from Debenhams and came home yesterday to find my new top and shoes just lying in the street (albeit bagged up), but the fear that any old tom, dick or harry could have been off with my stuff hit. Bad Hermes.


For me, this is the icing on the cake. A £!5 gift card, with NO MINIMUM SPEND. Yes people, you read that. Ah but ESPA is expensive you say? Well yes but you can get a nice gift set for £25 or a miniature candle and some lotions for £17.50, so this is fantastic. You beauty really have outdone themselves. There are still some calendars left for order. Run and order one now, you honestly won’t regret it.


7 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 3

  1. Wow great gift! I’ve heard Hermes are meant to be bad, but an old man delivers for us and he’s very reliable. Yodel on the other hand are pretty bad! Xx


    • Hermes never used to leave me a calling card in Glasgow, so I had so many parcels returned to sender. Glossybox used Hermes and that was one of the reasons I cancelled. I couldn’t belive my precious parcel, lying there in the middle of the street all wet! The drivers must just have no common sense. I don’t think Ive had any dealings with yodel. xx


  2. Wow, how lovely. I’ve been to an Espa spa in a hotel a couple of times and liked them very much. Sound like a wonderful advent calendar you got xx


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