You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 9


Loving todays gift, a generous 25ml sample of trilogy rosapene night cream. To me this smells very much like my Elemis Freshskin Moisturiser (reviewed here) , with hints of Geranium coming through. It smells very much like one of those aromatherapy creams you always get in salons. The cream is lovely and thick, and from the little try I’ve had on my face, very moisturising. I think this is probably great for those with dry skin. Trilogy is a brand from New Zealand, which I had never heard of, but I definitely want to try some more. You Beauty has done it again, loving this so far, lets hope it doesn’t flare my skin up.

Using the code 7NIGHTS, you can get £7 off Rosapene night cream.

Have you tried anything from trilogy before? What’s your go to night cream?


9 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 9

  1. I’ve heard of Trilogy before but never tried it – the cream smells incredible doesn’t it? I’m a bit wary of putting something so moisturising all over my face as I’m mid-breakout, but I’m definitely trying it out on my forehead tonight! xx


  2. I have never heard of Trilogy but I love Repose night cream by Templespa. It contains geranium (my favourite essential oil), lavender, patchouli, orange & frankincense & smells fabulous. It is non greasy, sinks into the skin & leaves it lovely & soft. It is advertised as a good nights sleep in a jar…..I don’t know if I sleep any better but the wonderful fragrance of this night cream certainly encourages me, when I am really tired & just want to crawl between the sheets, to actually make the effort to wash my face & apply it 🙂


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