Urban Decay Naked Basics


I bought this ages ago (or what seems like ages) when I was in Glasgow and have been meaning to review ever since. I normally don’t wear eyeshadow to work, as I work with mostly men and like to attract as little attention to myself as possible. Plus I spend half my day wearing some really sexy safety glasses, which make my eyes sweaty and we all know how sweaty eyes and make-up doesn’t go. Anyway, this palette comes in a nice little box so it would make a great gift either for a friend or yourself.


Inside we have six full size (1.3g) eyeshadows and a mirror. The back of the box shows swatches of the colours, but if you are buying this in store like I did, you can try them out first.


The case is small and made from some sort of plastic, with the naked basics embossed on in a rubbery sort of material which does attract dirt. The case is around the size of a mobile phone, probably a bit smaller than most smart phones actually and feels very sturdy. My only niggle is the rubber embossing and how difficult it is to open. This is good if you plan on travelling, I mean nobody likes spilt eyeshadow, but not so good for my nails.


Inside, there is a good sized mirror and the six shadows are labelled and packaged individually. I hate it when you get eyeshadow palettes and the shadows are all in one big cake/lump. I always end up with black in my browns and eventually it becomes one big mess.


As you can see, there is a good range, from dark to light allowing for highlighting and lining on the go. So far so good. I don’t have any of the other naked palettes, but I believe there is no dupes except for foxy? Correct me if I am wrong people, but I think Foxy also featured in naked 2.



These swatches are without primer.

Venus: a creamy white with micro shimmer. This applied very well and gave a nice sheen to the lids. I would describe this as a satin eye-shadow.

Foxy: matte in finish and great for using as a base. This shade is quite yellow toned and almost reminded me of butter milk. For such a pale shade, it has good colour pay off.

W.O.S (Walk of Shame): this very pale shadow has pink undertones and for me is definitely more of a highlighter.

Naked 2: my favourite shade in the palette. A matte pale coffee or beige, with a lovely buttery texture and excellent pay off.  If you are fair haired, this might work for your eyebrows.

Faint: A medium brown matte, which would be perfect for eyebrows. This comes a close second to naked 2 as being my favourite. It is very pigmented and applied very well.

Crave: A very dark, almost black brown, which is matte in finish. I’ve used this as a liner, and blended it out to give a soft line and it is a dream to work with, with excellent colour pay-off. Still working on getting this to work for me wet.

In terms of wear, I had no problems with the wear, these wore for a good 8 hours on me without a primer and 12 hours plus with primer. The pigmentation is great and these are very build able so you can wear them as bold or as subtle as you like. I experienced no problems with application and very little fall out. A big thumbs up from me.

This was my first palette in years, as I used one my aunt gave me to death, finishing four eye shadows of twelve, the three blushers and the powder. It was an amazing palette and I didn’t think I could find anything as good. I really love this and think it is suitable for everyone from teens right through to your granny. The colours will suit most people, so if your looking for a gift, I would seriously consider this. Now excuse me while I go and hide my bank card to stop me buying more urban decay (why I never tried this brand before is beyond me?).

Available from Debenhams for £20 (sold out online)

Have you tried anything from Urban Decay? What is your go to palette?


34 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Basics

  1. This looks amazing, but I can’t help but be drawn to the naked 3 palette. There’s just something about those rose gold shades.. However, this looks like a great neutral palette. Xx


  2. Yaay it’s here! I like how you took the time to do some swatches and photograph everything 🙂 I can vouch for the original Naked palette and say that none of those shades are duplicated in there. Naked 2 is very similar to Naked (the shade, not the palette) and you’re right, that shade is very good for brows if you have fair hair! You’re so perceptive with your reviews xx


    • Oh thanks. I actually photographed it the day after I got it, as I new I would do a review, I have just taken too long to do it. I think you should review naked and we can compare our naked swatches. See what I did there? Haha. It’s awesome I love urban decay. I’ve just bought naked flushed too as I’m having a major blush love month. So once I’ve tried that, I will review it too. Xx


      • Hahaha naked swatches. That’s a really good idea photographing things as soon as you get them – that way they aren’t all covered in eyeshadow dust when you eventually try! I’d definitely need somebody else to photograph my arm for me if I swatched the whole thing. Oooh I’m looking forward to seeing that review! I’ve never tried an Urban Decay blusher xx


        • You could use both arms 😉 or do half and then half another day. Yeah, I find it easier to take the photos when I get things if possible as that way I will actually remember to review it. Xx


          • Hahaha yes that’s true. I used both arms for the perfect palette tag the other day, but had to do some very interesting manoeuvres to photograph them all the same! That’s a good plan with the photography, well organised! xx


            • I got the benefit red tint at the weekend and went to swatch it on my hand, but halfway through got distracted and oh my gosh did it stain. I had a massive pink square on my hand haha. Xx


            • I have all three tints now, but all in mini size. The Benetint came as part of the primping with the stars kit, which I bought for the mascara to give to a friend for her birthday and a couple of the other bits for Christmas presents. The tint was just a bonus. I am going to have to buy lollipop tint when it launches too. Xx


  3. This honestly looks like my ideal palette! I always, always, always wear browns, pales and darks for my everyday look. I don’t know why, I just love earthy tones on my eyes! I wish I could afford this, maybe I’ll save up for it, thanks for sharing it! Susan xx


  4. Saw this in store the other day and was quite tempted (think it was on offer, too). But I’m thinking if I am gonna get anything from UD, that’s gonna be one of the NAKED Palettes – preferably 3…


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