You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 10


Inika is a great, little known brand. I’ve only had one product from this brand, a lip liner from a Glossybox which had an amazing formula, but sadly was too dark for me. It is now available at feel unique, which is great. Inika is a mineral brand, much like bare minerals, with around half of the products being organic. For those of us who are animal conscious, it is cruelty free and Vegan. I follow a few bloggers who are Vegan and I was surprised at how many products have animal products in them, so it’s great when brands expand their horizons and choose to become Vegan.


Todays gift, is this awesome mineral eyeshadow in gun metal. The shade is not something I would normally reach for, but after a little digging around Google, it seems that this is generally more of a liner than a shadow. After some further research in the form of the You Beauty magazine, it is actually recommended to use this as a liner. Apparently when applied wet or over black eyeliner, it looks like mercury and supposedly there is purple in this gorgeous shadow. I can’t see the purple, but then again, I normally walk to and from work in the dark, so when I get home I am relying on artificial light. I looked this up on the Inika website out of interest and its £14.50 to buy a single eyeshadow, so again this falls into the luxury category. Inika do have a nice selection of 24 shades, so if I like this I can see myself ordering some of the more wearable shades like brown, pink and purple. I will be trying this out over the weekend, as it may look nice for my works Christmas party.

20% off orders of £50 or over at inika using the code ADVENT.

Have you tried any Inika products? How would you wear this shadow?


One thought on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 10

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