You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 11


Steamcream! Yes! I am so happy to see this, even if it is in a slightly garish tin. I got a tin of this earlier in  the year and just recently started using it and it is amazing. It is apparently fused together using steam, hence the name. They offer a really large range of tin designs, and this one screams summer to me, so goodness know why it was in an advent calendar. The cream is very thick and hydrating and can be used on body, hands and face. I will try and get a full review of this up soon, but I am struggling for time with posts and it being Christmas. This has won countless beauty awards and is a great buy at under £15 a tin.

20% off all single tin purchases using the code CALENDAR20

Have you tried steamcream? What is your go to moisturiser?


18 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 11

    • Have you heard of a brand called yes! Nurse? I am not sure if they sell in the state’s, but I got some for my auntie as she is a nurse and it was developed for nurses hands. It was really good.
      But yeah steamcream is a great all rounder xx


      • No I have not heard of them. I recently had a doctor appointment and she prescribed me a ointment. My hands get better on my days off but then turn into a red rashy dry mess. It’s annoying! I have been wearing cloth gloves under my normal gloves so the actual glove isn’t touching my hands. My hands are so red and rashy by the end of my shift. Now I am trying new soap.


        • Oh no, that’s such a shame. Do you have an allergy or dermatitis or something? I have dermatitis on my right hand and it’s so painful sometimes, so I totally sympathise with you. I guess being in rubber gloves doesn’t let the skin breathe either


          • Well I have worked there a year and a half. They have the same products. I think my hands are just starting a sensitivity to the products and I think it’s also this time of year. It started probably end of September/early October. If my hands don’t get better with this soap I will go to a dermatologist. It’s just hard to carry around my own soap when it’s second nature to grab for the soap that is supplied by the sinks. My hands also crack open too so it scares me too because I don’t wants germs getting into them.


            • By the way I love the new option of having snow fall on the blog. Did you have a chance to check on how you get that menu. You told me to remind you lol. Also I have another question do my blog posts show up in the reader? I’m just wondering if followers are actually seeing them or not.


            • Now you mention it, I don’t think you show up in my reader but I’ve had similar problems with other blogs. Yeah go to your dashboard and add pages. Each page, you can then have in the menu bar at the top. I think you can reorder the pages, but I haven’t quite pursed that out yet. I hope this helps a little? The snow is cute, effie showed me how to get it.


            • I just added the snow to mine yesterday. It’s pretty awesome! Thanks for the help! I will look into it later. I just asked you that question because I did a Disney Elsa inspired makeup look yesterday and nobody has been really reading it along with a lot of my other posts. So I didn’t know if they were showing up or that my followers didn’t want to read it or something.


            • Maybe something in your settings has gone funny? That’s really annoying, as I want to read all your posts. I can add you on bloglovin and follow you that way, as it always shows posts up. WordPress is temperamental


            • Thanks, I will check yours out now. I haven’t really done much other than link it to my blog as that’s the reason I got Twitter. Sorry for taking ages to reply, I’m usually out at work from 7am to 6pm or roughly there about


            • I felt the same way at first. But, once you get the hang of it is really easy. If you watch tv shows, movies, youtube videos, or are big fan of celebrities then Twitter is nice. I watch this show called the Voice in the US and I always tweet to an artist if I like them or if they get voted off. Also if I order something from a cosmetic company I may tweet them. Cosmetics companies sometimes have giveaways on there twitter page. For example the balm had a halloween gift card giveaway if I tweeted a picture of my pet dressed up in a Halloween costume. I didn’t win but I sure thought Mirya was adorable! Another tweet I did was with Stila and tweeting them saying I wasn’t happy with them changing their animal testing policy. The only reason I used that palette for the Elsa tutorial is because I already had that one and it had a lot of purples.


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