You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 14


Okay, so apologies for neglecting the blog, I am swamped with a backlog of posts and stuff to do before heading north for Christmas. Trying to catch up, so I am hoping to schedule a few posts in for next week today. Well that’s the plan, but feeling a little sleepy after work night out last night. I like that this product is an anti-ageing eyeliner, meaning you beauty have considered all age ranges with the calendar. I had never heard of Green People, so went on a little Google espionage and you will be pleased to know they are mostly natural and organic and don’t test on animals. Most of the products are vegan registered and all of the products vegetarian registered, which can give some a peace of mind. Basically the brand was set up, as one of the founders had eczema and severe skin allergies. After a quick browse through their website they offer a great range of skin care, hair and make up products. This eyeliner retails for £10.95, which for an eyeliner is somewhere between drug store and high end.


Now as this is an anti ageing eyeliner, I think I will pass this onto either my mum or aunt who are in their 40s/50s and both of whom wear eyeliner daily. For me eyeliner is a going on a night out only thing, and even then I don’t always wear it and since I literally just got a new one in my BBB Box  it would be a shame to waste this. The colour is a very dark grey, which I think can sometimes be more flattering than black as it is not as harsh. I imagine the addition of vitamin c, e, jojoba oil and shea will make this extremely moisturising and as such it wont snag. I am only speculating here and if either my aunt or mum decide they would like to try it, I will make sure to get some swatches. All in all I think this is a nice addition and I will be placing an order from Green People come payday as the products look lovely.

Even better I have a £5 off voucher and they offer free delivery 🙂

Have you heard of Green People? What’s your go to eyeliner?


5 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 14

  1. I would be happy to try it if your Mum doesn’t want to. I like greys for my eyes, as well as blues & purples. I have never heard of Green People & am currently using Laura Geller Eye Rimz. It is a baked powder that can be used wet or dry, and comes with its own little applicator which is fabulous. It is very easy to apply, doesn’t drag the skin on application, stays where it should & doesn’t go walkabout down your face through the day & has great staying power. One little pot lasts for months so it is good value too. I am using a dark grey just now called Supernatural Smoke but I have also had a purple (more of a deep amethyst than a bright purple) too which I loved 🙂


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