You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 15


Ah a tiny little bottle of Bio Effect EGF Serum. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. On the one hand, it’s nice to try this extremely luxurious product, but on the other hand I may end up liking it. £125 for a tiny 15ml bottle is insanely expensive and due to the ridiculous price tag, I am not going to say much more about it. At this price I would be expecting this to be made from unicorn or fairy dust or something magical and to turn me into Kiera Knightly. Sadly no matter how good something is, £125 is just far too much for a skittery little bottle.

Apparently a tiny amount will reduce wrinkles, pores and pigmentation, as well as turning you into a fairy princess. It contains nine ingredients and no preservatives, fragrance or colouring, which I suppose is a redeeming factor. I will test this out on my dark circles, but I am very sceptical about whether it will actually work.

If you fancy splashing your cash, using the code XMAS30 you can get £30 off at bioeffect.

Would you pay this much for a serum? Have you tried Bio Effect?


23 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 15

    • I tried it out tonight and was a little bit scared incase I liked it. Since it said it helped pigmentation I only put it under my eyes and it went on quite nicely but after about half an hour my skin felt sticky. I will use the whole bottle, but from my first impressions it didn’t seem that awesome. But seriously who can afford to pay this much? I will stick with my two elemis serums at eighteen quid a pop xx


      • It is quite extreme! I certainly wouldn’t spend that much, but then I’m not the target age range. I’m testing it under my eyes and on my fod (forehead) tonight. Eww, sticky doesn’t sound nice. When I first read your comment I thought you said “I used the whole bottle” and thought “blimey, no wonder it’s sticky!” But clearly you used a sensible amount and it still feels nasty. Oh well, time will tell what it does for our pigmentation! Xx


            • Yess had a great time thanks, it was so much fun to explore Bristol and just chill out together too. I didn’t get any pictures out and about because the weather was a bit grey, so there probably won’t be a blog post I’m afraid. I was sure that the yeast would make puffiness rise, not reduce? Xx


            • Yes fingers crossed! I’m gonna go up for new year so am really excited about that. My sister says “ummmmm I haven’t really studied yeast” but came up with the same theory as me: “it puffs up your skin because yeast makes bread rise”. Logical. Xx


            • Probably nothin exciting, too old for that now! I really just want to see my family as haven’t seen them in ages. I hope this product works, as its less than a tenner, so definitely more budget friendly than yesterday. And it’s funny, they both offer a similar end result. Xx


            • Haha yes I don’t think we’ll be going out – staying in with a bottle or three of cava 🙂 I’d say we’re having champagne but we all know I’d be lying! Awwwh yeah it’ll be so nice to see your family. I really hope the weather works out for you! Haha yes it just reinforces the message to try before you buy – something super cheap might work just as well as £100+ stuff. I’ve fallen for steam cream and it’s just over half the price of my usual moisturiser xx


            • You can’t beat a night in. One of the best new years I had was playing the Wii with my mum, Dad and woody, drinking some horrible champagne and eating Tesco party food haha. It was woodys first new year with me and he didn’t want to go out, but I had a great time.
              Steam cream is great, I tend to use it more on my hands and neck than face. And I love the tins. I want to start a collection Xx


            • Awwh that sounds like a gorgeous New Year’s Eve! Such a lovely memory for your first one together too. I’d love to start a tin collection too, but then you said the cream lasts for ages. Maybe I should start spreading its use to my elbows and knees as well so I have an excuse to buy more tins! xx


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