You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 16


So after yesterdays super expensive Bio Effect Serum, I was actually pleased to open this little baby. I’ve never heard of Dr Organic, but I do have massive bags and I’m pretty tired after a crazy day at work. I ended up staying pretty late to try finish some drawings, which I didn’t finish in the end. The bags and dark circles I am suffering from really need helping out and maybe, just maybe this will help. I did a quick search and it seems Holland and Barett sell this brand. Odd. I thought they were a vitamin and health food shop, so it’s cool to know they do beauty.


This retails for under a tenner, which is much more my budget and comes in a nifty little tube, great for travelling. The tube has a little picture of a bunny with no written on it, which made me laugh. No Bunnies! Clearly it meant not tested on animals, but after 12 hours at work, anything can amuse me. It is also vegan friendly, free from parabens, sls, arificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives. So far me likey. Me likey a lot.

Okay, so the ingredients list is where it gets weird. Lots of lovely things like dead sea mineral salt, aloe vera leaf juice, mandarin peel oil and thyme flower oil sound nice and are probably what give this it’s slightly herby scent. But then we have brewers yeast. Erm what? Yeast? Yes, yeast. I haven’t quite worked out what this is for, so if anyone knows, please enlighten me!


It applies using a metal roller ball, which is lovely and cooling on the eyes. This product is a sort of gel like formula, which feels lovely on my tired eyes. I am not sure that this will actually reduce my bags and circles, but I like it all the same. I will update you if this has any effect on my under eye area.

So, does anyone know why there is yeast in this? Have you heard of Dr Organic?


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