You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 17


So todays offering was a lovely 30ml bottle of DHC Cleansing Oil. Prior to this I have read reviews on both DHC and Cleansing Oils and both seem to get the thumbs up from bloggers. I am a little bit dubious about oil to clean my skin, but I think it is one of those things I need to get used to? Due to the lovely compact size of this bottle, I intend on packing it for my two week holiday from work and testing it fully then. Fingers crossed no reactions then. I suppose cleansing oils make sense, I mean you combat oil with oil right?

This doesn’t smell of much, which is a little disappointing, but when I come to think of it my current Philosophy cleanser doesn’t smell either. This contains Vitamin E and olive oil, which we all know how good they are for our skin. This little sample retails for £4.50 on the DHC website, so although it isn’t as expensive as some previous gifts, it is still a nice little inclusion. After looking through the ingredients list, there is only 8 ingredients which is really unusual for beauty products these days. I can’t see any nasties in there and it does include rosemary oil (which I can’t smell 😦 Love rosemary so this is disappointing) so I am really excited to try this out.

So….the question is have any of you tried cleansing oil and do you have any tips/tricks or warnings for me?


7 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 17

  1. I’ve tried this about a year ago. It was ok, felt odd rubbing an oil consistency on my face but it was good for getting make off. However, I quickly got bored off it and now it’s just hanging around in my drawer and has turned a strange green colour.. Haha xx


  2. I think next year I want to get an advent calendar. Looks like you and Effie are having fun with them. I never heard about them until I saw your posts. I saw they have a benefit one but it’s pretty expensive.


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