Christmas Gift Idea for that Hard to buy for Person – Yankee Candle


Another quick post again tonight as I am just so busy. Bet you are sick of hearing that eh? Today I am sharing my thought on my current Yankee Candle, Fresh Cut Roses, but all the Yankee Candles I have previously tried have been of similar quality, so I guess it applies to them all. I think candles are quite a safe gift if you can’t think of anything as everyone will use candles right? Yankee candle are probably my favourite brand, offering a massive array of scents and sizes. I have the large jar, which promises to burn for between 110-150 hours.


What I love about Yankee Candles is the glass lid, which is not only decorative but helps keep dust out of the candle. I got this candle as a gift from my Granny and I just love the scent. It honestly does smell like roses. If you like roses and pink, I would recommend this one. The candle burns cleanly and fills the room in around 10-15 minutes with a beautiful fragrance that is not too overpowering. The scent also sticks around long after you extinguish the candle. I enjoy burning this in my bathroom or in the kitchen/living area after a smelly meal.

Some of my other favourite scents are:

Clean Cotton, which smells funnily enough like fabric softener

Mango Peach Salsa, which smells so sweet and fruity and is just very refreshing

Pinecone and Lime, which has the classic wintery pine scent with a twist of fresh citrus.

and finally

Spiced Orange, which as the name suggests is a spicey citrusey smell and is perfect for the winter months.

Available from Yankee Candle for £19.99

I would love to know if you have any recommendations for Yankee or other candles? Have you tried this candle?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Idea for that Hard to buy for Person – Yankee Candle

  1. I love Yankee Candles too. I think some have a more distinct scent than others. Pine Cone & Lime sounds lovely. I have Mackintosh Spice just now, which is also very nice, especially for winter. I also have a reed diffuser from Scotts Of Stow, the scent is lemongrass, and it is fab. Every 10 minutes or so you get this beautiful smell wafting past you. I will definitely have another one of them, and they are half price at the moment, even better 🙂


    • Sorry for the late reply, been busy with travelling and sleeping! Lol. I tried to pick up some pinecone candles in Glasgow, but they sold out. I’ve never tried anything from Scotts of stow. It’s nice once you find something you like to find it on half price! Xx


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