You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 18


Today’s gift made me giggle a little. Yes, I am that childish. Dr lipp’s original nipple balm for lips. Nipple balm?! For lips. Yes you read that right. Apparently this was developed for new mothers and contains little more than medical grade lanolin and is 100% natural. I tried this on my lips and it is very thick and to me a bit sticky but not in the conventional sense. For me this products really stood out when I applied it to the dermatitis on my hand, which is horrifically itchy at the moment. The product initially felt a little bit strange, but after soaking in, the itch pretty much vanished. It does say on the DR Lipp website that this is great for extreme dry patches, eczema, cuticles, abrasions et al so I guess it is hardly surprising. There is no scent to the product, making it perfect for those sensitive to smells. I’m really happy to have received this since it seems like after just one use that it will be a great product.

Free Baby Dr Lipp tube using the code LOVEDRLIPP001

Have you tried this before and what do you recommend using it on? Did anyone else laugh at the name?


16 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 18

  1. I totally laughed at the name. I thought I was hallucinating when I read “nipple”. You are not alone! Still, I like the product. £11 is a lot for a lip balm, but it’s much more durable than anything I’ve tried before. Interesting to hear about your dermatitis too – this is obviously a multi-tasker! xx


    • I didn’t like it for lips, so will probably use it for dry patches. I agree £11 is a lot, when you can get the likes of nivea or body shop for a few quid. But I guess for a treat. I opened tomorrows door too haha as I will be out tomorrow. And nipple was just too funny. Apparently I am childish. xx


  2. I have to admit, I did laugh as well. We’re all childish here. 😆

    Good to know it’s effective, though! I should give that a try. I have this tendency to scratch the back area of my knees when I’m fast asleep (especially when I forget to turn on the airconditioning and I end up sweating), and they end up wounded and hideous come morning. Maybe that would help!


      • Mine isn’t exactly eczema, but some sort of recurring fungal problem, I think? I haven’t been bothered by it for weeks now but I’m always afraid of it happening again (when it does, I can’t wear shorts/skirts and I can’t not wear shorts/skirts because of the weather here LOL). Thanks for the advice, tho!

        …and yes, I believe I did good with my exams and coursework! Thank you for asking! 🙂


        • It used to be so bad in one of my flats at uni cos of the heat. Maybe if you see a doctor he can prescribe like a steroid cream or something to clear it up.
          Fingers crossed you get the grades you want. Hope you have a nice holiday too


  3. Haha, I’ve got this too! I received this in my glossybox and was a little confused, not gonna lie… I have eczema but I don’t find like it’s the right texture for it! What do you say? xx


    • It is very thick, and not what I would normally reach for but I tried a little on my hand and it did help. It’s chemical dermatitis I have on my hand though, so not sure how it will react with eczema but worth a try. It definitely took the itch out of my hand though which was nice. Xx


  4. I got this in one of my Birchboxes, I laughed at the name too but I was really intrigued. I actually didn’t like it, I couldn’t get it out of the tube it was so thick. I used it as an overnight lip balm as it was very long lasting xx


    • It is very thick and I didn’t like it on my lips either. I did like how it stopped the itch of my dermatitis on my hand though, so will be keeping it for that. I can’t imagine this being very good for its original intended purpose, but maybe when your a nursing mother you don’t really care how something feels as long as it helps?! Xx


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