You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 19


Okay, so call me a snob after using nothing but Benefit mascara for the past 6 maybe even 7 years, but this mascara packaging just stinks. It is black plastic which just feels cheap. You know when you were a kid and hap like 99p makeup, well that’s what this reminded me of and I was a but dubious about putting anything that looked this nasty near my eyes. I opened the tube and was pretty disappointed. The brush reminded me of those disposable ones you get at makeup counters to try new mascaras and the consistency was like tar. So before this went anywhere near my eyes, I went to my dear friend Google and asked him about this product. I mean after all, mama always said never judge a book by it’s cover right?

Okaaaay, so this retails at ten quid? Whaaaat?! Putting it in perspective, I have a rimmel mascara that retials at £6 that looks and seems much more expensive than this. If I had paid a tenner for this I would be severely disappointed. But hey, it might be awesome right? Well no, it isn’t. It is just pants. And I feel awful for slating this so much, but seriously people, don’t waste your money on this. It is thick and clumps like there is no tomorrow. Okay I only tried it once, but for me that was once too many. This is the first product I have thrown straight in the ‘bin box’ in I don’t know how long. I doubt this will ever see the light of day. If your on a budget, stick to Rimmel, 17 or Maybelline. They pack way more punch for the money. Rant over. Now excuse me while I go win some money at the pub quiz.

£10 off plus a free shine lipgloss using the code GLOSS10UK if you fancy this.

I would be interested to know if any other Models Co products are decent? Maybe this mascara is just a  dud?


17 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 19

    • Sorry for my absentness for a few days, too much travelling, working and packing. I really didn’t like it. And I felt that for the rrp of ten quid you can get much better. Maybe I’m just spoilt with my constant stash of benefit, but I have had cheaper mascara in the past that have been better. Have you tried it out yet? Was yours really dry and thick or was that just mine? Xx


      • No problem, I’m with family in Manchester and it’s a big crazy too! I agree that you can probably get better for ten quid, but I preferred it to a lot of the Rimmel mascara I’ve tried before. Didn’t find it too dry, but it was thick so I won’t be sticking with it! Xx


        • Ooh hope you have a nice time in Manchester! Will be good to catc up. I can’t remember what the rimmel one I tried was called, but it was quite good for a fiver. I’m wondering if this was so dry because maybe the lid wasn’t on properly. Xx


          • Thanks! When are you off up to Scotland, or is that the travelling you were referring to before? Yaaaay Christmas time! I went through a period of looking for volumising mascaras, when what I actually like is curly, long definition, so that’s probably why I don’t like the Rimmel ones I’ve tried! Yeah could be a lid issue, I imagine it goes really gungey if the air gets to it :/ xx


            • We drove to Glasgow on Friday, which was awful, I was exhausted and it was so windy! We stopped at services and my hat almost blew off and I almost fell over haha. And the rain, it was horrific. I’m heading up north to my mum and dad’s today, was going to leave later but the roads as usual have closed from snow and lorries, so just getting the first train I can.
              I don’t really need volume anymore either, it’s just length I want. How long are you in Manchester for? Xx


            • Gosh that sounds horrendous! I hate it when it’s windy on the roads, it makes me so anxious. Your poor hat haha. Hope the trains suit you and don’t cause any problems. Just staying in Manc until this evening, we’re having a massive family Christmas Lunch today but nobody told me, so I didn’t bring suitable clothes (ie a festive jumper and something other than leggings). Grr! Xx


            • Hope you enjoyed your Christmas lunch? I ended up making it Home eventually. My dad had to drive 45 miles to pick me up though cos a train broke down and I got stuck. And then it snowed 😦 but I got fish and chips so happy days. Xx


            • Wowww your Dad is a hero! Glad to hear you finally got there, and of course fish and chips makes everything better 🙂 yeah it was lovely, we don’t usually spend Christmas Day with the whole family as they’re all up North, so it was a real pleasure to all sit down together so close to Christmas Day. Lovely 🙂 xx


  1. I have tried the models own nail polishes and they are pretty good, I also tried their air brush tan years ago and it was ok too. I got a few Models Own products from the Clothes Show but I haven’t got round to trying them yet. The mascara does look a bit cheap, definitely not worth £10!!xx


      • I am just realising that you had Model Co mascara and I am talking about Models Own – I am still jet lagged!! I got a Model Co lipstick in a Birchbox before, it was good but not great pigment xx


        • I feel like if this mascara was around three or four quid, I would say yeah it’s alright, but for a tenner I expected way more. I’ve tried two models own nail polish before and loved them xx


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