You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 23


So I am almost caught up with the advent calendar mini posts and I have realised I will quite miss doing them 😦 I did notice the Ciate mini mani month is reduced in some places, so maybe I will buy that as it looks like a decent colour selection. No, you are a polish hoarder and don’t need it. Ah how my sensible self gets me sometimes. Okay, so today (or should I say yesterday) was another hand cream. Yeah hand creams are great, but three in one advent calendar? Well technically its a cream you can use all over, but the tube is so blinking small at 10ml I personally think it’s best to use it on hands as I would probably get half of my legs done and run out.

Weleda, Weleda, Weleda. Not a brand I am familiar with, but I love the name. I also like the green box, but not the metal tube. I loathe metal tubes. They are such a royal pain in the bum to get the last drops out of. Anyway, the cream. Well it is thick and doesn’t really smell of much. It is aimed at dry skin, which I have plenty of and contains beeswax and sunflower oil among others. It is very thick and not my favourite, but maybe it will grow on me? After all, I can’t really judge after one use. This retails for £5.95 for 30ml, making this tiny tube worth around £2.

Have you tried Weleda? Would you be interested in a broken down costing of the advent calendar? I know they claim it is worth £240, but would people like that proved?

Check out the list of discount codes here. (I think I forgot to put the Neom one in the post)


3 thoughts on “You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 23

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