TAG: Search Engine Strangeness – (How People Have Found my Blog)

I’ve decided to follow Brittany from the beauty deputys lead and start a tag, which maybe some people will like or find amusing. So you know on the stats page it tells you how people have found your blog? Well I didn’t know this until a few weeks ago and after looking most are encrypted search engine terms (Google encrypts, not sure if Bing does too), but there is some crackers and some strange ones there. I thought I would share some of the funny and more unusual ones in a quick post. Maybe you will have a giggle, maybe you are a little more mature than me and maybe, just maybe you are one of the people searching these terms, in which case I applaud you for cheering me up. I’ve ordered these in order of my favourite, not number of searches.

1. At number 1, it has to be ‘stash under foam carpet’. I’m assuming I came up due to my post on my red carpet manicure stash, who knows. What does this even mean? Is someone trying to stash drugs under their carpet? I googled this and the top hit was then best places to hide valuables. Best bit was this gave me 2 hits.

2. ‘Naked Very Good’. Clearly someone would be disappointed when they were looking for Nude pictures and got my Urban Decay Naked Basics review.

3. ‘Scottish Nudes’. Again, I can imagine someone being disappointed when they expected some hot Scot gals, only to come across my Nude Palette post.

4. ‘Scottish wallets’. Okay, so no prizes for working out how I came up here, clearly the scottish bit.

5. ‘I love my Christmas tree’. I think this was a result of my Chrismtas tree post, but it is a strange thing to search.

6. ‘Scottish Girls Names’. My name is not Scottish, nor is it French where the name Jacqueline is derived from, it kinda has no nationality. I guess the Scottish in my blog name seems to pop me up quite a lot.

So I hope some people will do this TAG and give others a little bit of amusement. I TAG:







And anyone else that wants to do it.

What strange things have people searched to find your blog?


28 thoughts on “TAG: Search Engine Strangeness – (How People Have Found my Blog)

  1. Haha the first one is hilarious. I had one the other day ‘however, so in one stentance’ – what a strange thing to google search haha. Most of mine are under ‘Unknown search’ though 😦 which is annoying xx


    • You should do the tag too. I’m sorry I never tagged you. The naked ones made me laugh. I could just imagine a creepy man sitting there expecting naked ladies and boom up pops urban decay naked palette xx


      • Haha doesn’t matter. To be honest I don’t have any hilarious ones as they most don’t appear, just plain old boring ones actually searching for the product they want to read on, not fair haha. Haha, that’s funny, but quite creepy at the same time! Xx


  2. Hahaha this is brilliant! I didn’t know you could check what peoples’ search terms were. This is what happens when makeup companies give their products dirty names! Nars, I’m looking at you…So funny! What a great idea for a tag xx


  3. BAHAHA! I’ve thought about this for a while as many people are looking for “red nail porn” when they come to my sight. LOVE THIS TAG and will definitely participate!
    Great idea!


  4. Haha this is halarious!! I want to do it – this may be a stupid question but how do I find this info out on my blog? Is it through dashboard? lol xx


    • Yeah if you go to the dashboard and click on the stats page, there is an option for search engine terms. If you click all time, it lists all the things people searched. There will probably be encrypte or unknown there somewhere. Xx


      • Thanks for showing me how to do that, believe it or not I didn’t even know you could do that! I feel really stupid now. I haven’t really got that many strange ones only a term ‘how to dress my doll the same as me’ haha how random!! xx


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