Zero to Hero 30 Day Challenge: Days 4-10 – Personalizing, Communicating and Exploring the Unknown

Zero to Hero 30 Days to a Better Blog

Zero to Hero 30 Days to a Better Blog

So I fell a little bit behind on these posts. Ooops sorry. Anyway, lateness aside I have decided to shove all of these into one post as they are mostly about personalizing your blog. Rather than rambling on about anything, I will just get right into what I have done and how I managed to do it.

DAY 4: Explore the Neighbourhood

I followed two new subjects in the reader this morning and they were Bare Minerals and Benefit as I love both of those brands. Last week I followed some generic ones such as make up, nail and bblogger.

Here are some blogs I have followed as a results of this challenge (this isn’t an exhaustive list, I just selected my favourite 3) :

Journey Thru L

Joanna Grace Beddows

Young and British

DAY 5: Love Your Theme

I put myself on a spending ban for January and so far I have been very very good. Well until last week. I blew £5oo on a specialized mountain bike, meaning I am now pretty skint. Why am I telling you about my money issues you ask? Well it is related to the theme I chose. This theme in it’s standard format was the one that jumped out at me the most, with the pink, white and black colours and the cute little polka dots. Now after a couple of months of blogging, I want to change some things in the theme, but alas WordPress charges me money for that, money I don’t currently have. Oh well, this theme it is then!

Day 6 : Publish a Post that Includes a New Element

A video would be nice for this, but my video skills are shocking. Instead we will settle on a rather random tweet I sent yesterday. I was casually drinking my innocent orange juice when I noticed two big fat seagulls on the bottle. Follow the link and you will see what I mean. Random huh?

I’m a little disappointed the picture didn’t show up, but if anyone is interested in how I managed to do this it is quite simple. Insert media in you post and click on the twitter tab. You can then search by user, hash tag etc and insert. Simples.

DAY 7: Do Some More Personalising

I made my background colour peach. That counts right? For personalising I am really waiting until I buy the custom themes option as it gives me way more flexibility. Oh I also made a header, which isn’t very good and I really need someone with good graphic design skills to help me. My favourite headers are simple and chic, but this one just looks rubbish. Saying that, it looks better than just text, so I am happy for the momento.

DAY 8: Make Your About Page Irresistible

If you want to read my long About page, find it here. I pretty much included my life story here, maybe it is a little too long?

DAY 9 : Head a Little Deeper into the Blogosphere

Follow five more blogs and topics. Okay, so I kinda talked about this on day 3. I follow over a hundred blogs and I am always looking for new ones, so please link me your favourites. I mostly follow beauty, nails and fashion, but enjoy cooking, life and craft blogs too. After I write this post, I am away to play with the reader for a while again.

DAY 10: Dress Up Your Blog with Widgets

I spent ages doing this and I am actually pretty happy with how it looks. If you want to know how I added my social media buttons, heres a quick run down:

1. Click Appearances on the Dashboard

2. Click Widgets

3. Add a text widget.

4. Get someCode:

<div><a href=”“><img title=”Twitter” src=”; alt=“” width=”40″ height=”40″ /></a> <a href=””><img title=”RSS” src=”; alt=”” width=”40″ height=”40″ /></a>
<a href=””><img title=”GooglePlus” src=”; alt=”” width=”40″ height=”40″ /></a> <a href=”″><img title=”Instagram” src=”; alt=”” width=”40″ height=”40″ /></a> <a href=”″><img title=”Bloglovin” src=”; alt=”” width=”40″ height=”40″ /></a> </div>

5. Edit the code. Doesn’t mean much does it? Let me break it down for you.

The green writing is the link to the specific social media site you want that icon to correspond to. In this case it is my twitter account (note you need the https at the start). 

The pink writing Twitter is what you want that image to be called when people hover over it. This can be anything you like, but makes sense to put something like twitter if it is your twitter account.

The blue writing” is the image location, which I will talk about how I did later. There is other ways to do this I think, but I did it the easy way.

Finally the bits titled width and height are how big the images will be in your sidebar/footer. Mine are 40×40 as this was what fitted nicely in my sidebar,

6. Upload the images. Go to media and upload your images to the gallery. I find this was easiest to do one at a time, but that was just my personal preference.

7. Go to the media gallery and find the image you want. Click on it and you will get a screen with the image and down the right a box titled ‘save’.

8. In this box on the right there is a box called image URL. Select the full web address of the image, copy it and paste it into the section of code where the blue link goes.

9. You can repeat this for any social media site, you just change the names and links etc.

As I say, this may not be the correct way to do this, but it worked for me.

Have you personalised your blog recently? If so link me at the bottom and I will have a look. Can you recommend any reading for me too?


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