TAG: Spread the Love

So Brittany over at the Beauty Deputy came up with this tag and tagged me in it a while back and I am just getting round to doing it now. I won’t say too much more, I will just get straight into it.

The Rules

Place bloggers into categories that you think fits their blog down below
Place the person that tagged you into a category
Write what category you think that other bloggers will place you in and why
Feel free to add whatever categories you think should be part of this tag
Spread the Love!!!

Here are the categories…

1. THE BEST BLOG LOOKthis is the blogger that has one of the best blog themes or looks.

Okay I know this probably looks bad because I am linking to the one that nominated me, but I have to give this to Brittany. Here header is amazing and the general layout of her blog is just so cute. Her friend came up with the design and I am pretty envious of it. Her blog just looks so professional and she fills it with great content.

2. THE BEST WRITING STYLE: this is the blogger that has a writing style that you find intriguing and attention getting. 

Duh, this has to be Effie. She is an English Lit grad and when I read her posts I always think I wish I could write as good as that. Not only is she an awesome writer, she is funny and one of the nicest bloggers I have met. We sometimes have such random converstations on anything from Sex and the City to Christmas trees. Well deserved Effie.

3. THE FAITHFUL BLOGGER: this is the blogger that is always commenting on other bloggers posts and is very faithful on posting their own blog posts.

Hmm, this was a tough one as there was so many bloggers I could choose, but I would have to say Anna from Your Fairy Godmother. She is always dropping by and leaving lovely comments on my blog, so thanks Anna you make my day 🙂

4. THE ADVICEE: this blogger is always trying out new products and a good blogger to ask advice regarding a product.

Again, a toughie but I would have to say Beth from Beauty in Beta. She is a pretty big blogger and has been entered into the UK Blog awards and by the looks of her posts has a pretty busy life too. No matter how busy she is Beth always replies to my comments, be it about a face cream for fighting spots or how to get widgets on my blog. I’m so glad to have come across someone so helpful. Big thanks Beth.

5. THE MAKEUP JUNKIE: this blogger loves makeup and everything about it.

This has to go to Erika from Erika’s Secret Closet. I mean that girl has so much make-up and she has even made friends with the mac counter girls. If you want great detailed reviews and looks, head over and give Erika a visit. She is one of the prettiest bloggers out there, is not afraid to wear bold make-up and is definitely not afraid of posting photos of her make-up faux pas online. I applaud you Erika and am pretty jealous of your collection.

6. THE SKINCARE JUNKIE: this blogger is all about skincare.

Again, this is a very tough one as I love reading skin care posts. I really struggled with this one, but finally settled on the Little Beauty Buddha as I have seen some fantastic skin care reviews on her blog before. Her reviews are so honest and in depth, which is great.

7.  THE BEST PICTURES: the blogger always has high quality pictures.

This one was easy. It has to be Emily from Glittery Teacups. Her blog is too cute and her photos are always very good quality. She is one of my favourite bloggers and does great reviews.

8. THE LIGHT BULB: this blogger is always coming up with amazing new ideas for blog posts. 

This might be cheating, but I am nominating Brittany again for coming up with several amazing TAGs, including this one.

9. THE EYESHADOW TUTORIAL GURU: this blogger is always posting new and exciting makeup looks.

Joanna has to win this, purely because in all her photos her make-up is flawless. Her blog is such an inspiration and she is one of the nicest bloggers out there.


My favourite blogger for hair has to be Lucie from Fat Beauty. Her hair just looks awesome, probably because she is a hairdresser….. I also like her blog name and her outfit of the day posts.

11. THE NAIL POLISH GURU: this blogger is posting nail polish tutorials.

This has to be Ginger from Ginger loves makeup. Have you seen how much polish she buys? Her nails always look glossy and perfect and for that I am a bit jealous.

12. THE HIGHLY FASHIONABLE OOTDs: this blogger has a big sense of fashion and has amazing OOTDs.

For this one I have to say the lovely Benita from Benita’s Beauty Bits and Bobs. Most outfits of the day are highly impractical, I mean who wears 4 inch stilettos and a strappy top when it is snowing? What I love about Benita’s outfits is that she includes gorgeous chunky knits and trousers which are highly practical for winter. I mean I love a good skirt, but when its minus one my legs will freeze.

13. THE EMERGER: this blogger is always trying out new brands and doesn’t settle for just one.

I’ve decided upon Christine from the Doll’s House blog for this one, purely because every time I head over to her blog I see something different. Be it River Island Perfume, Mac lipstick or Benefit Makeup.

14. THE UNIQUE BLOGGER NAME: this is the blogger that has a very unique blogger name.

Lifestyle counter wins this for me. I just think it is so unique and captures what the blog is all about perfectly.

15. THE UNIQUE TAGLINE: this blogger has a tagline that catches the attention and draws you in.

Does a tagline the same as a blog name count? If so this goes to Catsforlifee. I love cats. Jordannah loves cats. Nuff said.

16. THE SUBSCRIPTION BOX GURU: The blogger that has the most information on subscription boxes.

This one was easy! Well it was until I went to visit Dragonfly Reviews and the site was gone. Deleted by the author. What? Why? Genuinely disappointed. So I am now nominating nobody for this.

The Category that I think other bloggers will give me…

Well it won’t be best pictures thats for sure. Maybe unique blogger name? Is my name unique? And since I have already been nominated for it I guess the faithful blogger, but I wouldn’t have said that before.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and do link me in the comments if you do it. I’m sorry if I didn’t nominate you, there is just too many bloggers.

What category do you think you fit into?


12 thoughts on “TAG: Spread the Love

  1. Whoa -that was unexpected…

    Thanks a mill for nominating me in this, sweetie 😀 Can’t believe I actually made the cut -and for best blog name, no less. I recently switched, after lots of deliberation, and it’s great to hear you say you find the name original and fitting 🙂 Here’s to hoping others feel the same way…



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