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Paul and Joe Eye and Cheek Colour Set with Cute Cats

Paul and Joe Eye and Cheek Colour Set – The reason my Bank Cards Should be Burned

This is the reason I should not be allowed control of my debit card. I mean I spend around £45 on 3 pieces on make-up I most likely will never use because they have cats on them. I did get a new make-up bag with this, which looks super cute on my dressing table, but I will admit in hind sight this was a TOTAL waste of money. Hey ho, I just started my first full time job since uni and had money to burn. I couldn’t bring myself to use the blusher and I still can’t. It is a thing of sheer elegance and beauty; one which will grow old and moudly in my drawer (does make-up go mouldy?). I managed to bring myself to swatch it, for blogging purposes only and it pained me greatly. I sat on the sofa for an hour after with tissues and chocolate in hand (just kidding,  but it was almost that painful). I am loving the sunshine today and it is great to have a day off work :). This week has been mad as the Melbourne GP is in a week, hence the lack of blog posts. Aaaaah. I did manage to stalk Nico Rosberg on Thursday night though. Mmmm he is dreamy. When I say stalk I mean I knew he was downstairs in the build workshop so I found a reason to go to the workshop next door. Anyway I ramble a little bit here, I think I overslept today. I was in bed by 10.30 last night and didn’t wake up until 8.30 this morning meaning I got a whole 10 hours sleep. It was lovely. Today is lovely, which is why I want to share this lovely set with you all!

Paul and Joe Eye and Cheek Set Cat - Swatches and Review

Even the box is cute

It comes packaged in this cute box with 3 cats on front, which funnily enough reminded me of my Aunties cats. She has 3: a ginger male tabby called Tica, a fluffy beige coloured female called Fudge and the sister to my cat a black and white female called Muffin. So the box kinda reminded me of that. You must admit though, this box is very cute no?

Paul and Joe cat make-up bag

The make-up bag

Paul and Joe Makeup bag

Inside the make-up bag

As you can see inside the make-up bag is pretty roomy. Not enough to fit a whole make-up stash in, but enough for some essentials. The bag is nice and deep and feels very good quality, with a zip to keep it securely closed if you wish to go travelling. My only issue is the colour of the inside, I mean that is going to get really manky isn’t it? So what came inside the bag?

Paul and Joe Cat Eye and Cheek Set

Paul and Joe Cheek and Eye Set – Stick Blusher, Eyeshadow Duo and Eye Gloss

Inside you get these three beautiful items, all of which are beautifully packaged. The blusher stick is housed in a cardboard style lipstick tube and I love all the little detailing on it. As I said before, I can’t bring myself to use this so can’t comment on the texture or staying power too much. When I swatched it using the back on my arm, it felt very creamy and glided on. My skin doesn’t really agree with cream blushers, so I doubt this would last on me anyway.

Paul and Joe Cat Blusher

Paul and Joe Cat Blusher

Paul and Joe Cat Blusher

Paul and Joe Cat Blusher

The eye-shadow duo is nothing special. The texture is not great and although they are fairly pigmented I found them prone to product fall out. They didn’t seem to last as well as the urban  decay shadows I have, so I think these will be relegated to the back of the drawer. The colours are fairly safe and kinda suit all tones.

The eye gloss was something I was intrigued about. I had never bought anything from Paul and Joe prior to this and had never heard of an eye gloss. It turns out that it is fairly nasty cream shadow. I don’t like this creamy sort of shadow. It reminds me of a white stick I had from Avon Colour Trend when I was 16. Maybe if I had bought the other set with the pink eye gloss, I would like it better, but it was out of stock. Anyway, the formula is great, glides on very smoothly and is very pigmented. Wear time is not as great, around 4-5 hours before creasing became apparent. I will persevere with this, it might work quite well as a highlighter.

Paul and Joe Eye and Cheek Set Swatches

Paul and Joe Eye and Cheek Set Swatches

I mean looking at the swatches, the colours are actually very wearable, but I definitely won’t get £45 worth of wear from this set. Another company who know how to get me to part with my hard earned cash. Stick some cute packaging on a fairly normal product and I am all over that! I’m sorry I can’t write a longer review on this, I just don’t love it enough and can’t bring myself to use the blush.

You can find this on Amazon for £46.05

Have you ever bought something purely based on the packaging? Would you wear this?


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22 thoughts on “Paul and Joe Eye and Cheek Colour Set – Swatches and Review | the Little Scottish Corner

  1. That’s very expensive for an ordinary product. I’m sure I saw a cheaper price on Asos, and almost got sucked in by the adorable packaging, and the fact that Lisa Eldridge had mentioned the brand!
    Shame. 😦


  2. This post made me laugh! Your so funny – I was thinking to myself why doesn’t she want to use the blusher … then I seen it! Oh my days its the cutest blusher I have ever seen!! I am always getting sucked in to buying things I don’t need so you are definitely not alone 🙂 xx


    • At first I thought it was a lipstick, I’ve never seen one like this before. I just ordered some nail wraps from asos and had to stop myself buying some Anna sui makeup cos it’s so cute. I’m glad it’s not just me that buys stuff for the packaging xx


  3. Can’t believe I came so close to buying this when it was on sale. I would have probably paid full price just for the make up bag! It’s so cute!! Xx


  4. That little set is so adorable! I wonder if it would last long enough to be an antique? Who knows…oh, by the way, I’ve found a couple of lipsticks in Paperchase before with cat faces carved into them, like on that blusher stick. I’m fairly sure they’re under a fiver so if you do want a cheaper kitty thing that you’re more willing to use, then that might be an option for you 🙂 xx


  5. I thought the blusher was lipstick at first, I just presumed the round pot was blusher. *Oops* But ‘omgitsintheshapeofacat’ … I don’t think I could have parted with £10 for that, never mind £46! But you live and learn hehe… the blusher kind of reminds me of those crayons you used to get in the shape of things, I could never use them either x


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