Manicure Monday #4 – Mix and Match Nails featuring OPI and Anna Sui

OPI and Anna Sui Polishes

Mix and Match Nails

It’s Monday! Yay! These nails are not the greatest and I did debate about not sharing them, but figured it was maybe a little more exciting than just plain pink? Excuse the bad photos, I didn’t manage to get an outdoors photo. These nails were really easy to achieve: I used striping tape to get straight lines and a dotting tool. Striping tape or any kind of tape is great for nail art, I especially like masking tape. What you need to ensure is that you let your base colour dry properly first (I didn’t do this and you can tell). The colours used are OPI Skull and Glossbones and Mermaids Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection and Anna Sui Minnie Mouse No 2. I fancied a bit of pastel and went for this combination because it is Mercedes AMG Petronas colours. Sad I know. The ring finger also has a top coat of the Anna Sui Minnie Mouse polish on it. I did try this on its own, but think it looks much nicer over the top of the greeny colour.

Anna Sui Minni Mouse

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse

How cute is the box? I’m a sucker for packaging! Wait for the piece de resistance… the bottle!


Anna Sui Minnie Mouse in the Bottle

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse in the Bottle

Cute no? The formula of this was good, not too thick and it gave the coverage shown over the green in 1 coat. Drying time was also good, my only complaint was the bottle shape made it difficult to hold. I doubt I will use this again, it is going to sit on my dressing table. I’ve had this mani on for 2 days and no tip wear or chipping yet, so it looks like wear time will also be good. The only issue I had in this mani was Mermaids Tears and its horrible streaky formula, which admittedly does even after 2 coats. I’m quite liking the randomness on my nails.

Mix and Match Nails

Mix and Match Nails

Head over to ASOS where the Minnie Mouse polish is reduced to £7.50 for 8ml (half the size of OPI).

Do you like this look or are you a one colour/one pattern kinda guy/gal? Would you buy the Minnie Mouse polish just for the bottle? Do you see a theme in my spending habbits?



16 thoughts on “Manicure Monday #4 – Mix and Match Nails featuring OPI and Anna Sui

  1. Not sad at all that you matched your nails to the Mercedes thingy colours! It’s a creative way of showing how much you love your job, which is never a bad thing 😀 they look super cute too xx


  2. Hi! I was recently nominated for an award known as the Liebster Award and as part of the rules I had to nominate some blogs that I thought were amazing, so I decided to nominate you and your blog for this award! Check out my blog for more details. Good Luck! xoxo


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