Dry Skin and Eczema Problems Solved -E45 Intense Recovery Body Moisturiser

E45 Intense Recovery Lotion for Very Dry Skin - Review | theLittleScottishCorner

E45 Intense Recovery Lotion for Very Dry Skin

As much as I love summer and the hot weather, I dread it slightly. I don’t like baring much skin. I have a massive scar on my left leg which I am very conscious about and most of the time I boil. What doesn’t help matters either is living with a man who is always cold. It’s 21 degrees in the bedroom and he still wants to wrap up in the duvet. Anyway, heat complaints aside we will get onto the issue. I am going to write a very unglamorous review. Something essential for a few people like myself and one that us bbloggers never really like to talk about. Unlike many people, I find my skin issues settle down in winter. Okay I get a little dry around the shins, elbows and knees but nothing like the dessert that I have there in the summer. And when I got hot and dry skin, it bleeds because I just can’t help but scratch. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle really. As a child I suffered from eczema or so I am told and it sort of went away for a few years during my early teens, only really reappearing around the time I went to uni. I’ve tried many different lotions and creams and find the one that works best for me is this baby from e45. Now I’m not saying that everyone will experience the desired results with this; my boyfriend certainly didn’t as it made him more itchy. Approach with caution.

What E45 Say
‘As skin gets drier, it looks and feels less healthy, and its ability to effectively retain moisture is weakened, a vicious circle that can leave skin even drier. New E45 intense recovery moisture control body lotion is specially formulated to help support your skins natural moisture recovery and helps restore long-lasting softness in just two weeks.
The gentle, perfume-free formulation is non-greasy and quickly absorbed and can even be used on sensitive skin.’ –

Texture and Results

The texture of this is good, it’s not too thick and nor is it too watery. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and unlike the original E45 doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. It does have a slight smell, similar to the original but not as powerful. The effect on the skin is very cooling and if you can brave it, pop this in the fridge for half an hour before applying. It is unbearably cold, but the instant soothing effect on red hot and itchy skin is worth it. I’ve been using E45 for years, although since meeting my current boyfriend over 4 years ago the number of tubs I buy had rapidly declined. He can’t stand the stuff, but I can’t stand not having something on my legs. I find that this really does help with my dry elbows, but the real winner for me is that it takes the itch and burn out of the eczema on my legs and ankles. Obviously it doesn’t completely go away –  the only thing that made that happen was some smelly cream from the Drs which apparently does something weird to the skin over time. I got home last night and behind my right knee was ridiculously red, hot, itchy and slightly swollen. After a good 5 minutes of itching I lathered this on and got into my comfy fox Pjs. Within about 30 minutes the swelling had reduced and the itch/heat subsided. So for me this is a quick fix, but for many it will not work.

Although it is hypoallergenic and parfum free, it does contain glycerin, liquidium glyceryl stearate and sodium cetearyl sulfate too. These can sometimes cause peoples skin to flare up (not so much glycerin but the other two). Glycerin can actually cause the skin to loose moisture, which seems counter productive but hey – it worked well for me. One last point is that this does contain parabens (boo to parabens).

Price and Final Thoughts

250ml bottles are currently on offer for £3.23 in Superdrug

I will 100 % be purchasing this again. Anything that helps stop the scratching is worth a purchase in my book. I may try one of the other options – normal or dry skin, but I am unsure if they will work as well.

Do any of you suffer from skin issues similar to me? How do you cope?



8 thoughts on “Dry Skin and Eczema Problems Solved -E45 Intense Recovery Body Moisturiser

  1. I get dermatitis… I feel for you with the eczema, but I’m glad this works! My body tends to take it in turns, some months it will be my legs that are really dry, then my arms, face… recently it’s my back. Sometimes it hurts to sit or lie a certain way. My back is an area I forget to moisturise until it hurts because its so tricky to do! I’ve been using Vaseline intense moisture but sometimes I find it too heavy and greasy. Just after xmas it was my fingers, never ever had it there before, but the only way I could sooth that was (as weird as it sounds) lip balm, I think it was apple flavoured ha. :’)


    • Yeah backs are a pain to moisturize, I feel for you. Hands are one of the worst places to have dermatitis, I have contact dermatitis on them and it makes touching stuff sore sometimes. Have you been to see the Doctor and see if they can give you anything to help it? X


      • E45 was recommended because I seem to react to a lot of moisturising products, I know my mum has psoriosis so if my skin has a bad flare then I just pinch some of her diprobase. It’s pretty heavy stuff though and costs a bit even on prescription so I’ve never bothered getting my own. x


        • Ah yeah sucks that you have to pay for prescriptions in England, especially when things are expensive. This stuff is really good for me and is always on offer. Worth a try for a few quid anyway. Xx


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