Thrifty Thursday #2 |Budget Beauty Buys – Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends


For several years I used GHD or Ojon shampoo and recently used up my jumbo 1l bottles of Ojon. QVC no longer sell Ojon and after looking around the internet the cheapest I can find it is £20 for 250ml or shampoo or conditioner, which is just far too much for me to spend at the moment. I badly need a haircut, it is so long but had to cancel my last appointment so I could work weekends. A new salon has opened up so after pay day I am hoping to pay a visit to them and see how it goes. Until then I have many hundreds of split ends to tame on a budget. Cue Herbal Essences. I first encountered this fruity shampoo two years ago when my Mum sneakily hid some miniatures in my Maisie Moo weekend bag she got me that Christmas. The smell was just too tasty and the results pretty impressive given the price. I picked up a jumbo sized bottle of this and the conditioner while I was at my parents over Christmas and have been meaning to review this for months.

What Herbal Essences Say

‘Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo and Conditioner Red Raspberry & Silk helps protect your hair against split ends and breakage. Indulge yourself with its velvety conditioner and pampering treatments. ‘- Herbal Essences


I liked how Herbal Essences were not making any bold claims. The smell of this is just amazing, it smells so fresh and fruity and sweet, bliss in a bottle. What is even better is that the smell lingers on my hair throughout the day. I think shampoo and conditioners are difficult to review, I mean what do you say? The shampoo lathered up well but had a fairly runny consistency so you need to be careful not to squeeze too much out the bottle. It left my hair feeling squeaky clean and combined with the conditioner my hair looked smoother. After a couple of weeks of use, I did notice my hair become softer but I can’t say the split ends reduced any (I mean they wouldn’t would they?). The conditioner is very thick and unlike some doesn’t make my scalp itchy. All in all I don’t really have anything negative to say about the results of this. My only negative is in the ingredients. The shampoo contains sodium laureth sulfate which can cause skin to dry out. I didn’t experience any dryness on my scalp, but it is always something I am scared of.

Price Point & Where to Buy

The entire Herbal Essences range is currently on offer at Boots for half price (same offer as when I picked up these big bottles). A 400ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner is currently only £1.99. Bargain.

Final Thoughts

I really like this shampoo and conditioner and the smell of it is divine. I can see me repurchasing this in the future as it is so cheap and leaves my hair glossy.

Have you tried Herbal Essences before? What’s your recommendations for budget shampoo and conditioner?



8 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday #2 |Budget Beauty Buys – Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends

  1. I’ve always been a Herbal Essences girl! Didn’t know that about the sulfates, but explains why every couple of weeks or so I get a bit of a dry scalp – I just switch to a gentle shampoo for a wash or two and it sorts it out 🙂


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