Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation|Swatch and Review

I picked this foundation up in miniature version as part of the Primping with the Stars collection. This was part of the reason  I picked up Primping with the stars; I really wanted to try this foundation, Benetint and Girl Meets Pearl and the mini sizes are great ways with out forking out. I trialled this back in January and quickly shelved it, so decided to dig it out again to see if we got on better this time.

What Benefit Say…

‘Some-Kinda-Gorgeous is the no.1 selling Liquid Compact product in the UK!*
Some-Kinda-Gorgeous is the no.1 selling Liquid Compact product in the UK. Our oil-free, cream-to-powder formula fakes foundation…it’s silky, even perfection for your complexion! This “instant beauty boost” will even out your skintone, making it look chart-topping gorgeous! Compact includes application sponge and mirror for touch-ups on the go!
*Source: The NPD Group. Value and Unit Item sales of the Total Prestige Liquid Compact Makeup segment for 2012 Jan to Dec’ – Benefit
I always bang on about packaging don’t I? For me half the attraction of Benefit is the packaging. I have the mini version here, but it is still similar to the full size. I mean how cute is it that they shaped it like an old school record? The plastic is good quality and snaps shut, so no worries about it opening in your bag.
Some Kinda Gorgeous in the pan

Some Kinda Gorgeous in the pan

Ingredients and Shade Range
Let’s get the moan out the way first shall we? This comes in 3 shades, light, medium and dark. I can’t help but get quite annoyed at Benefit for the whole light, medium, dark thing. Dark is not dark. The light is not light. If you have very pale or lovely dark skin, then do consider swatching this in store first.
Okay, so on to the next moan. This contains parabens. I mean seriously Benefit, get with the times. We bloggers/beauty enthusiasts don’t like parabens. They could give us cancer. So boo to parabens. The rest of the ingredients are pretty standard foundation constituents, so I won’t say much more.
Some Kinda Gorgeous Swatch

Some Kinda Gorgeous Swatch

Some Kinda Gorgeous Blended

Some Kinda Gorgeous Blended

Application and Wear Time
The texture of this one is very silky in the compact and somewhat slippery. I applied this first using my good old fingers and found this to be pretty rubbish. I couldn’t get it blended out. I next used a flat foundation brush and this seemed to work pretty well with the creamy formula. I did have some issues blending this out, but later realised that it wasn’t really the blending that was the issue, the shade was just a tad too dark. Maybe when summer comes and I have a tan this will work? In terms of coverage, this is medium in my opinion. In the swatches I have shown it over a horrible big vein in my wrist to give you an idea of the coverage. I imagine you could get full coverage with this combined with a powder such as Benefit’s Hello Flawless, but I don’t need full coverage so didn’t try that out. I have dry and oily patches, as well as enlarged pores and I found this didn’t accentuate any of these on initial application. After around 3 hours this changed – for the worse. My nose looked like a frying pan. Not cool at all. The formula of this is quite oily/creamy to begin with, so I don’t think this one is good for those with oily or combination skin. The finish was lovely to start with (I set it with my BareMinerals Mineral Veil) but just didn’t last long enough to be a winner from me. If you have dry skin, it is worth a try a it does have a nice feel to it. Sadly this was not a Benefit product I loved.
Price and Final Thoughts
I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this as it is £24.50 for 9.5g from Benefit, which is almost what I paid for the whole Primping with the stars kit. I really didn’t get on with this foundation, which is a shame as I wanted to like it. I would recommend this to others, but definitely swatch first!
Have you tried this foundation and did you like it?  What’s your go to foundation?



11 thoughts on “Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation|Swatch and Review

  1. Ughhh I completely agree. Why did anyone think it was a good idea to do “Light”, “Medium” and “Dark” as foundation shades? Even Natural Collection aren’t that reductive. It’s bizarre! I had this in a mini version too and found the oily, creamy formula particularly icky on my skin, but I’m surprised to hear it’s not good for combination skin either. I hope the rest of the set was better! xx


    • The rest of the set was amazing, I can’t fault that. And yes, it bugs me with benefits fakeup concealer too which I love that it comes in light medium and deep. I have both light and medium and can get away with both. The light is not light. It’s so stupid. I was mega disappointed with this foundation though, it looked horrible on my nose, but okay around my jaw and cheek area. Aren’t you glad we didn’t buy full size? Mini for the win ww


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