Manicure Monday #7 – OPI Pinking of You and More than a Glimmer

OPI Pinking of You and More than a Glimmer

OPI Pinking of You and More than a Glimmer

So technically it’s Tuesday, not Monday but I was far too tired yesterday. I didn’t get home from work until just before 9 and then had to eat etc, so just didn’t have the time. Sorry bloggers. I’ve also been feeling a little demotivated for the past few days, not so much blogging but life in general. A few things got said to me last week at work – both by people I consider friends and a manager. It just left me feeling a little kinda like “Is that really how people see me? Do people really think that?”. It’s really daft to get upset about, as they probably didn’t mean for it to upset me, but I am really a sensitive soul. It was mostly about positive sexism towards female engineers and also how it must be difficult for me in a male dominated environment. These are 2 things I never think about until people bring them up and then the awkward turtle comes out to play. Anyway, enough of my rambling an onto the pictures and review.

More than a Glimmer in the bottle

More than a Glimmer in the bottle

I got this set of 2 OPI polishes in TK Maxx for around £13. I am a sucker for OPI and a sucker for pink. This was a winner. This was released last year for breast cancer awareness, so OPI donate a pound. Pah. A measeley pound; I suppose it is better than nothing, but I’ve decided to save more and donate to cancer research regularly. I lost my Granny to cancer when I was 8 and it terrifies me that 1 in 3 of us will know someone with cancer. So at the moment, I’m donating only £3 a month but it is better than nothing. And no, I didn’t do the no make-up selfie. One look on my facebook page and there is plenty of no make-up photos. I also don’t do selfies, although I do have one coming up on the blog when I can get the courage…

Close up of Pinking of You

Close up of Pinking of You and More than a Glimmer

Cinderella Hand after 2 days

Cinderella Hand after 2 days – showing minor chipping

Pinking of You and More than a Glimmer again

Pinking of You and More than a Glimmer again

The formula of Pinking of you was not the best. It was quite thin and watery, drying streaky. As a result this was a 3/4 coater. It took an age to dry, but the result was a lovely glossy, Barbie pink. More than a Glimmer is the showstopper here. It is a very pale and milky pink, with different coloured hex glitter. The formula is far too sheer to wear alone, so I layered it over Pinking of You. I think the result was stunning. I also think pinking of you would look great in a jelly sandwich. Drying time for this one was great, within 5 minutes. Pinking of you dries to a matte finish, so I skipped the topcoat. I got a full 5 days of wear with only minor chipping. Massive winner.

Have you tried OPI and would you wear this combo? What’s your spring polish of the moment?

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11 thoughts on “Manicure Monday #7 – OPI Pinking of You and More than a Glimmer

  1. Pay no attention to your workmates, some times people say things without thinking and comes across a different way, and im sorry about your nan. I try to donate as often as I can and take part in the events like the sponsored walks, its really scary.

    btw the polish looks very cute, shame its 3/4 coats though. Steph x


    • Thanks, that means a lot. I know what you mean but it just makes you question yourself. Yeah I will hopefully get fit enough if I keep cycling to participate in a sponsored run that I’ve always wanted to do called the midnight marathon.
      It was an awesome colour, the glitter was great, but the base pink just too watery. I might leave the top off for a while and see if it thickens up as I doubt I would use it again the way it is now. I just have too many better pinks xx

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  2. Love the colors. Sorry to hear you lost your granny to cancer. I lost my grandpa through cancer as well. It’s always hard seeing cancer patients going through the hospital at work. But, to answer your question I would wear this combo. It’s very girly and fun!


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