Bargain Alert|Sanctuary Body Butter and Soufflé Set|Review


Happy Easter Sunday all. I hope you are all having a nice holiday, or if your like me and Easter holidays are non-existent then at least enjoying your day. As I was browsing the Boots website yesterday, I stumbled across this total bargain set of 3 body butters/soufflé from Sanctuary. I received 2 of them for Christmas and have been alternating between the two of them every now and again for a treat. I know Sanctuary stuff is not very expensive even at full price, but to me it just feels a little luxurious and special.

Sanctuary Triple Moisture Bliss|the LittleScottishCorner

Sanctuary Triple Moisture Bliss

In the set you get 3 different body lotions/butters: Cocooning Body Butter (red lid), Mande Lular Body Souffle (white lid) and Body Butter (Orange Lid). This is currently on offer at Boots for £4! Yeah you read that right! All of these are 100ml tubs, so not massive but still considerable. Obviously I don’t have the Cocooning Body Butter so I can’t comment on it but I will write a few quick notes about the other two.

The Sanctuary Body Butter and Mande Lular Body Souffle Review|theLittleScottishCorner

The Sanctuary Body Butter and Mande Lular Body Souffle

What Boots Say…

‘A visit to the luxurious Sanctuary Spa in the heart of London’s Covent Garden leaves you glowing and rejuvenated from top-to-toe. Sanctuary’s range of award-winning products has been developed in the spa to give you the visible results and pampering indulgence of a professional treatment every day.

This Sanctuary Triple Moisture Bliss set is a fabulous gift for someone special. Treat and pamper your skin with this indulgent selection of body moisturises, including award winning body butter to instantly smooth and soften for a last silken finish! The Mande Lular Body Soufflé is a sensuous evocation of an ancient Indonesian beauty treatment, combining exotic spices with skin nourishing shea butter.

The set comes in a matching, opulent orange, purple and silver-themed triangular presentational box with a floral design, ideal for gifting.’ – Boots

Sanctuary Mande Lular Body Souffle Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Sanctuary Souffle

What I Say…

I will start by saying that there is very little difference between the two of these in my opinion, other than the consistency. The soufflé is much lighter, with the butter being really thick. I like to use the butter on my feet as they get very dry. The scent is the signature Sanctuary spa scent, which is quite spicey smelling and I really like. These contain macademia oil and vitamin E – which we all know are fantastic for moisturising the skin.  I find both of these to be easily absorbed into the skin and they don’t leave me feeling at all greasy. Of the two I prefer the butter, but that is purely based on the much thicker texture.

The Sanctuary Body Butter Review|theLittleScottishCorner

The Sanctuary Body Butter

I really love both of these and I’m tempted to go order a few more from Boots to have as backups. This price is brilliant. This would make a great gift set for family or friends and you could even split it up to give one to three people. I suffer from irritated skin and this didn’t cause me to have a flare up which is another plus. All in a hug thumbs up from me. Now go order them before they sell out.

What’s your go to body moisturiser? Does anyone else like Sanctuary as much as me?

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