Lush Red Fun|Review – is it Really that Fun?

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Lush Red Fun

I’ve beentoying with reviewing this one for a while – on the one hand it is a lovely product and smelled divine and on the other would people appreciate a review of a product essentially meant for children? After two months of deliberating I have decided to show you Lush Fun. After all I was a big enough child to buy it, so maybe some of you will be too?

What Lush Say…

‘Ideal for children (of all ages), Red Fun can be whatever you want it to be. A 4-in-1 product, this gentle product can be used as a solid shampoo, bubble bar, soap, or even to play with. One of five colours in the range, this is perfect for brightening up your day. First, enjoy making models and shapes out of it, and then either break off a small piece and use as a soap or shampoo, or crumble under running water for bubble bath. It contains orange oil and mandarin oil to add sunshine to your mood.’ – Lush

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Lush Red Fun

What I Say…

I got this as part of a Christmas gift set and immediately the smell hit me. A gorgeous and powerful smell, packing a punch with tonnes of citrus. The packaging is a nice touch, it is a bio degradable plastic wrap. My biggest issue with this was that it contains sodium laureth sulfate which can be drying on the skin. I loved the vivid colour of this and think it would make a great bathtime treat for kids. I can imagine having something like this would make it a bit easier to get kids into the bath! It’s also great that Lush don’t test on animals and that this is Vegan.

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Chunk of Red Fun

How it Performed

I decided to give this a whirl all the suggested ways. As a bubble bath, this worked well but not as well as one of Lush’s bubble bars. I found it difficult to crumble this under the water as the texture is quite rubbery and as such I ended up with big chunks. These chunks then took a while to dissolve. The plus side was that I did get quite a lot of bubbles and the room ended up smelling like oranges. This does dye the water a pinkish colour, so if you are thinking of getting this for a boy I would maybe say go for green or blue instead (I know my brother wouldn’t have appreciated pink water as a kid!). The bubbles didn’t last very long and all disappeared within 5 or 10 minutes which was a little disappointing.

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Bubbles from the red fun

As a solid shampoo, this really didn’t work for me. The problem I had was that the heat/steam in the bathroom meant that the fun started to melt away and the texture went even more like rubber. This might work better on people with short hair, but it just seemed to leave my hair in a sticky, matted mess. Once I rinsed it out, my hair did feel clean, but not as clean and soft as with my normal shampoo. I wouldn’t recommend this for adult/long hair. I think it would be fun for kids to model something in the bath and then use it to wash their hair though.

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Stained hand

Soap was a bit of a mixed bag. It really did leave my skin feeling soft and clean, but on the other hand it left a red residue all over me. I had to spend a bit of time with my sponge working to get the red colour off, as even when I showered it stayed put. I guess this would be fun for kids as they could draw on the walls/themselves and it would wash away with a little scrubbing.  I don’t think I would personally use this as soap again due to the staining and slightly slimey texture.

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

My attempt at a sausage dog

Finally, the really fun bit! Modelling! I tried to make a sausage dog, but failed. My fun had become far too soft and melty to manage to roll/shape into anything. Maybe for best results this should be stored in the fridge or played with immediately? Again a lot of colour came from this and stained my hands, so I would be wary of light coloured linens.

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

Overall I definitely think this is more of a kids product, but I did really enjoy the smell. I was a little bit disappointed at how easily the Fun melted, but maybe I should have played with it immediately. I managed to use my whole mini fun in one bath, so it could get expensive if you were using this often. I’m not sure how much product you get in a full size, but it is available from Lush for £5.I think this would make a bathtime treat for kids or even big kids.

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9 thoughts on “Lush Red Fun|Review – is it Really that Fun?

  1. Great review! Thank you for reviewing this in all the different uses 🙂 I have been wondering about trying some of the Fun products for bubble bars, but I think I should probably give it a miss now!


  2. Love the detailed review! I’m not a Fun-lover (that’s a sad sentence), as I found that for everything it did, I had a product I liked better and that did the job more effectively! All the colours smell great though…


  3. That sausage doe has made my day. :’D

    I tried fun and I must admit if I was a parent I’d probably find it a nightmare. I imagine it would have stained the grout in the tiles, the whole thing would end up in the bath not a small bit, and my poor pale faced child would end up having a red tinge just like I had a purple tinge from the Lush Pheonix Rising, haha… still at least there is no glitter with this!

    Sadly as a child I used to sneakily eat playdough, I imagine if I’d have gotten my 6 year old hands on this, it too would have been eaten. We live and learn 😉 x


    • I’m glad someone appreciated my artistic attempts. Next big seller that!
      Yeah I guess it would just stain everything, like it did my hands! It would be great fun as a child though, so it might be okay for a once in a while bath treat. I don’t think fun would taste very nice, so I think your safe xx


  4. Lol love your attempt at a sausage dog! I saw this at lush the first time I went there and forget about it. Thank you for clearing up my confusion on this product. 🙂 I think that my nieces would love this! That is sad that the bubbles didn’t last very long! By the way, I’m catching up on your blog posts so expect some comments from me! 😀


    • Yes I think this is perfect for children, but I had to try it anyway. It didn’t perform too well at any of its uses, but I can imagine kids loving playing with it. Glad you liked my pathetic attempt at a sausage dog!


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