What I’ve Bought #6 – A Massive Haul

Mac Urban Decay Laura Mercier | theLittleScottishCorner

Mac Lipstick, Urban Decay Anarchy and Laura Mercier Primer

This is so shameful I am going to have to split it in two. Please note that this is everything I’ve bought since Jan/Feb time, so it’s not really that bad? I’ve been missing for a few days after posting every day the past few weeks and that’s mainly because I wasn’t feeling too hot and was working this weekend. It was another Mercedes 1-2 though, so can’t complain πŸ™‚ although I was man-marking my favourite driver on the grid – Jenson Button along with his team mate Kevin and the two Williams drivers. I haven’t actually watched the race yet, so don’t really have a clue what went on, but it is on my to do list! So much to do before I go on holiday on Thursday. Aaah. So this week I will probably only be posting every other day or so. Anyway, on with the haul (or part of it anyway).

First up are a few items I have already reviewed. I got this gorgeous Mac Lipstick in Angel as a present from my other half when we went shopping and I love it. So creamy and pigmented and it lasts on the lips so well. I love it and want another. I am a Mac convert!

Next up was the Urban Decay Anarchy palette, which was also a gift from my other half. Although I didn’t like this as much as the shattered face case, I can still see me using it a lot and I now have the problem of which one to pack for my weekend away? #bbloggerproblems

Finally in this pile was a Laura Mercier primer, which I picked up in a blog sale for Β£10! Bloggers be raving about this bad boy, so I had to try it. Disappointed I was not! The reason I haven’t reviewed this yet is because it is so expensive, but if anyone would like to see a review let me know! I still can’t believe I got this for a tenner (it was brand new as well).

Real Techniques, Mac, Urban Decay | theLittleScottishCorner

Cohorted Bargains! Real techniques, Mac Highlighter and Urban Decay Primer Potion

If you haven’t heard of cohorted, you are missing out. They have a twitter and facebook, so it is worth a search and a follow. Every Monday at 6pm UK time, they have a series of bargains going live. It’s similar to price drop Tv, where the more people that buy the cheaper it is. These Real Techniques Brushes have been on my wish list as I think the Bare Minerals brush is too scratchy for my skin now and they cost me under Β£14 all in! If you want a bargain, click fast as they sell out. You basically join the cohort and the lowest price is what you pay.

This limited edition Mac highlighter was another Cohorted buy for only Β£17.50! RRP Β£25. Woweee. I really want to highlight more often, and swatches of this revealed it would be perfect for my skin. Worth a try no?

Finally, the Urban Decay Primer potion. Well here is where it gets funny. I ordered one of these from cohorted at the price of Β£11.20 and they sent me two. I tweeted them with the error and they never replied, this says to me they don’t want the second one returned? I mean I am an honest person, so would return it, but they never replied, so their loss. Should I feel guilty? Oh just a heads up, I actually already own this so was buying for my next giveaway when I reach 200 bloglovin followers – now I have two I might do another random giveaway (maybe for my birthday?).

Sleek Blush  |theLittleScottishCorner

Sleek Lovin’ Happened so fast

Wow, this Sleek obsession happened fast. Four blushes. Shades are Pumpkin, Pink Sprint, Antique and Pomegranate. You may remember me mentioning I loved the blush by 3 palette in Pumpkin in my Drugstore Makeup post? I hate Pink Sprint. I will probably sell this one in a blogsale. It doesn’t go with my skin at all. Oh well, at Β£10 for the palette these are a great way to try new shades. The singles are only Β£5 too and Antique is gorgeous, but pomegranate is horrible on me. Far too dark. I have to question why I ever thought these deep shades would suit me, cos they just don’t.

Mac and Clinique | theLittleScottishCorner

Mac and Clinique Lovin

Moving on, some more Mac! I picked up this empty quad and the shade Jest in a blogsale and I think it was a tenner all in. I was dubious about Mac paint pots and didn’t want to pay full price for one, so got this one in the shade Rubenesque for Β£7 in the same blog sale. I love the formula of both the Mac eye products and Jest is my go to shade of the moment. Now I have tried these, I definitely don’t mind splurging on them and can’t believe someone sold these barely used (probably swatched at most) beauties off. Maybe they didn’t suit their skin tone – like my Sleek beauties?

Clinique chubby sticks! At last I have you in my clutches. It seems everyone raved about these, but again the price put me off. This little set of 3 miniature versions was a total steal, however they contain hardly any product. Are the full size ones just as stingy? The colour pay off is quite sheer, except the pink, but these are by no means intense like the name suggests. I still like them though.

Bodyshop Haul | theLittleScottishCorner

Bodyshop Haul

Since QVC stopped selling Ojon Hair stuff, I have been on the search for a good hair care regime on a budget. Herbal Essences was nice, but I settled on the Body Shop Rainforest Moisture and mine has just run out. Last week I picked up another bottle, along with Rainforest Colour to use twice a week to prolong my slightly lighter brown hair. Β The lighter brown was a mistake, but my hair lightens easily in summer anyway, so I am keeping it. When I say lighter brown, it is still dark, but more of a medium brown now.

The four miniatures are some of my favourite BodyShop smells/items. I wanted the strawberry shower gel, but it was sold out, so settled on the body puree instead. Chocolate is a new try from the Bodyshop, so I hope I like. As for the Mango lotion and Grapefruit shower gel, these are two of my absolute favourite products (and satsuma too of course). These were bought for my long weekend away in June πŸ™‚

Drugstore Essentials | theLittleScottishCorner

Drugstore Essentials

I actually bought 3 of those foot packs, but used one already haha. They are 99p and are basically plastic boots filled with lotion which you wear for 20 minutes. These are a god send when travelling and you have sore feet – exactly why I bought them. I also picked up some nail polish remover, deodorant and a lip butter which has been raved about by bloggers, Finally I was so happy last weekend when I found the inecto coconut hand cream in Bodycare for 99p in Leicester! I was rationing my tube as it is quite difficult to find, although I now know Savers and Bodycare sell it. It is Lush.

Drugstore Haul | theLittleScottishCorner

More Drugstore

Maybelline Colour Tatoo. I had to buy one and I love it. I got the shade Taupe, which I used in my GRWM post and it is so long lasting.

These 3 nail art kits were only 99p each in Bodycare and are such a find. I’m wearing some of the blue studs right now and they are so far holding up quite well. Great for a Β bit of fun.

Free Stuff

Free Stuff

I think I am going to leave my haul here, it has got rather long. This little Aromatherapy Associates kit was free with a magazine. When I say free, I mean I actually paid the Β£4 or whatever to buy this and it came with a free magazine. Haha.

The Fearne nail wraps and Bio Effect were a gift from my mum and the Eyeko eyelash curlers came free with a magazine. This time I actually wanted to read the magazine…

Boy that was a big haul. I can’t believe there is more! I have issues. If there is anything you would like a review of, let me know and I will try my best. I usually like to test things for a few weeks prior to writing a review, but will let you know πŸ™‚

What have you been buying recently? Do you own any of these products?

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55 thoughts on “What I’ve Bought #6 – A Massive Haul

  1. Oh wow what a wonderful haul. I was given a laura mercier radiance primer sample when I was in london but I havent really tried it out, and that palette looks lush! they are totally my kind of colours. I adore UD I got a few primer samples of them too but also still have to test them out, I dont really use eye primers normally just use foundation and powder as a base. I have been thinking about trying the real technique brushes, you will have to let me know how you find them.

    Where are you off to for the holiday? hope you have a lovely break xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I bought too much didn’t I? I was a little disappointed with a few of the eyeshadow in the urban decay palette as they didn’t have as much pigmentation as usual and were pretty prone to fallout. I’ve never thought of using foundation and powder as an eye base. It’s great to get professional tips πŸ™‚ he he
      The real techniques brushes are so soft, I really like the small one which is for detailing and the buffing brush. I only got these on Wednesday so only had a few days to test them out really.
      I’m away to visit my family for a few days and have a spa break with my mum for mothers day and her birthday (both were in March, only a few months late). Pretty excited.


      • Today was Mothers day in Malta so your running on european time πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the spa! very jealous ❀

        Shame, hopefully with a different primer they will be ok, I have only used the Naked 2/3 from UD as it's not a brand which stocks here so its hard to get, but I am obsessed with them.


        • Ooh it’s strange that Britain has a different mothers day isn’t it? It happened to be the same day as my mum’s birthday too. I’m looking forward to the spa, getting an elemis facial, back massage, reflexology and a pedicure. So will be lovely.
          My love started with the naked basics palette, which is brilliant for travel. I then got the shattered and anarchy face cases too. The anarchy which is the one in this post is not as good as other ud shadows, but still good. I recently gave in and bought naked 3, which I adore. So perfect with my eyes. Beauty bay stock urban decay and if you spend a certain amount they do free worldwide delivery. Think it is Β£30. Xx


    • My absolute favourite is coral, which I use everyday. I’ve done a review on it, if you want to check it out (sorry on mobile now so can’t link). It’s more of a bronze than a coral colour, so great for summer. I really like the blush by three palettes as you get three shades for ten pound! Boots and superdrug have three for two on sleek just now. I have pixie pink too, which is a nice bright Barbie pink. They are really pigmented which is great, but means you sometimes need a light hand xx


  2. You’ve got some really nice things. I have been such a shopaholic recently, which isn’t like me. I’ve got about three or four haul posts scheduled. Its nice to know I’m not the only one who has been shopping recently! xxx


    • This is since January sometime, but yeah I bought a lot. I was going to do it in one post, but decided to split it in two. I’ve got loads of nail stuff recently too. I love haul posts, so can’t wait to check yours out. Xx


      • I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve bought recently, but I’m trying to justify some of it as I’m planning ahead to take away with me when I got to Portugal with my parents in July (so I’m just being super organised, right?). But I always spend so much on nail stuff, I just can’t resist it and it’s not like I need any more nail varnish! I’m looking forward to the second part of your post! xxx


            • I’m already counting down the weeks to Portugal! It was kind of out of the blue that my parents asked me to go with them, I wasn’t really expecting to go on a beach holiday this year. And my mum, sister and I went to Rhodes for a week last October to scout out the wedding venue and it is stunning, I can’t wait to go back next year! xxx


            • Greece is lovely, I’ve never been to Rhodes, but if it’s anything like the rest of it – gorgeous! Portugal will be fun too! Get a bit of Sun and some sangria. Yum! That’s nice your parents invited you too, I couldn’t see mine doing that as I would cramp their style haha xx


    • When I saw the sizes I figured they would be perfect for travelling as those tiny Little bags do not hold many bottles! Bonus that they came with a free magazine πŸ˜›


  3. Oh my days! What great buys – I am so excited for you to try all these out! I am loving the sound of this cohorted, I need to get onto this tomorrow at 6pm! Those Sleek palettes look fab and I love all your MAC stuff πŸ™‚ xx


  4. Ohh, I love big hauls! You’ve picked up some proper bargains off the blogsale I really do check out more and I need to get on the cohorted bandwagon. I don’t think you should feel guilty about getting two primers you let them know that they’d made a mistake and they didn’t get back and it’s their packaging fault in the first place. I have a pink sleek blush that I have a love/hate relationship with and I think sometimes it’s because it’s abit too vibrant for my olive skin but I do want to try other ones in the peach/orange family as I’ve only got “life’s a peach”. Also how sweet of your other half to buy you make up πŸ™‚


    • This is a collection of small hauls, but I’ve been so lazy with writing them up. Yeah I got really lucky with these bargains and I made some offers for them, so it’s always worth asking for discount.
      I honestly don’t know what possessed me to buy these bright pink tones, they are just so wrong for my skin. I can’t make them work at all. I think coral is a great sleek blush, it’s a bit bronze and would look fabulous with your olive skin! Cohorted is great. Speaking of which, cohort time! And yes, he is so sweet sometimes.


  5. What a wonderful haul! You got a lot of nice things! Those foot masks look nice. My feet look horrid right now. I’m always on my feet at work so I get dry heels. That is cool that you got 2 primers. I wouldn’t feel bad because you tweeted them. I’m interested to try more body shop products. I really want to try the raspberry. I love their mango and strawberry scent! Congrats on the almost 200 bloglovin followers!


    • The foot masks are weird, but will be great for me taking on holiday. I have dry feet right now too and try to moisturize before bed. Raspberry body shop is really nice, I have the body butter right now. The mango and grapefrui are my absolute favourites. I’m nowhere near 200 bloglovin yet, just living in hope πŸ˜› do you get bodyshop in the states?


          • Yeah, ikr. It’s hard to stop. I haven’t bought anything in a while because of exams, but I know I will splurge on makeup after exams are over. Already planning a shopping trip in half term, by which point I’ve done 7/10 GCSEs. πŸ™‚ xx


            • You should try strike a deal with your parents for exam grades πŸ™‚ my dad agreed to give me ten pound for every top level grade I got. Gave me motivation to revise ;-)you really will deserve a shopping trip soon though! Ten exams is a lot xx


            • Good idea, I think my parents said they’s get me a laptop though! I need one for school work, and I was going to buy one anyway, but they said they’d help out as a GCSE present! πŸ™‚ I have 23 separate exams, but 10 subjects!!! Definitely having a shopping trip though πŸ˜‰ xx


            • Ooh a laptop would be nice πŸ™‚ wow ten subjects is loads, we only had to do eight with two exams for each (except maths which had four, English four and French four). Will all be over soon enough and you will get a shiny new laptop πŸ™‚ xx


            • I know, exciting! Woah, not fair!!! I have soooo many… Anyway, managed to get through not only the worst week of exams, but with a horrible virus bug thing 😦 xx


    • I know, I haven’t done a haul since January, so it’s a few months worth of buying. Problem is I can’t decide what to review first! Other problem is I didn’t include the clothes I bought and a few nail polishes. I need rehab! Thanks for leaving your link, I will check it out when I finish work tonight πŸ™‚ x


  6. I can see an Ojon bottle in the background of a few of your pics, and you mention it too – what do you think of it?! I recieved two free 250ml bottles of it (a shampoo and a cond.) and I’m enjoying it, just wondering what anyone else thinks haha?! Also, bought that Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer I commented about the other day, love it! x


    • Yeah my pictures are either snapped on my chest of drawers or the kitchen table. The ojon bottle you see is the volume advance hair spray, which I wouldn’t waste your money on. It’s nice enough, but a little sticky and there is cheaper alternatives. I love the ojon shampoo and conditioners though! I have tried volume, damage reverse and moisture and they are all very good in my opinion. Shampoo generally last me a long time though as I use a little, but I felt ojon was too expensive for me so picked up these ones from bodyshop. Maybe I will buy the damage reverse ojon again now my hair is getting drier in summer. Which shade did you get in the wake me up? Xx


      • Yeah I think mine are the moisture ones, love how shiny and healthy my hair looks πŸ™‚ They are definitely too expensive though, going back to my herbal essences/tressemme after these are used up haha! I got 010 Ivory – I have the foundation in Ivory too. Perfect shade for me πŸ™‚ xx


        • I wish qvc still stocked ojon as they used to have some amazing deals. I haven’t found anything as good as ojon for my hair really. I think my concealer is definitely too dark for me haha. Xx


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