Combating Redness and Rosacea | Doll 10 Conceal It Concealer

Doll 10 Concealer Swatch and Review | thelittlescottishcorner

Doll 10 Concealer

I’ve taken a a few days out from the busy world of formula one to visit my family in the Scottish Highlands. My mum is one of the few people from my everyday life that I told about this blog as I wanted this to be my own little achievement. After a lovely lunch with my Mum, Auntie and Gran, I was chilling out with my Mum when she piped up about this amazing concealer I had to try. Ever intrigued, off we trotted up to the bedroom and began rummaging around in her make-up drawer. I had never heard of the brand before, but I know Mum has tried loads of concealers, oils, foundations to little avail. See Mum has rosacea on her nose – which is a chronic skin condition with very little out there to help it. It’s not like eczema where it is really well known and there are countless products to combat it, but it is similar in that it can be pretty unpleasant and occur at any time. Oh did I mention it mainly occurs on the face? Anyway, I decided to write this post as my Mum was really excited about the concealer, but wouldn’t post a review herself (because it would be rubbish) so provided me with a page of notes! Excellent stuff. Hopefully this helps someone out there, as I know many people can be paranoid about redness, scarring or rosacea – or even any other skin conditions.

Doll 10 Concealer Swatch and Review | thelittlescottishcorner

The Packaging – Very Pretty and Chic

What QVC Say…

‘Doll10 Conceal It Concealer. This lightweight, oil-free concealer features silicone complex and colour-correcting pigments. Cover up and give your skin a flawless finish with this superb concealer from Doll10.’ -QVC

Doll 10 Concealer Swatch and Review | thelittlescottishcorner

The top layer of packaging with the sponge for application

What My Mum Says…

I bought this after seeing a demo on QVC as the lady demonstrating removed her make-up and had rosacea. Instantly my attention was caught and after further inspection it turned out it was over her nose – very similar to mine! After applying some of the concealer, the rosacea was completely covered, so I bit the bullet and placed an order. I purchased the fair option, which is a good match for my skin (I wear Fair in Laura Geller balance and brighten and Light in Bare Minerals).

Doll 10 Concealer Swatch and Review | thelittlescottishcorner


The concealer comes in a rather generous sized compact, complete with a sponge and good sized mirror making it perfect for travel. The packaging is nice and neat, with a top layer which holds the sponge and the bottom containing the product. I personally find the sponge a bit too clunky for precision application and instead use my Bare Minerals concealer brush. Once I have applied the concealer, I blend it in using the sponge for a flawless finish. The consistency of the concealer is quite creamy, but not at all thick and it is oil free so no worries about looking like a chip pan! This completely covers the redness and is the best concealer I have found for redness. Longevity is good, with the concealer lasting all day when applied on top of moisturiser and set using a light dusting of  Bare Minerals or Laura Geller foundation. The compact is rather generous in size and I have been using this since the beginning of April so I think it will last for a long time – especially since you don’t need a lot!

Price Point and Where to Buy

Available in four shades, you can find Doll 10 concealer (and other products) from QVC for £20 plus £2.95 P and P.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review courtesy of my Mum. Has anyone else tried anything from Doll 10? Any other recommendations for concealers for redness?

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15 thoughts on “Combating Redness and Rosacea | Doll 10 Conceal It Concealer

  1. Aww this was lovely! I don’t have rosacea but I do get redness down the sides of my nose, and if I ‘scratch’ myself I get like red welts that take hours, sometimes almost a day to disappear (Apparently it’s a sign of a negative blood type?) Because of this, if I scratch my face or rub too hard when washing it in the morning, my face looks really really red all day, and it does come through my foundation and concealer around my nose and chin. Flannels are the WORST for this and I have to be so careful when towel drying my face. I have to gently poke my face if I get an itch and I can’t use scrubs or masks in the morning.

    The MUA conceal and brighten kit usually sorts out the red sides of my nose, but as of yet I just grim and bear it with the other redness and curse myself for being careless and washing my face to hard. I don’t think I could justify £20 for a concealer as my skin issues are avoidable so long as I’m caerful, but if I had something like rosacea I probably would as I know a couple of people with it and it does get them down. I will pass this on to them anyway, thanks! 🙂 xxx


    • Oh that sounds really horrible with your skin. Have you been to see a doctor or dermatologist to see if they can give you anything to help it? Maybe some sort of lotion? Flannels can be horrible, I’ve got a really soft one called washi which I got in a beauty box and love it. Not sure how expensive they are, but worth a look 🙂
      It is a massive compact of concealer, but £20 is steep isn’t it? I guess if it helps its worth it. I’m the same with dark circles, I pay18for a concealer as it helps me a lot. Oh girl problems eh? Xx


      • I’ve always been like it, even when I was little, I’ve never really been to see anyone about it as it’s not dry skin, itchy or anything… it just gets red if I scratch and rub to hard. Washi don’t seem to be too expensive actually, I may have a look for one and see if I can pluck up the courage to use it!

        I guess I’m so used to my concealers being cheap and lasting like a month that it just seems alien to pay loads for one, as I assume it wont last long, even though you probably don’e even need to use much of it. If my problem was everyday and unavoidable I think I would buy it. 🙂 Haha girl problems are the best *eye roll* Xx


        • Ah okay, maybe you just have very thin outer layers of skin and they get broken easily? I’ve read somewhere that facial scrubs can actually create little nicks in the skin if used to aggressively.
          The washi is much softer and thinner than a normal face cloth. It’s kind of like a babies towel if that makes sense?
          Do you really go through a concealer a month? That must get expensive over a year. Girl problems are often silly and quite unnecessary. We still have them though xx


          • Eeek, maybe? Going to be great when I’m old and my skin gets even thinner. That does make sense, actually it sounds lovely haha. I definitely need one of these. Well every other month, I got through two of the collection 2000 ‘pen’ concealers in a month, they’re really good for dark circles but you get nothing in them. The MUA one has lasted me about 4 months but I suppose I’m just drifting from brands trying to find “the one”.
            I wonder what the male equivalent is… xx


    • Qvc are doing 2 of these concealers for 24.48 at the moment . Just postage s well so 28.98 with postage for 2 full concealers. Might be better value


  2. I’m going to do a 2 part post about redness soon! I use the Clinique Redness Solutions foundation and then touch up any break through redness with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.


    • Will be interested to read that post then! Let me know when you post it. I got my mum the clinique anti-redness primer, but it didn’t do much so will be intereseted to hear your thoughts on the foundation.


  3. Very interesting! I’ve never heard of this product or that brand! I’ll take any advice to help out my rosacea 🙂 I’m going to have to desperately search for this!


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