Brushes I Wish I Had Bought Sooner | Mac and Real Techniques

Mac 217 Review | theLittleScottishCorner

Mac 217

I haven’t actually got many make-up brushes. I am a firm believer in looking after my brushes and they seem to last me a long time. I wash them regularly and am generally quite gentle when using them and many of them I have had for years. Some of them area at least 5 years old, so I decided it was time to treat myself.

MAC 217 – Blending Brush

Mac 217 Review | theLittleScottishCorner

How sleek does that look

Mac 217 Review | theLittleScottishCorner

Densely packed bristles


First Up, I purchased the Mac 217 Blending Brush from Debenhams. I got my first Mac product in the form of the Angel lipstick a while ago and fell in love.  When lots of other lovely bloggers responded to my tweet asking about eyeshadow brushes with this one, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. It is expensive, at £18 it is not a budget buy and not something you buy on a whim. I managed to get this beauty at 10% off on one of their offer weekends and I had a £5 giftcard to use, so it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Doesn’t it just look so sleek, with the black handle? The bristles are as advertised, so densely packed, making this great for packing on product. Where this brush really comes into it’s own is blending. I’ve been using this to blend shadow into my crease and up the brow bone and it makes a fabulous job. I genuinely have no criticisms of this and know I will be reaching for this brush a lot. I feel like this brush would also make a great concealer brush if you are having one of those ‘no makeup makeup days’ and want to look very natural.


– Easily blends shadow

– Very dense bristles meaning you can pack the shadow on

– Feels very good quality

– Great multi-tasker

– Very soft so won’t damage the skin around the eye area


– Expensive – £18 for a brush?!

– It’s white meaning it does show up the dirt

Rating 5/5

Real Techniques – Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection Review | theLittlescottishcorner

Real Techniques Core Collection


It seemed that everyone, their mother and their dog were raving about real techniques and I decided to join the party, albeit a little late. I didn’t really need a foundation brush – or so I thought, what really drew me into buying this collection was the detailer brush and the contour brush. I managed to pick this up on a Cohort from Cohorted for £13.90 including delivery, but you can find them from Boots for £21.99. In the set you get 4 brushes to cover all aspects of base makeup. Personally I don’t wear much other than foundation, concealer and blush to work so this set seemed perfect for me! I have mixed feelings about the set, but even if I had paid full price I still think this is a fabulous buy.

Real Techniques Core Collection

I like the description of each brush on the back of the box

First I would like to mention the case that is provided with the brushes, which is a nice touch but I don’t really like. I can see why some people might like it as it allows you to stand the brushes up and have them on display, but I much prefer to store my brushes in a bag. I know a lot of people like to store them on their dresser in pots, cases etc, but for me personally I like to have them covered up so there is less chance of dust falling into them. The case does have space not only for the 4 brushes in the collection, but a few others, so I can see the use. It also felt a little flimsy and cheap to me.

Real Techniques Core Collection

In the case

Real Techniques Core Collection

Showing the case as a brush stand

Secondly, the handles on the brushes. I like the anodized look, but absolutely hate the black rubber on the end. I really don’t know what it adds? Grip maybe? All it seems to do for me is get filthy! I really don’t know why makeup companies insist on using black rubber packaging. It is NOT nice when it gets powder on it, which being makeup it inevitably does. Okay, so moan over I’m going to give my thoughts on the brushes.

The detailer brush is amazing for applying foundation into the little nook around the nose (this is a problem area for me as I tend to get spots here) and for targeting spots with concealer. It is a flat brush, shaped into a slight point and the bristles are not too stiff that they scratch your face off, but stiff enough to allow precision application. It’s very easy to get full coverage when using this one and my only criticism is that the handle feels a bit susceptible to bending on this one.

Next up is the foundation brush, which to be honest I didn’t really think I needed. I very rarely wear liquid foundation as I favour mousse of powder types and only reach for liquid on a night out. The liquid I use is Benefit’s Hello Flawless and I find it is best applied with my fingers. For some reason I decided to order the L’Oreal Nude Magique CC cream from Boots. I think it was because what I actually wanted was sold out and I didn’t really want anything else and it was 3 for 2. Anyway I normally hate BB, CC, tinted moisturisers et al because they are never the correct shade. When my CC cream arrived I tried it out and indeed it is very orange, however when applied with this beauty and set with powder it actually looks not bad. The foundation brush is again flat and comes to a point, with the same soft, yet stiff bristles as before. It really does make a lovely job of applying the CC cream.

Ah this is my absolute favourite. The contour brush. It is so soft and fluffy and I am loving using my bronzer with this at the moment! It even makes a great job of applying blusher to the apples of the cheeks. I just love love love this. It seems to be the perfect shape and works well with liquid or powder products. It feels great quality too, which is a bonus.

Finally, the buffing brush. I don’t really have a use for this one, other than to apply my mineral foundation. I tried this with blusher, but didn’t like it as much as the contour brush and I don’t like is as much as my usual foundation brush. I am sure I will find a use for this, but until then it is lying feeling unloved. The brush is very large and quite fluffy, with loads of bristles so it did pick up rather a lot of product. Like all the others it didn’t scratch the face and did apply the mineral foundation flawlessly to my skin.


– Affordable

– Great all in one set

– Lovely soft bristles

– Blends product well

– Can easily pack on loads of concealer/foundation or get lighter coverage


– The case feels cheap

– The black rubber on the end of the handle gets dirty

Rating 4/5

What are your go to brushes? Has anyone else fallen as badly in love with Mac as me?

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27 thoughts on “Brushes I Wish I Had Bought Sooner | Mac and Real Techniques

  1. I have all these brushes and I love them! I am in love with the contour brush and I adore the buffing brush. I use liquid foundation though so it’s great for that. I find it great to buff foundation, gives a real airbrush look. I love Real Techniques. I have just bought a few more. I bought the retractable ones and I just don’t get them, total wast of money for me 😦 xx


    • Oh really, that’s good to know as I was thinking of trying them out for taking out or travelling. Yeah I think I’m just too much in love with my current face brush, which is from bare minerals to like the buffing brush. I hadn’t thought of using it for liquid foundation, so I will try that out next time I go out. What do you think of the real techniques eye brushes? The contour brush is amazing, I really want to pick up another one so I can use one for blush and one for actually contouring! Xx


      • I was thinking the same I would love another contour brush! I got the stippling brush and I wasn’t too fussed on it to be honest, but then I started to use it for blusher and I love it. I am in love with the Real Techniques eye brushes. I got the eye brush set its amazing. I think I am going to get another one of the eye set so I can use one for light shadows and one for dark shadows.xx


  2. AHHH! I LOVE the Real Techniques brushes! That buffing brush is the best foundation brush ever. I want 10 more of them! Like you wishing you had these brushed sooner, I wish I had only purchased Real Techniques because I think they’re simply the best 🙂


  3. I am so late to the real techniques brushes I should be ashamed of myself. I have seen so so so many good reviews, and I have been meaning to jump on the band wagon for like ever. I must purchase at least the core set soon, I bought my first MAC brush in March and I love it I use it every day, its the 187 foundation brush 🙂 Steph x


  4. I’ve been eyeing MAC products a lot lately but am still confused what to purchase. I do want to buy their blush brush but they are just so very expensive.


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