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Lip Product Addict TAG | theLittleScottishCorner

I was tagged by the lovely Soph from A Little Bit Soph to do this TAG and it sounded like fun, so I thought I would give it a bash. I’m not too much of a lipstick addict, but I love my balms 🙂 I put together most of my collection and took a photo and it’s pretty crazy how big it is. There’s a few balms and glosses missing, along with all my benefit tints. Maybe I am an addict? I thought I would include a few pictures in the post of my stash for interest 🙂


Hands down this has to go to my L’Occitaine Lip Balm. I got this one as part of a gift set and I am gutted that they don’t seem to have it on their website? They have a slightly different version, so will be trying that out for sure. The balm makes a great base for under other lip products and is very moisturising beacuse it contains shea. It doesn’t smell or taste of much, making it great for men too.

Lip Product Addict Tag | thelittlescottishcorner


Red lipstick does not suit me, so I don’t really own any true red lipsticks other than in palettes. I’m going to say my Urban Decay Scandalous Lip crayon from the anarchy face case. It’s more pink than red, but it does pack a punch and it quite bright. I’ve done some swatches here if anyone is interested.


In the best drugstore category I am going to say The BodyShop. I adore their lip balms and lip butters and the tinted ones are not too bad either. In the drugstore category I have to also mention Maybelline. Over the years I have had so many products from Maybelline that I have loved, including the watershine gloss.

Best Luxury has to be Mac. I’m new to Mac, but I am in LOVE. So pigmented, creamy and doesn’t smell like playdough.

Lip Product Addict Tag | thelittlscottishcorner


I only have 2 to choose from, but I’m going to say Angel. This was my first ever Mac lippie and the colour is just so wearable. Swatches here.


Oh gosh, this has to be makeup revolution. Okay, the lipstick was only £1 but it is horrible. The formula is just so dry and snags on the lips. I really didn’t like it, but I think I maybe got a dud as other bloggers seem to be raving about the lipsticks? Maybe it’s the shade I bought? Has anyone tried Makeup Rev lipsticks, comment below and let me know if you have.

Lip Product Addict Tag | thelittlscottishcorner


I tried lip liner twice. Once was from a now defunct brand and the other was from Inika. It was a disaster. I looked awful. Now I just don’t bother.


Oh uhm gee. Too many. I love smashbox and I’m currently working my way through their minis, but I also love Bareminerals too. They are sweet and sticky, so not to everyones taste, but I love them.


I thought I would mention Lush Lip Scrubs in here. I previously had the Bubblegum and now I’m giving the Popcorn version a whirl and although these are expensive, I love them. They really do help to smooth my lips. An honorable mention must of course go to the original nipple balm for lips. When you have mega chapped and dry lips, this stuff sorts them out!

I’m tagging:

Steph – Think Love Make Up

Effie – Stephanie Wright

Elegant Ageless Beauty

Tarika – CherryBlossom 15

Kavi – Kavi Chick 2000

Brittany – The Beauty Deputy

Victoria – Randomness I Like

Jordannah – Cats for Lifee

Let me know if you do this TAG, so I can read it. Would love to hear anyone elses thoughts on Makeup Rev? Does anyone else have as big an obsession with lipgloss as me?

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26 thoughts on “The Lip Product Addict TAG

  1. Oh yay! Thank you so much for the tag, I’ve been seeing this going round and I so wanted to do it. I can’t wait to write this. Your collection looks lovely, I wanted to try out some Clinique lip products – and I am also yet to lose my Mac virginity?! Loved reading this, and thanks again for the tag 🙂 xx


  2. Thank you so much for tagging me, I really love this tag and I so badly wanted to do it! That nipple balm is amazing, has so grown on me, it’s my saviour! Thanks for this, will be up soon 🙂 xxx


  3. I have a few Makeup revolution lipsticks and I love them! I think they are so pigmented and creamy. They don’t last as long as premium brands but great for £1 xx


  4. Thanks for the tag! I really want to try a mac lipstick. I really want to try their alluring aquatic collection. Is it sad that I want to buy a lipstick from that collection because I love the packaging! 🙂 Coffee Break with Dani on YouTube made me want to get this one color from that collection.


  5. So excited to give this tag a go 🙂 Though don’t think I have as many lip products as you..we shall see! Xx


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