International Box Swap with the Beauty Deputy | Part 1

Box Swap 1

Months ago, I asked Brittany if she would like to do a box swap with me and was thrilled when she said yes! Brittany blogs over at the Beauty Deputy and she was one of the first bloggers I chatted to when I started my blog. I love her reviews and shes such a lovely person, so I was super thrilled she wanted to do this! We decided we would wait a few months and post at the end of May to give ourselves time to buy everything and post the boxes. My box from Brittany arrived on Tues or Wed last week and the box I sent her arrived on Friday. We agreed to open them together and I was so thrilled by the things she got me! So thoughtful and I love everything. I can’t wait to try it all out and will be sharing reviews over the coming months on here.

I was so excited I forgot to photo the box before I ripped into the lovely pink and orange tissue paper. Oops. I tried to put everything back into the little plastic bags Brittany used to separate things out, but it didn’t look as neat. Due to the sheer amount of stuff she sent me, I’m going to split this post into 2 parts. Tonight I will give a general overview and talk about the food and maybe a few of the beauty items and tomorrow I will show all the make-up items. I can’t believe how well Brittany chose things for me. There is not a single thing that I don’t like. I really enjoyed doing this, so once again big thank you Brittany!

How cute?

How cute?

Brittany has a cute little Shiba Inu dog called Mirya who she blogs about over on the happy paw files. You should check that blog out as she also blogs about her westie and tabby cat. So many cute photos. Anyway, I was really sad because I had bought some kitty and doggy treats, but my box was overweight so I took them out, but I have decided I will send these come payday this month. I thought it was cute that Mirya had been chewing the box and that Brittany wrote this little note from her.

So many goodies

So many goodies

I’m not sure if you can  see it very well in the photo, but there is a rolled up note in amongst all the goodies detailing everything and why she got me it. The note was really sweet and made me a little emotional. Brittany also included a little thank you card, which was nice.

The really thoughtful card and note - weighed down by some of the products

The really thoughtful card and note – weighed down by some of the products

I thought I would include a photo of the letter/note which was around 4 pages long!

All the goodies - there was so much I had to lay it out on the floor

All the goodies – there was so much I had to lay it out on the floor

Just look at how much stuff there is! It’s awesome isn’t it? I was particularly happy to receive some wet and wild products as everyone seems to love them, but to buy in the UK you are limited to the likes of Amazon and Ebay and they are pretty expensive.

The food I got in the box swap

The food I got in the box swap

Since there is so much in the box, I’m going to just mention the food tonight. If not we will be here forever! I always think it’s funny that Americans call it candy. My other half calls sweets candy as he learned English from a young age from American television shows. Brittany called this bit a lil something for the sweet tooth and it certainly didn’t disappoint. So sweet! I haven’t tried everything here as I want to save it and make it last for a while, but I will give my thoughts on what I have tried.

Ghiradeli Milk and Caramel Minis – I haven’t tried these yet, but I love caramel so I’m sure I will like these.

Orbit Gum– This is Brittany’s favourite type of gum, she mentioned in her note that she likes the sweet mint version. I haven’t opened this because I have some chewing gum open at the moment and I don’t want it to go soft. I never would have thought of sending chewing gum!

Pixi Sticks – This came in her Julep box and apparently it’s like pure sugar. I’m a little bit scared to try this one! I think it will make me hyperactive.

Tootsie Rolls – Again I haven’t tried these yet, but I love the name. These are some sort of chocolate, so maybe I will have one after dinner sometime this week!

Rolos – Curiosity got the better of me and I ate a couple of these. We get Rolos in the UK, but these are nothing like those. I can’t quite put my finger on what the flavour is that makes them so different. Of the things I tried, I think these are my least favourite. Maybe that’s because we get them here and I had a taste that I was expecting? I guess it’s like eating a strawberry and it tasting of raspberry – not quite what you were expecting.

Laffy Taffy – I got 3 of each flavour and as you can see in the picture, I ate a banana one already! Brittany mentioned banana was her favourite and oh my gosh was it magic! I really wish we got these here, they are so good. I tried the sour apple one too, but the banana is definitely my favourite.

Turtles – Brittany didn’t mention these in her note, but I ate one on Sunday. It’s been so hot here recently, so these were a little melted and the poor misshapen turtle made me laugh a bit. I really liked this. I shared it with my bf and he liked it too, it’s basically chocolate and pecans and caramel. Mmm. By Monday I had eaten all 4 of these. Ooops. So yummy though.

Skittles -Taste the rainbow. I love skittles. I remember when you only got one flavour. I think you get 3 or 4 these days. I had never seen either of the varieties Brittany sent me, so can’t wait to try them. The flavour I am looking forward to the most is the Key Lime Pie which is in the pink desserts packet.

Werthers Apple Candy – Werthers always remind me of my granny as she used to buy us them. When I ate one of these, I wasn’t expecting the sweet, soft middle bit. I was expecting it to be a hard toffee. Pleasant surprise.

Motts Medley Fruit Snacks – Again I haven’t tried these yet, there is just so much else in the box to try. Apparently these are a bit more natural than other sweets which is good to know.

Ice Breakers Duo – These are minty fruits. Sounds strange doesn’t it. I am intrigued to try these out, but have taken them to work to snack on once my other mints run out.

Poptarts – I’m not sure what the flavour is?! Potentially blueberry, but I had one on Sunday and it was so yummy. Mmmm Poptarts.

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I would love to know what you all think of the food? Look out for part 2 coming tomorrow on the Beauty Products!

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25 thoughts on “International Box Swap with the Beauty Deputy | Part 1

  1. Aaaaaah this is so cool! I’m feeling very jealous now, box swapping is so much fun! I keep looking at the things you sent each other and going “damn, I wish I’d thought of that!” I can’t wait to see the rest of the posts on this topic, so exciting! Enjoy enjoy enjoy xx


  2. What an amazing amazing idea! So many lovely and thoughtful things and it is always so exciting to receive something in the post and open it up! I would love to do one of these! Xx


  3. So glad that you’re loving everything! I didn’t write about the turtles! I thought I did! Oh well, they’re my mums favorite. The pop-tarts I sent you were wildberry and smores. I really wish I would have sent you more of those werthers apple caramel things! Glad you love the banana laffy taffy. I wish I could find a whole bag of banana because they’re my fav.

    Liked by 1 person

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