Breaking Up After 5 Years | Philosophy Purity Cleanser

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Philosophy Purity Clenaser

The other day in the shower I realised I had never reviewed this cleanser! I’ve been using this cleanser for around 5 years and now my relationship has come to an end. I always have 2 or 3 cleansers on the go as I like to alternate between them and I just feel like this cleanser no longer suits my needs. I know for many this is a bit of a marmite product – some bloggers rave about it and others just darn right dislike it.

The consistency of this is quite thin, meaning you can either foam it up in your hands and apply with your fingers, put it on a face cloth or use it with a cotton pad. I have used this in the shower with my hands and with a face cloth in the sink at night. I much prefer this as a morning cleanser in the shower as I don’t find that it removes stubborn makeup as easily as some other cleansers. The bottle is very typical of Philosophy with a quote about purity and if I am honest I find the larger bottles very difficult to squeeze due to the thick plastic. I actually wrote to philosophy about this a few years ago, but they never replied. Clearly they don’t value customer opinion too much!

The smell of this is a bit strange and hard to describe. It isn’t unpleasant or highly scented, but it does smell of something. This does foam up well and it does a good job of cleaning the skin, but as mentioned above some stubborn makeup like Benefit They’re Real can cause problems. I usually have to cleanse 2 or 3 times if I am using this after wearing that mascara, which is a bit inconvenient. I suppose you are wondering why I used this for so long? Well it is extremely gentle and has never caused me any problems with skin irritation or drying me out. It does a great job at removing everyday makeup and generally leaves my skin feeling clean. I’ve decided not to repurchase this for 2 reasons. 1 is the price, this stuff is not cheap and for the price I expect a little bit more. It’ false economy to buy and expensive cleanser that can’t remove my makeup. 2. I am no longer cleansing twice a day. I have switched to cleansing only at night and for this I want something moisturising, that will remove all my makeup. Cue Emma Hardie Moringa balm. In the mornings I am now using a very gentle face wash or a gentle exfoliator, so I really don’t have much of a  need for this.

I’m really quite sad that this is my last bottle and will maybe pick some of the mini bottles up at Christmas, but I just feel I have moved on and grown up from this cleanser. As they say, ‘Philosophy Purity – it’s not you, it’s me.’ My needs have just outgrown this. I wear mascara every day now and I’m concious that not removing it properly could be bad for my eyes. Overall I really loved this and would recommend if you want a gentle cleanser – it’s great for removing foundation, blush etc, just not stubborn eye make-up.

You can purchase a mini 90ml bottle from Boots for £8 if you fancy trying it out.

What’s your go to cleanser? Do you use more than one like me? I would love to know if anyone has tried this what they thought?

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9 thoughts on “Breaking Up After 5 Years | Philosophy Purity Cleanser

  1. Bloody hell, I only got “Breaking up after 5 years” (and not the rest of the title) in my email subject line, you scared me for a moment there! This does look like a lovely cleanser but fair enough if it doesn’t remove your makeup properly. I can now see why people use eye makeup remover and face stuff separately. Have you ever tried a cleansing oil? I’ve been using my DHC one a lot and it’s really good! Xx


  2. I have always been curious of this cleanser and keep meaning to try it out but I am not too sure as I hate it when cleansers don’t remove stubborn makeup – oh decisions, decisions 🙂 xx


    • It is a lovely cleanser and if I wasn’t so lazy, I would probably keep using it. I feel like washing my face twice or using a separate eye makeup remover is too much effort haha. If you ever have a big breakout or want something gentle, it’s worth a try. I mean I used it for over five years and loved it until benefit they’re real came along xx


  3. I generally use Cetaphil cleanser, it doesn’t get all my eye make up off but I use an eye make up remover for that. A more thorough cleanser just seems to irritate the rest of my skin.


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