Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Oil Free | Review

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

I debated about writing this post for a while, but decided why not? This primer is so expensive and I’m not sure I could justify purchasing it again, but figured maybe someone out there with a lot more money than me would purchase it, so here goes!

This stuff is pricey and retails at £29 for a 50ml tube from House of Fraser and the like. I’m not sure how big my tube is, as it doesn’t actually say but I am guessing it is 30ml and it came as part of a set. The packaging  of this is none too special, just a simple tube which feels sturdy enough and can be thrown into your bag without the worry of the cap coming loose.

The watery texture of the primer

The watery texture of the primer

The one thing to note about this primer is just how watery it actually is. The first time I used it, it came flooding out of the tube like a river – no jokes. You can kind of see how watery it is in the photo above. It doesn’t really help that the dispensing nozzle is literally just a hole, so be warned!

In terms of on the skin, this applies really nicely and feels really soft and silky. It doesn’t clog up my pores like some others have a tendency to do and if you are looking for something to fill in imperfections, you probably want one of the pore-cloggers. The primer is white in colour, but is translucent on the skin, meaning it will be suitable for all skin tones. I don’t use this primer everyday, only when I feel like I want my makeup to stay in place and look flawless all day. I find that when using this primer, makeup glides onto the skin more easily and I can get a good 10 hours of foundation wear (normally I get 5ish). My recommendation would be to apply this straight after moisturiser and wait 5 minutes to absorb before applying  any makeup – this is especially true of powder, since it can ball up.

I love the results of this, but I’m on the fence. It seems a lot of money for something that isn’t actually necessary.  It doesn’t irritate my skin and helps control the oil I sometimes get on my nose, so it really is a bit of a hero. Maybe once I finish the tube, I will realise I can’t live without it and rush out to buy another, who knows. All I do know is that it gives me an airbrush look and like Carrie Bradshaw, I feel fabulous.

Have you ever tried anything from Laura Mercier? Would you fork out this much on a primer?

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22 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Oil Free | Review

  1. I’ve never tried anything from Laura Mercier and I’m really lazy when it comes to using primer anyway, I’m usually in such a hurry to get out the door that I always seem to forget! xxx


  2. I just reviewed the Laura Mercier primer foundation that I got in a Birchbox ages ago. It’s slightly different from this one as it is tinted. I don’t tend to wear a primer a lot but I did like it. Like you the price has put me off – I am sure there is a cheaper alternative out there!xx


  3. Jacquelyn! We’ve missed you! I’ve been using this primer lately and feel very similar to you – I don’t remember mine being quite so watery though. I assume you gave it a shake to make it easier to use? Primer is weird because its effects are subtle – for something so expensive you kind of want a “wow” factor, you know? I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase either.
    Ooh I just remembered – I was driving back from Bristol last night and needed speaking-radio (i.e. Radio 4…ugh I’m so old) to keep my brain going, and they did a really interesting ‘modern business’ feature on McLaren, with bits about how it’s branching out from motor racing into healthcare and other industries. When they went to tour the base in Northamptonshire I got really excited and thought of you haha. So er…the end of that story is, thanks for indirectly keeping me awake on the M6! xx


    • Awh thanks, I’ve missed my blog buddies too! Yeah I did give it a good shake up, do you think maybe the hot temperatures are affecting it? But yes, I did expect more from it. I know the foundation is amazing, a work colleague bought it for herself and her skin now looks so flawless and just generally perfect, so maybe you need both the foundation and primer for it to give the wow factor? Who knows?
      Ah McLaren, they’re actually in Surrey haha cos they’re posh! I love that you thought of me though. We do actually supply them with engines for their formula one cars, but they are switching to Honda next year, boo. I was in Manchester this week and thought of you 😛 xx


      • Yeah possibly, it certainly affected some of my foundations. I have the silk Crème foundation but weirdly I’m not sure the two work that well together – I love using the primer with my Vichy Dermablend as it makes it last so much longer! The Laura foundation doesn’t glide onto it as well for me.
        Haha maybe I got the wrong team then! It might not have been McLaren. But boo that they’re switching to Honda for engines. What jokers! Awwwh what were you doing in Manchester? I hope you had fun! Xx


        • Ah that’s weird that they don’t work together? You think the would, wouldn’t you? I’ve still never tried vichy – need to start my life out don’t I?
          I know, their loss. We are just so awesome, I mean I work there! Haha. I flew to Portugal from Manchester 🙂 ended up there yesterday too actually cos the Birmingham flight was so delayed I decided to change to Manchester xx


          • You’d definitely think so, yeah! Your skin is not as bad as mine so you don’t need Vichy – you’ll look lovely with even the lightest foundations, so the need to “sort your life out” isn’t that desperate hahaha.
            Ahh Portugal to Manchester, how lovely! I do like the airport, it’s much better than Stansted, which is where I usually fly from back home in Suffolk. By “better” I mean “yay duty free,” btw :p congratulations on your airport resourcefulness! xx


  4. I use this myself since I have really oily skin and I’m actually loving it 🙂 my primer doesn’t come out watery so maybe the formula has changed? I do find it has an odd smell to it though! Great post 🙂


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