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St Ives Apricot Scrub

It seems like every man, woman, cat and even goldfish were raving about the St Ives Apricot Scrub at one point. I gave in one day and tossed it in my basket to put to the test. I can’t say I’m a face scrub expert – far from it. I’ve tried Philosophy Micro Exfoliating Scrub, a sample of Dermalogica Face Scrub, Elemis Freshskin Exfoliator and pretty much every scrub made by Boots Skin Clear or Clean and Clear. I like the Philosophy scrub, but it is too darn expensive. My next choice would be Elemis Freshskin and at £12 a tube it still isn’t cheap, but smells of Apricots. And finally, for many years I just used Boots Skin Clear Daily Face scrub. Cheap. Cheerful. Clears my skin. Job done. Anyway, I figured the St Ives scrub might be similar, but with a delicious Apricot smell. How wrong was I? Very wrong indeed.

The texture of this scrub is very gritty and in my opinion a bit rough for the face. This is definitely not something you would use everyday – more of a 2 or 3 times a week kind of thing. I picked up the version for sensitive skin as sometimes products can be too harsh for me or break me out in spots. The scrub does smell really nice, which is a bonus for a face product as some of them can smell really nasty. Normally when I use a scrub, my pores on my nose don’t get too clogged – it’s only when I skip using it for a week or so due to being on holiday or running out that I notice thy have begun to clog. Since introducing this into my skincare routine on Mondays and Thursdays (and the occasional Saturday), I’ve noticed my nose has become really clogged up. Disgusting I know, but a valid observation. The other thing I’ve noticed since using this (been using it ~4 months now) is that my skin seems to be a lot drier than before. Now I haven’t changed my moisturiser or cleanser in this time, so I can only attribute it to this scrub (and possibly weather, but normally my moisturiser combats the horrid weather).

The scrub does claim to be non-drying, so maybe it just doesn’t agree with my skin type? It contains no oil, which is good if you are worried about looking like a chip pan, but bad if you have dry skin issues like me. The coarse grains are bits of walnut – so all natural and good and the scrub doesn’t contain parabens of phtalates. So it isn’t all bad. It also only retails for around £4 for 150ml, but is currently only £2.13 in Superdrug.

I know many bloggers do love this and Gemma over at Miss Makeup Magpie (one of my fave bloggers and her review is here) has been using this for a number of years and got on particularly well with a different version of this scrub. So I can kinda see why so many bloggers rave about this scrub, but sadly it just didn’t work for me.

Have you tried St Ives Scrub and did you find it dried you out too? What’s your go to scrub?


12 thoughts on “Worth the Hype? St Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive Skin |thelittlescottishcorner

  1. I think it’s absolutely worth the hype! I love the grittiness of it, it makes me feel like its actually doing the job it’s supposed to be doing. I’ve tried other apricot style face scrubs and they really don’t compare


  2. This was one of the first facial scrubs I ever bought, and I still love it! It is quite harsh on sensitive skin though, definitely, although personally I find the toughness quite satisfying! Really feels like you’re getting rid of something, yknow?
    It’s a shame this didn’t agree with you though. Sometimes I find that the different versions of a product (“oil free”, “sensitive” etc) don’t work as well as the original. I definitely found that with the Laura Mercier primer – despite the original supposedly being less suited to me than the oil free one, the original worked better. Maybe this is one of those cases? Xx


    • Quite possibly. I don’t think I will buy the original one though as it’s just too gritty and didn’t really seem to unblock my pores 😦 it did smell alright though and was cheap I suppose. I have the oil free primer from laura mercier and love it. It was a bit watery at first, but now it seems to have thickened up. Skin care is so weird though isn’t it? Always difficult to find things that actually work. Xx


      • Absolutely! And the things that work aren’t always the ones you’d expect! Shame you didn’t get on with St Ives though 😦 hopefully there’s a drugstore exfoliator just around the corner that’s perfect for you haha xx


  3. I always wondered about this brand. I haven’t tried it, but reading your review I will pass on it. I have been having more dry and sensitive skin this Winter so this scrub would probably be bad for it. It is so weird! Glad to be able tor read a review from you. It has been awhile! Hope all is well!


  4. I love the Philosphy microdelivery exfoliating wash too, gentle enough to use every day but very effective. I also love the Espa skin polish exfoliator. It smells wonderful which is always a big bonus. I don’t know how much it is as I only got a small pot in a gift set but a little goes a long way & the pot has lasted me for ages ☺


  5. I used to use this years ago and loved it. I must check it out again to see if its still the same. I always loved the grittiness of it as i love to feel the grain in an exfoliator xx


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