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I thought I would do a mini review on one of my favourite budget brands – Anatomicals. I only discovered Anatomicals last year and it was by chance really. I was browsing the beauty aisle in Asda and I never normally shop at Asda, when I chanced across the ‘Farewell Scarlett Pimpernell’ (reviewed here) face mask and at £1 it seemed a bargain. I really enjoyed using the face mask and being a sucker for the packaging decided to do a quick Google search on the brand. Turns out everyone’s favourite fashion/beauty online store -ASOS stock Anatomicals. At the time, they had a couple of gift sets reduced to clear as it was in January, so I snapped them up. In one gift set I got an inflatable bath pillow (which doesn’t stick properly) and features a quirky story, a candle (a little disappointing), some bath salts (reviewed here) and the above face mask. The face mask isn’t really my cup of tea as it is self heating and I find these a little uncomfortable and always panic that they will burn  my skin. The second gift set contained some funky rubber gloves (now my bog cleaning gloves cos nobody wants toilet germs on their hands), a hand cream (which is almost finished and in my desk drawer along with around 4 other almost empty tubes) and the above hand polish. I bought the body scrub separately for the bargain price of £3.50!

I’m not going to review the individual products as such, this is more of a brand review because I’ve really fallen in love with Anatomicals. The packaging is amazing isn’t it? Everything comes in brightly coloured plastic containers, with sturdy lids/pumps. Nothing worse than a cheap pump. The product names are genius – Cheese Release Me Foot Cream, Help the Paw Paw Hand Cream and No More White Bits Fake Tan to name but a few. You can’t help but chuckle inside. The product instructions are equally as quirky, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it! All of the products I’ve had from Anatomicals have been highly scented and good quality. The body scrub left my bathroom smelling of Grapefruit for a good half hour after showering and the consistency was perfect. Often I can find budget brands to be runny or thick, but I think Anatomicals have got it spot on. The products are also paraben free which is a bonus!

ASOS currently have a sale on Anatomicals, so I’m eyeing up a few bits. They are so budget friendly and with the sale it would be rude not to! You can also purchase Anatomicals from Cloud 10 Beauty, but I’ve only ever used ASOS because that way I can combine my order to get other bits and bobs I really need want. I thought I would add a little wishlist into this post because it seems like an age since I’ve done one. To make things more interesting, I’ve set myself a budget of £20 (enough to treat myself, but not enough to bankrupt myself). Here’s what I would purchase:


1.We Never Forget a Face Memorably Good Moisturiser – £4.50 for 50ml (was £6)
2.Shower to the People Lime Shower Gel – £2 for 250ml (was £3)
3. Cheese Release Me Minty Foot Cream – £2 for 100ml (was £3)
4. Not Another Rough Day Please Neroli Body Lotion – £2.50 for 200ml (was £3.50)
5. Oi You Throbhead Headache Balm – £3 for 20g (was £4)
6. Anatomicals Face Mask Pack x3 – £2 (was £3)
7. Aint No Dope This Soap Watermelon and Cucumber Hand Soap – £2 for 300ml (was £3)
8. Help the Paw Vitamin Rich Hand Cream – £2 for 100ml (was £3)
TOTAL = £20

Yup. Fantastic. 8 products for £20. Even at full price all of this would only come to £28.50. Such fantastic value isn’t it? Now excuse me while I go and find my purse. It’s free delivery after all.

What do you think of Anatomicals? Would you be willing to try it?

Disclaimer – I was NOT sponsored by ASOS or Anatomicals to write this post – I just really like the brand. 


DIY Home Made Cold Process Soap

DIY Homemade Soap | theLittleScottishCorner

Cupcake Soaps

I’ve been such a bad blogger this past week! I’ve still got to email a few people about this collaboration, but will get around to it when I get back to England tomorrow. Been mega busy as I’ve been away for the past few days and fly back tomorrow. One more thing before we get into the post, I would love for you to follow me on Bloglovin 🙂 as I am hoping to reach 200 someday, although I am a long way off yet! Anyway, today I’m writing another post with the help of my mum. It’s true what  they say – Mum’s do know best! I will start with a little story behind this one… A few years ago, my Mum and my Auntie both got into soap making and since then they have never looked back. My Dad has horrific skin, very dry, flaky, red and sore. His head is like a snowstorm sometimes and even using expensive anti-dandruff shampoo like Philip Kingsley didn’t help much. One day he must have decided to use the soap my Mum had made on his head and it helped. Anyway, now he no longer uses shower gel or shampoo – just bars and bars of my Mum’s soap! I use the tea tree soap to wash my make-up brushes and keep on of the scented versions for my hands. In the shower I also have a bar with seeds in it since it makes a great pre-shave exfoliator for the legs.  Oh it also makes a great alternative to shaving foam, so really is a multi tasker. We all love it. Since we all love it, we figured we should share the recipe with you all 🙂

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First up you will need to gather together a few bits of kitchen equipment. Most of these are non specialist, but Mum likes to keep pans etc for soap making (purely because she has loads as she inherited a lot of kitchen equipment when my Granny moved into a care home). If you only have 1 set of pans though, you can rinse them out, its just like filling them with fairy liquid really! Oh I would also recommend wearing an apron too and possibly some rubber gloves.

2 x Pans – 1 small to medium and 1 large

1 set of kitchen scales to measure your ingredients

Spatula or spoon for stirring – silicone is good so stuff doesn’t stick to it

Measuring jug

Set of wire racks – like what you use for cake cooling

Blender or whisk – Mum used to use a whisk, but a blender is soo much easier

Silicone moulds – These are dirt cheap and can be bought in many bargain stores. You even get seasonal ones like hearts, snowmen etc for individual soap. Alternatively you can use a square or rectangular brownie/loaf tin and make a big soap cake to be sliced up

2x thermometers. You can get these in most hardware stores for around £5 each. You could actually get away with just 1 thermometer, but 2 is easier

You also need a big towel or blanket to wrap the soap in at the end

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340g of cold water (needs to be clean, but that goes without saying right? If you live somewhere with hard water, filtering it might help)

125g of sodium hydroxide, otherwise known as caustic soda. Yeah this sounds a bit weird, but it is pretty common in a lot of soaps and once it is no longer in it’s alkali form it is totally fine for the skin

454g olive oil

284g of coconut oil (hard variety – looks like lard)

170g palm oil (hard variety – looks like butter)

20ml of pure essential oil

pigment if you wish to make coloured soap

any seeds eg poppy seeds or lavender etc you wish to add. We use 1tsp of poppy seeds per batch


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1. Measure 340g of water into the jug and add in 125g of caustic soda. Add the caustic soda in slowly and stir until dissolved. You may want to wear gloves and goggles for this in case of spillage. Also beware that this is an exothermic reaction, so the solution will get hot. While you do this, be careful not to breathe in the vapour, cos it catches your throat. It’s no worse than stinky hair dye.

2. Place a thermometer in the solution and place to one side. You can place this in cold water later to assist the cooling. Be careful not to spill any of the solution or get any extra water in the solution.

3. Measure out 170g of palm oil and 284g of coconut oil and add to the smaller of the two pans. Gently melt this on the cooker, being careful not to overheat. When melted, it will just look like oil…

4. Measure out 454g of olive oil while the palm and coconut melt and add this to the larger pan.

5. Add the melted palm and coconut oil into the larger pan with the olive oil and stir. Add the thermometer to this pan.

6. Monitor the temperatures of the oil mix and caustic solution. When they reach the same temperature, mix the two together.

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7. If you only have 1 thermometer, you need to make sure you wash it when moving between solutions. You will probably need to gently warm the oil and cool the caustic solution until they reach the same temperature.

8. When mixing ensure the solutions are between 25 and 55 deg C. We mixed at around 40deg C.

9. Thoroughly mix the solutions together. It will turn a creamy white colour. The soap will thicken and leave a ‘trail’ or an indentation when touched with the spoon.

10. Add in your fragrance and seeds. We used 10ml of patchoulli oil and 10ml of lime oil and 1 tsp of poppy seeds. This makes a lovely morning shower soap!

11. Pour into the moulds! You need to work swiftly. I made two little cupcake soaps and mum made a big soap in a brownie pan which can be sliced up into bars. You can make any shape you like really. Silicone cake tins are available in so many shapes and sizes now for so cheap.

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12. Place the moulds on a hard surface – a tray or chopping board works wells, or even some stiff cardboard.

13. Wrap them up using a towel or a blanket. Mum also bought this pink silicone mat which stops the towel touching the soap. Yu could substitute this for anything really.

14. Leave the soap somewhere warm for 24 hours to set.

15. Remove the soap from the mould and leave for 2-4 weeks to set. Over this time is will harden gradually. You can cut the soap after the 24 hour setting time, but it is still quite soft, so best to do it after it is fully hardened. The soaps should be placed on a wire rack to fully harden. We usually put them under the bed or the sofa, out of the way.

16. After the 2-4 weeks are over, all that is left is to enjoy the soaps! Yay. You get so many cute little bags and paper nowadays, that you can wrap them up and give them as gifts. Ebay offer some cheap organza bags and primark do cheap facecloths. This makes a great little christmas gift for family and friends.

DIY Homemade Soap | theLittleScottishCorner

Final Soap Cake

DIY Homemade Soap | theLittleScottishCorner

Soap Cupcake

Where to Buy the Ingredients

Most of the items mentioned above are kitchen staples or found in any hardware store.

Some of the more specialist ingredients can be bought from places such as the soap kitchen and I have listed a rough cost below. This will hopefully give you some idea of how affordable this actually is.

Soap Making thermometers – £4.75

Essential Oils – Vary in Price from £1.00 per 5ml to £16.40 per 5ml (buying larger bottles means larger savings, but you can always buy a few smaller bottles to see what they smell like) These are also cruelty free 🙂

We used 10ml of lime oil – £1.45 for a 10ml bottle  or £5.20 if you wish to have organic lime oil (100ml bottle of non organic is £7.20)

10ml of patchoulli oil – £3.75 for a 10ml bottle or if you wish to have organic it is £5.70 per 10ml (100ml bottle of non organic is £18.70)

284g of coconut oil – sold in bags of 500g minimum for £3.08 or £5.32 for organic, meaning our 284g costs approximately £1.70 (again bigger bags mean bigger savings)

170 g of palm oil – sold in bags of 500g for £2.45 or £2.65 for organic, meaning our 170g costs approximately £1

454g of olive oil – You can buy this from the soap website, but we picked this one up in Aldi for around £2, meaning our half bottle was around £1

Poppy seeds – Since we hardly used any, I will say these cost 50p, even though it aint that much. You get these in the supermarket for a few quid a bag. They are tasty on bread

The caustic soda cost £1.60 for the 500g tub, so our 125g would be 40p

Total cost of soap (approx) – £10

Wow! I didn’t realise it was so cheap! I mean from Lush you would probably get 3 bars for that price? This way you can get a whole cake! I am now going to look into getting myself some other bits and bobs to make my own scrubs and bombs too. I’ve made my own toners in  the past, and loved it. Really enjoying making my own stuff.

Are you tempted to make your own beauty products? Have you ever made anything yourself and thought this is so much more economical than shop bought?

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Lush Red Fun|Review – is it Really that Fun?

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Lush Red Fun

I’ve beentoying with reviewing this one for a while – on the one hand it is a lovely product and smelled divine and on the other would people appreciate a review of a product essentially meant for children? After two months of deliberating I have decided to show you Lush Fun. After all I was a big enough child to buy it, so maybe some of you will be too?

What Lush Say…

‘Ideal for children (of all ages), Red Fun can be whatever you want it to be. A 4-in-1 product, this gentle product can be used as a solid shampoo, bubble bar, soap, or even to play with. One of five colours in the range, this is perfect for brightening up your day. First, enjoy making models and shapes out of it, and then either break off a small piece and use as a soap or shampoo, or crumble under running water for bubble bath. It contains orange oil and mandarin oil to add sunshine to your mood.’ – Lush

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Lush Red Fun

What I Say…

I got this as part of a Christmas gift set and immediately the smell hit me. A gorgeous and powerful smell, packing a punch with tonnes of citrus. The packaging is a nice touch, it is a bio degradable plastic wrap. My biggest issue with this was that it contains sodium laureth sulfate which can be drying on the skin. I loved the vivid colour of this and think it would make a great bathtime treat for kids. I can imagine having something like this would make it a bit easier to get kids into the bath! It’s also great that Lush don’t test on animals and that this is Vegan.

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Chunk of Red Fun

How it Performed

I decided to give this a whirl all the suggested ways. As a bubble bath, this worked well but not as well as one of Lush’s bubble bars. I found it difficult to crumble this under the water as the texture is quite rubbery and as such I ended up with big chunks. These chunks then took a while to dissolve. The plus side was that I did get quite a lot of bubbles and the room ended up smelling like oranges. This does dye the water a pinkish colour, so if you are thinking of getting this for a boy I would maybe say go for green or blue instead (I know my brother wouldn’t have appreciated pink water as a kid!). The bubbles didn’t last very long and all disappeared within 5 or 10 minutes which was a little disappointing.

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Bubbles from the red fun

As a solid shampoo, this really didn’t work for me. The problem I had was that the heat/steam in the bathroom meant that the fun started to melt away and the texture went even more like rubber. This might work better on people with short hair, but it just seemed to leave my hair in a sticky, matted mess. Once I rinsed it out, my hair did feel clean, but not as clean and soft as with my normal shampoo. I wouldn’t recommend this for adult/long hair. I think it would be fun for kids to model something in the bath and then use it to wash their hair though.

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Stained hand

Soap was a bit of a mixed bag. It really did leave my skin feeling soft and clean, but on the other hand it left a red residue all over me. I had to spend a bit of time with my sponge working to get the red colour off, as even when I showered it stayed put. I guess this would be fun for kids as they could draw on the walls/themselves and it would wash away with a little scrubbing.  I don’t think I would personally use this as soap again due to the staining and slightly slimey texture.

Lush Red Fun Review|theLittleScottishCorner

My attempt at a sausage dog

Finally, the really fun bit! Modelling! I tried to make a sausage dog, but failed. My fun had become far too soft and melty to manage to roll/shape into anything. Maybe for best results this should be stored in the fridge or played with immediately? Again a lot of colour came from this and stained my hands, so I would be wary of light coloured linens.

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

Overall I definitely think this is more of a kids product, but I did really enjoy the smell. I was a little bit disappointed at how easily the Fun melted, but maybe I should have played with it immediately. I managed to use my whole mini fun in one bath, so it could get expensive if you were using this often. I’m not sure how much product you get in a full size, but it is available from Lush for £5.I think this would make a bathtime treat for kids or even big kids.

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Lush Bunny Bubble Bar – Review | theLittleScottishCorner

Lush Bubble Bunny

Lush Bubble Bunny

How cute is this little fella? I wasn’t sure whether to review this or not. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. I sat and thought to myself ‘you can’t not put this cutie on your blog!’ So here we are, the cute little easter bunny is on the blog. I have a thing for Lush and a thing for animal shaped products. It has been a while since I reviewed anything from Lush and that’s really just because I haven’t been blown away by the things I have been using recently. I’m getting more organised with blogging, get back into the swing of things and planning posts etc. Soo much easier, so I may well review my other Lush items yet!

What Lush Say about Bunny

‘Follow this white rabbit to the bathroom for sweetly scented, skin softening bubbles. With the comforting smell of Fair Trade vanilla absolute, and filled with blue cornflowers to float through the water and surround you in the bath.’ – Lush

Bubble Bunny

Bubble Bunny

Ingredients & Scent

Apparently the tail and the eyes are candy. I wouldn’t advise eating them though. This contains coconut oil, known for it’s skin smoothing properties (more on that later). This also contains the dreaded sodium laureth sulfate to help it bubble up. SLS is known for it’s skin drying out properties. Boo to having SLS Bunny!

At first this smelt a little bit like snow fairy to me. I was disappointed when I broke bunny in half and put him in the bath, only to discover that it did in fact smell of vanilla and not snow fairy. Maybe I should have read Lush’s description.

Look into my Eyes

Look into my Eyes

Candy Tail

Candy Tail


I used half of the bunny in my bath because I have a small tub. It was sufficient enough for the size of my bath. I loved the smell and look of Bunny, but was left feeling a little disappointed with the results. No bubbles, lots of flowers and dry skin. The water turned a lovely pale pink colour and the whole bathroom smelled gorgeous. But this little fella made no bubbles. I thought that was the point of  a bubble bar? Still I got in the tub only to be attacked by all the little blue cornflowers floating around my tub . After about 15 minutes these turned yellow/brown and looked as if someone had sprinkled dried grass in my bath. The water felt very soft and was nice to lie in, but after getting out the bath and drying myself off I felt more dry than normal. Maybe this little guy sucked all the moisture out of my skin. Who knows. He is darn cute though.

Bunny broken in half

Bunny broken in half

Bunny crumbled in the water

Bunny crumbled in the water

Floating flowers seconds after crumbling

Floating flowers seconds after crumbling

Price Point & Where to Buy

You can find the Bunny Bubble Bar in store and online from Lush for £3.25

Final Thoughts

I can’t help but be a bit disappointed by this. I expected oodles of bubbles. I don’t think I will buy this again, I have my eye on the Easter carrots so lets hope they fare better.

Have you tried Bunny or any of the other Easter offerings?



Lush The Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt – Review


How cute is this little guy? I’ve been meaning to review him for a while now and just went on the Lush website and noticed they have a sale and he is in it, so now is definitely the time! Lush offers amazing handmade products that are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly, which is great news. I picked this little guy up a while back and was saving him for a nice relaxing bath.

‘Our little snowman is about to shuffle off this mortal coil – but not before you get one last bath from him as he disappears for another year.

It is a short but glorious life that our Melting Snowman lives. He may not have long to go, but boy is he going to make a grand exit.

Exquisitely fragranced with Hot Toddy, a favourite blend from Christmas past containing cinnamon, clove, patchouli, benzoin, lime and sweet wild orange oils. But if it isn’t enough to smell of one of our most popular Christmas fragrance – he’s also got a body made of water softening bicarb of soda, cocoa butter and shea butter. All these wonderful butters melt into your bath water, leaving you soft and moisturised. His legacy is your great skin, which means he lives on in the memory of all who knew him.’ – Lush


Okay, I won’t lie all I could smell was a spicey snowman and I imagine that was the cinnamon. The smell was very warming and definitely what you want for a hot bath on a cold winters day. For some weird reason this contains icing sugar? But then again, the eyes are real chocolate drops, which to my surprise melted in the bathtub, see the later picture for the choccie drops. He also contains almond oil and shea butter to leave skin feeling gorgeous and soft. Several other oils such as lime, cinnamon and patchouli are also included and I imagine these are to give the gorgeous scent, rather than condition the skin. This does contain sodium laureth sulfate, which can be pretty drying on the skin but I guess the shea butter cancels this out?


I decapitated my snowman in order to get two baths from him, as my bath is very shallow.


My poor little snowman head fizzed away in the bathtub and dissolved into nothing. If you are looking for a spectacular fizz, this will not give you it. If you want coloured water, this does nothing but make it cloudy. What it does do is make the water very soft, which in turn made my skin soft. Not my favourite lush product of all time, but its a pretty decent price and its pretty cute too.


I promise you, these were the chocolate drops which were left floating in the tub after the snowman head dissolved.

Available from Lush for £1.12 in the sale (previously £2.25)

Have you tried this little cutey? Do you plan on picking anything up in the Lush sale?