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I thought I would do a mini review on one of my favourite budget brands – Anatomicals. I only discovered Anatomicals last year and it was by chance really. I was browsing the beauty aisle in Asda and I never normally shop at Asda, when I chanced across the ‘Farewell Scarlett Pimpernell’ (reviewed here) face mask and at £1 it seemed a bargain. I really enjoyed using the face mask and being a sucker for the packaging decided to do a quick Google search on the brand. Turns out everyone’s favourite fashion/beauty online store -ASOS stock Anatomicals. At the time, they had a couple of gift sets reduced to clear as it was in January, so I snapped them up. In one gift set I got an inflatable bath pillow (which doesn’t stick properly) and features a quirky story, a candle (a little disappointing), some bath salts (reviewed here) and the above face mask. The face mask isn’t really my cup of tea as it is self heating and I find these a little uncomfortable and always panic that they will burn  my skin. The second gift set contained some funky rubber gloves (now my bog cleaning gloves cos nobody wants toilet germs on their hands), a hand cream (which is almost finished and in my desk drawer along with around 4 other almost empty tubes) and the above hand polish. I bought the body scrub separately for the bargain price of £3.50!

I’m not going to review the individual products as such, this is more of a brand review because I’ve really fallen in love with Anatomicals. The packaging is amazing isn’t it? Everything comes in brightly coloured plastic containers, with sturdy lids/pumps. Nothing worse than a cheap pump. The product names are genius – Cheese Release Me Foot Cream, Help the Paw Paw Hand Cream and No More White Bits Fake Tan to name but a few. You can’t help but chuckle inside. The product instructions are equally as quirky, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it! All of the products I’ve had from Anatomicals have been highly scented and good quality. The body scrub left my bathroom smelling of Grapefruit for a good half hour after showering and the consistency was perfect. Often I can find budget brands to be runny or thick, but I think Anatomicals have got it spot on. The products are also paraben free which is a bonus!

ASOS currently have a sale on Anatomicals, so I’m eyeing up a few bits. They are so budget friendly and with the sale it would be rude not to! You can also purchase Anatomicals from Cloud 10 Beauty, but I’ve only ever used ASOS because that way I can combine my order to get other bits and bobs I really need want. I thought I would add a little wishlist into this post because it seems like an age since I’ve done one. To make things more interesting, I’ve set myself a budget of £20 (enough to treat myself, but not enough to bankrupt myself). Here’s what I would purchase:


1.We Never Forget a Face Memorably Good Moisturiser – £4.50 for 50ml (was £6)
2.Shower to the People Lime Shower Gel – £2 for 250ml (was £3)
3. Cheese Release Me Minty Foot Cream – £2 for 100ml (was £3)
4. Not Another Rough Day Please Neroli Body Lotion – £2.50 for 200ml (was £3.50)
5. Oi You Throbhead Headache Balm – £3 for 20g (was £4)
6. Anatomicals Face Mask Pack x3 – £2 (was £3)
7. Aint No Dope This Soap Watermelon and Cucumber Hand Soap – £2 for 300ml (was £3)
8. Help the Paw Vitamin Rich Hand Cream – £2 for 100ml (was £3)
TOTAL = £20

Yup. Fantastic. 8 products for £20. Even at full price all of this would only come to £28.50. Such fantastic value isn’t it? Now excuse me while I go and find my purse. It’s free delivery after all.

What do you think of Anatomicals? Would you be willing to try it?

Disclaimer – I was NOT sponsored by ASOS or Anatomicals to write this post – I just really like the brand. 


Manicure Monday #4 – Mix and Match Nails featuring OPI and Anna Sui

OPI and Anna Sui Polishes

Mix and Match Nails

It’s Monday! Yay! These nails are not the greatest and I did debate about not sharing them, but figured it was maybe a little more exciting than just plain pink? Excuse the bad photos, I didn’t manage to get an outdoors photo. These nails were really easy to achieve: I used striping tape to get straight lines and a dotting tool. Striping tape or any kind of tape is great for nail art, I especially like masking tape. What you need to ensure is that you let your base colour dry properly first (I didn’t do this and you can tell). The colours used are OPI Skull and Glossbones and Mermaids Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection and Anna Sui Minnie Mouse No 2. I fancied a bit of pastel and went for this combination because it is Mercedes AMG Petronas colours. Sad I know. The ring finger also has a top coat of the Anna Sui Minnie Mouse polish on it. I did try this on its own, but think it looks much nicer over the top of the greeny colour.

Anna Sui Minni Mouse

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse

How cute is the box? I’m a sucker for packaging! Wait for the piece de resistance… the bottle!


Anna Sui Minnie Mouse in the Bottle

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse in the Bottle

Cute no? The formula of this was good, not too thick and it gave the coverage shown over the green in 1 coat. Drying time was also good, my only complaint was the bottle shape made it difficult to hold. I doubt I will use this again, it is going to sit on my dressing table. I’ve had this mani on for 2 days and no tip wear or chipping yet, so it looks like wear time will also be good. The only issue I had in this mani was Mermaids Tears and its horrible streaky formula, which admittedly does even after 2 coats. I’m quite liking the randomness on my nails.

Mix and Match Nails

Mix and Match Nails

Head over to ASOS where the Minnie Mouse polish is reduced to £7.50 for 8ml (half the size of OPI).

Do you like this look or are you a one colour/one pattern kinda guy/gal? Would you buy the Minnie Mouse polish just for the bottle? Do you see a theme in my spending habbits?