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St Ives Apricot Scrub

It seems like every man, woman, cat and even goldfish were raving about the St Ives Apricot Scrub at one point. I gave in one day and tossed it in my basket to put to the test. I can’t say I’m a face scrub expert – far from it. I’ve tried Philosophy Micro Exfoliating Scrub, a sample of Dermalogica Face Scrub, Elemis Freshskin Exfoliator and pretty much every scrub made by Boots Skin Clear or Clean and Clear. I like the Philosophy scrub, but it is too darn expensive. My next choice would be Elemis Freshskin and at £12 a tube it still isn’t cheap, but smells of Apricots. And finally, for many years I just used Boots Skin Clear Daily Face scrub. Cheap. Cheerful. Clears my skin. Job done. Anyway, I figured the St Ives scrub might be similar, but with a delicious Apricot smell. How wrong was I? Very wrong indeed.

The texture of this scrub is very gritty and in my opinion a bit rough for the face. This is definitely not something you would use everyday – more of a 2 or 3 times a week kind of thing. I picked up the version for sensitive skin as sometimes products can be too harsh for me or break me out in spots. The scrub does smell really nice, which is a bonus for a face product as some of them can smell really nasty. Normally when I use a scrub, my pores on my nose don’t get too clogged – it’s only when I skip using it for a week or so due to being on holiday or running out that I notice thy have begun to clog. Since introducing this into my skincare routine on Mondays and Thursdays (and the occasional Saturday), I’ve noticed my nose has become really clogged up. Disgusting I know, but a valid observation. The other thing I’ve noticed since using this (been using it ~4 months now) is that my skin seems to be a lot drier than before. Now I haven’t changed my moisturiser or cleanser in this time, so I can only attribute it to this scrub (and possibly weather, but normally my moisturiser combats the horrid weather).

The scrub does claim to be non-drying, so maybe it just doesn’t agree with my skin type? It contains no oil, which is good if you are worried about looking like a chip pan, but bad if you have dry skin issues like me. The coarse grains are bits of walnut – so all natural and good and the scrub doesn’t contain parabens of phtalates. So it isn’t all bad. It also only retails for around £4 for 150ml, but is currently only £2.13 in Superdrug.

I know many bloggers do love this and Gemma over at Miss Makeup Magpie (one of my fave bloggers and her review is here) has been using this for a number of years and got on particularly well with a different version of this scrub. So I can kinda see why so many bloggers rave about this scrub, but sadly it just didn’t work for me.

Have you tried St Ives Scrub and did you find it dried you out too? What’s your go to scrub?


Benefit Hot2Trot – Part 1 Bella Bamba Box O Powder Review

Benefit Bella Bamba

Benefit Bella Bamba

I bought this a few months ago (see my haul here) from Debenhams as part of the Hot2Trot set and had planned on reviewing this and the Cha Cha tint in one post, but it became pretty long and picture heavy. I’ve been using this blush for the past two months and have been pretty impressed with it. I bought this as I was searching for the perfect blusher and my friend from uni recommended this Coralista and Fine One One. I am yet to try Coralista, but I think it might actually be better for everyday use than this one. The Hot2Trot set contains a mini Cha Cha Tint and is apparently exclusive to Debenhams. I’ve since seen ASOS claiming it is exclusive to them also. Who knows. I will add links at the end of the post.

Benefit Hot2Trot set containging a full size Bella Bamba and a mini 4ml Cha Cha Tint

Benefit Hot2Trot set containging a full size Bella Bamba and a mini 4ml Cha Cha Tint

What Benefit Say

‘Amplify cheekbones and create the illusion of sculpted features with this 3D watermelon blush. Laced with shimmering gold undertones, bella bamba takes eye-popping pretty to the third dimension…you’ll never use traditional blush again!’ – Benefit

Benefit Bella Bamba Inside with the handy brush

Benefit Bella Bamba Inside with the handy brush


I know some people really don’t like the packaging of the Benefit blushers, but I actually really like it. The box it made from a thick card coated in some pretty paper. I love the holographic goodness of the paper. The lid flips open to reveal a plastic insert protecting the blush from the small included brush and a small, but good quality mirror. This makes it good for travelling. The only downside is that being card it may not be as sturdy as a plastic case, but when I travel I always put mine in a make-up bag anyway.


As with most powder products, this contains Talc. Talc can be the enemy of a few acne sufferers, so if you happen to suffer from acne, as with any powder product be wary when applying this incase it causes you to break out. This also contains BHT, which is a preservative and has had some controversy surrounding it in recent years, although from what I can see mainly as a food additive. Apparently it also has some anti-viral effects, particularly against herpes, just so you know. Bit random, but hey. I was surprised to see that this contains several compounds which act as moisturiser, which is probably why this blush doesn’t dry out my skin. This also contains colouring (surprise surprise) and fragrance, which again if you have overly sensitive skin or acne it could cause a breakout. Other than that, this product doesn’t seem to really have any nasty ingredients.

Benefit Bella Bamba showing the brush

Benefit Bella Bamba showing the brush

Application and Wear Time

A handy little brush is included, which I know many bloggers loathe. I love this. It is soft and doesn’t hold too much product, allowing for the blush to be layered. I also find this brush is good to create sculpted cheekbones. Benefit recommend dotting on the hairline, but when I tried this it just looked like I had been playing in glitter. The blush is quite soft and it doesn’t feel very dry. As mentioned above, it contains some ingredients which act as a moisturiser and I think these must give the blush its smooth and silky texture. This easily wears on my skin for in excess of 8 hours and doesn’t dry me out or cling to my dry patches. I love the texture, it just applies so smoothly and the products doesn’t fall off my face.

Bella Bamba in the Pan

Bella Bamba in the Pan

Colour and Smell

This smells very sweet and perfumed, so if you hate scented products, you will hate this. The smell does not linger once applied. It is quite sweet, with a hint of fruit and I find it difficult to place, but I quite enjoy it. In terms of colour, this is a bright-dark pink with bags of shimmer and has been described as a watermelon pink, which I suppose is accurate. It has good colour pay off, however on dark skins I am not sure how well this would show up.


Unblended Heavy Swatch

Unblended Heavy Swatch

Blended Swatch Showing Shimmer

Blended Swatch Showing Shimmer

Pricing and Where to Buy

This comes in an 8g box and is available from Benefit, Boots and Benefit stockists for £23.50

The Hot2Trot set is now out of stock on ASOS but you can buy it for £23.50 from Benefit or Debenhams. If you want this blusher, buy the hot2trot as it is way better value since you get cha cha tint.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t the perfect blush for me as it is too shimmery, so I am reserving it for nights out. I like the staying power and unlike other shimmery blushes, it doesn’t accentuate my pores. I will definitely repurchase once this runs out (never likely to happen as the box is huge). I am still on the hunt for a blush that is matte or not too shimmery and will last 10 hours plus for work.

Have you tried this blusher or any others from Benefit? What is your go to blush and can you recommend me one for work?



Lush The Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt – Review


How cute is this little guy? I’ve been meaning to review him for a while now and just went on the Lush website and noticed they have a sale and he is in it, so now is definitely the time! Lush offers amazing handmade products that are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly, which is great news. I picked this little guy up a while back and was saving him for a nice relaxing bath.

‘Our little snowman is about to shuffle off this mortal coil – but not before you get one last bath from him as he disappears for another year.

It is a short but glorious life that our Melting Snowman lives. He may not have long to go, but boy is he going to make a grand exit.

Exquisitely fragranced with Hot Toddy, a favourite blend from Christmas past containing cinnamon, clove, patchouli, benzoin, lime and sweet wild orange oils. But if it isn’t enough to smell of one of our most popular Christmas fragrance – he’s also got a body made of water softening bicarb of soda, cocoa butter and shea butter. All these wonderful butters melt into your bath water, leaving you soft and moisturised. His legacy is your great skin, which means he lives on in the memory of all who knew him.’ – Lush


Okay, I won’t lie all I could smell was a spicey snowman and I imagine that was the cinnamon. The smell was very warming and definitely what you want for a hot bath on a cold winters day. For some weird reason this contains icing sugar? But then again, the eyes are real chocolate drops, which to my surprise melted in the bathtub, see the later picture for the choccie drops. He also contains almond oil and shea butter to leave skin feeling gorgeous and soft. Several other oils such as lime, cinnamon and patchouli are also included and I imagine these are to give the gorgeous scent, rather than condition the skin. This does contain sodium laureth sulfate, which can be pretty drying on the skin but I guess the shea butter cancels this out?


I decapitated my snowman in order to get two baths from him, as my bath is very shallow.


My poor little snowman head fizzed away in the bathtub and dissolved into nothing. If you are looking for a spectacular fizz, this will not give you it. If you want coloured water, this does nothing but make it cloudy. What it does do is make the water very soft, which in turn made my skin soft. Not my favourite lush product of all time, but its a pretty decent price and its pretty cute too.


I promise you, these were the chocolate drops which were left floating in the tub after the snowman head dissolved.

Available from Lush for £1.12 in the sale (previously £2.25)

Have you tried this little cutey? Do you plan on picking anything up in the Lush sale?

You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 14


Okay, so apologies for neglecting the blog, I am swamped with a backlog of posts and stuff to do before heading north for Christmas. Trying to catch up, so I am hoping to schedule a few posts in for next week today. Well that’s the plan, but feeling a little sleepy after work night out last night. I like that this product is an anti-ageing eyeliner, meaning you beauty have considered all age ranges with the calendar. I had never heard of Green People, so went on a little Google espionage and you will be pleased to know they are mostly natural and organic and don’t test on animals. Most of the products are vegan registered and all of the products vegetarian registered, which can give some a peace of mind. Basically the brand was set up, as one of the founders had eczema and severe skin allergies. After a quick browse through their website they offer a great range of skin care, hair and make up products. This eyeliner retails for £10.95, which for an eyeliner is somewhere between drug store and high end.


Now as this is an anti ageing eyeliner, I think I will pass this onto either my mum or aunt who are in their 40s/50s and both of whom wear eyeliner daily. For me eyeliner is a going on a night out only thing, and even then I don’t always wear it and since I literally just got a new one in my BBB Box  it would be a shame to waste this. The colour is a very dark grey, which I think can sometimes be more flattering than black as it is not as harsh. I imagine the addition of vitamin c, e, jojoba oil and shea will make this extremely moisturising and as such it wont snag. I am only speculating here and if either my aunt or mum decide they would like to try it, I will make sure to get some swatches. All in all I think this is a nice addition and I will be placing an order from Green People come payday as the products look lovely.

Even better I have a £5 off voucher and they offer free delivery 🙂

Have you heard of Green People? What’s your go to eyeliner?

You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 13


A lot of gorgeousness behind door 13. This fabulous four piece ultra calming set from dermalogica and another little sample with a voucher code to top it off. I haven’t had much dealing with dermalogica products, quite frankly I challenge you to find any university student who has. I’ve only tried the microdermabrasion exfoliator, which is nice but not worth the price tag and a little odd and one of the cleansers. Both of these were sample sizes and if I am honest didn’t do enough to persuade me to part with my cash. Regular readers will know I am partial to a good sample and like nothing better than buying kits of mini sizes to try things out. I find that mini products are much more affordable, as opposed to spending say £25 on a tube of moisturiser in one sitting, I can buy a whole kit with moisturiser, face wash and serum for £20. Anyway, I was really excited to get some more samples to try out, after all thats why I got the calendar (and lets face it most of the samples I have got previously have been luxury and way out of my price range).


So in the little packet, we have a cleanser, serum, mist and masque. The face masque is a welcome addition, as I use masques of some description on a weekly basis. The mist is lovely and light, but quite moisturising. I tried it out this morning and was pleasantly impressed. I am loving that in this one window, I get to try four products out. You never know, this range could completely change my mind on dermalogica. I haven’t tried any of the serum yet, I will hold off until after my Christmas party. I don’t want a break out.

I would be interested to know if any of you have tried dermalogica and if you think it is worth the price tag? For me, it offered little over my Elemis freshskin range. What is your go to skin care brand?