Makeup Revolution Fluid Blusher in Malibu Ocean | Review


I think I’ve found my blogging mojo again! Yay. I recieved this blusher from Makeup Revolution in the BBB Dream Box by the British Beauty Blogger a while ago and when I saw they were being discontinued, I had to share. These are supposed great dupes for the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush, which I have been lusting after for agess! These were originally priced at £3, however are reduced to £1.50 and come in 5 shades. Much more purse friendly – you could buy the entire range for less than 1 DS blusher.


Time to shake it up, shake it up!

The shade I have is more of a Bronzer than blusher and ideal for summer. It’s Malibu Ocean and even that name makes me think of summertime. I think come shorts weather I will be using this on my legs as I have a nasty scar on my left leg which I am concious about and as such tend to hide. The coverage of this is enough to sort of draw the attention away from the scar. The formula is really thin and does have the tendency to separate, requiring a good shake before use. The bottle is cute, but does feel a little cheap (not complaining, just observing!).

The dispenser

The dispenser

I find the best technique is to dispense a drop onto the back of my hand, allow it to spread slightly and quickly grab my brush. This stuff is very pigmented and does dry quite quickly, so I don’t find I have much time before a stain appears on my hand. In terms of blending, I’ve had no issues – if you do go a bit heavy handed it should be easy enough to blend out. The thing I didn’t really like about this is the siliconey feel of it, you know what I mean like slippery. It is really odd.

Straight out of the bottle

Straight out of the bottle

Starting to run - see the shimmer (yeah out of focus was intentional to get the shimmer)

Starting to run – see the shimmer (yeah out of focus was intentional to get the shimmer)

Partially Blended (no it isn't streaky fake tan)

Partially Blended (no it isn’t streaky fake tan)

Fully Blended

Fully Blended

I quite like this colour, it isn’t too shimmery but does add another dimension to my skin. Would I wear this product every day? Probably not because I don’t rate the siliconey feel of it and do worry that with prolonged use it could irritate my sensitive skin. It does claim that it doesn’t block pores, I can’t say it did or didn’t but I do shower and wash my face pretty often. For special occasions or weekend wear though, I love this. I had mixed results with wearability – one day it wore for 6 hours including a sweaty and hot 12 mile mountain bike and another day it seemed to disappear within 2-3 hours. I think it probably depends on what foundation and primer you wear, but I can’t pinpoint why such a big difference. It is marketed as water proof and budge proof, but I wouldn’t say that is necessarily true. I doubt I coulo go swimming in this and it would stay in tact, but who swims in makeup anyway? That’s just asking for Panda eyes!

Available from Makeup Revolution for £1.50

Who loves Makeup Rev? Have you tried this or are you tempted?


UK Box Swap with Cats for Life


It’s been a while since I blogged hasn’t it? So this post is a good way to ease me back into it. I know your probably sick of me saying I am busy at work, but it’s true! Topped with an untimely visit to A and E, a horrible cold and the landlord deciding to replaster the house we stay in, I’ve been pretty busy. I move department again in a few weeks time, so looks like the 12, 14 or even 16 hour days could be a thing of the past for me. I really love my current department and although this past 2 weeks have been insanely busy I will be really sad to leave. I’ve enjoyed getting stuck into different things. The replastering of our house came at the totally wrong time and there is just stuff everywhere. It’s horrible. It’s even a struggle to sit down at my computer and write this post.

Anyway, I arranged this box swap with the lovely Jordannah back in the new year and we had originally planned to do the swap in March/April time around Easter. We ended up delaying it as Jordannah was on holiday for a few weeks and before I knew it, it was June! I actually got my box a few weeks before Jordannah, even though I posted her box before she posted mine. Her boyfriend ended up forgetting to take the box with him, so poor Jordannah had to wait over 3 weeks to get it from him! I felt pretty bad for her, but eventually she got her box, so we agreed we would show you all what we got!

I was so excited when I opened the box by the sheer amount of things she had managed to cram into our budget. I felt like my box was a little lacking in comparison. I couldn’t wait to rip off the cute orange and red tissue paper and see what was in store. And boy I was not disappointed! Jordannah also included a really cute little cat postcard – we both love cats. I thought the yellow cards that were stuck onto each of the little bundles explaining why she included things was a great idea.



Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream

‘I had too many of these Vichy Serums lying around so thought you would love one!’

Thanks 🙂 Jordannah! I had seen Vichy on so many blogs as it seems a staple product in those monthly subscription boxes but had never tried anything myself. This little 3ml tube will be fabulous for taking on holiday as it won’t eat into my liquid allowance too much. I’ve put this away in my drawer of holiday sachets, so hopefully it wont be there too long before I get to use it!

Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque

‘And who can say no to a chocolate face mask?!’

I love Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks. I actually have a tube of the chocolate and orange face mask, which I love and I imagine this one will be pretty similar. Mmm chocolatey.

Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

‘And to a bit of simple. Everyone needs some in their life!’

I knew I would forget to photograph something in the bundle. Sorry. Simple is not a brand I am hugely familiar with – I’ve tried a couple of things and I know it is super affordable and gentle on the skin. This wash is soap free and unscented. I’m going to let my other half try this one out too as he has really sensitive skin. This didn’t dry out my skin, or leave it feeling tight.

Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion

‘Hehe, this is the item I had to break into the box, to put in! I love this moisturiser, it’s by far the best drugstore one I’ve found.’

I am so glad that Jordannah delayed sending the box to put this in! Love it so much. I think it is probably the highlight of the box for me. It smells delicious, kinda citrusy and it so light on the skin. After using this my skin feels amazing and soft and not at all greasy. Applying makeup after this is a dream. I am in love. Thank you so much!

Halo Eye Make-Up Remover Pads

‘I really love Halo as a brand and these make-up wipes are really good.’

I haven’t tried these out yet as I generally only use make-up wipes when I am feeling lazy. The packet is so compact that these would be good for a weekend away when you want to keep stuff to a minimum.

Hair and random stuff

Hair and random stuff

Hair and Miscellaneous

Beauty So Clean Wipes

‘I also put in some Beauty So Clean wipes to clean beauty items like lipgloss and lipstick.’

What a brilliant idea these wipes are and I will definitely make full use of these. More often than not I am cleaning up palettes and lipgloss, so this will be a much more hygienic than a tissue.

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

‘For hair I love Batiste. Its a life saver.’

This can is so cute and compact and would be perfect for a festival. I don’t use dry shampoo as a shampoo, I tend to use it more for backcombing. Once my current can is finished, I will be giving this a try.

Tresemme Hair Shot

‘I also got a little hair conditioner shot for a little pick me up.’

I could really do with this right now, my hair is an absolute mess! Thanks for including this Jordannah, you must have read my mind. Once the replastering is done in my house, I will be having a pamper session, so will whip this out then.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate

‘For lips I’ve put in my all time fav baby lips – I’m already on my second.’

I’m surprised Jordannah has managed to go through one of these already! I haven’t tried this Baby lips before, but I have the Mint one which I love the smell of, but don’t find too moisturising. Hopefully since this one is actually targeted to moisturise the lips that it will far better.

Makeup goodness

Makeup goodness


Collection Cream Puff in Cotton Candy

‘These collection Lip Puffs are great too! I chose a pretty standard colour just in case!’

They are actually amazing. The colour is perfect for me and compliments my skin really well. I love the idea of these, they dry to a matte finish but apply like a gloss. I managed to get around 2-3 hours wear from this and it did transfer a little when eating and drinking. One thing I noticed was that it required good lip preparation before so that my lips didn’t look flakey and liney.

Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Peach Melba

Ah good old natural collection. I used to love natural collection when I was in school as everything was so affordable. I was pleasantly surprised by how pigmented this blusher is and how smoothly it applies. This colour is really natural looking, so perfect for those no makeup days.

Collection Bronze Glow in Terracota

‘ I got you my all time favourite blush and bronzer so you can try out some contouring.’ 

I am a bad beauty blogger. I don’t contour. I wear blusher and sometimes bronzer and I guess you could say I sculpt my cheeks a little, but I never contour the jawline, hairline or nose. Lets give it a bash with this matte bronzer shall we?

Seventeen Phwoar Paint

‘I bought you my fav concealer of the moment, it says its for under eyes but works great on blemishes too.’

I’ve seen this on a few blogs and have been intrigued. I am the queen of dark circles, so really need something heavy. I haven’t actually tried this under eyes yet as I am worried it will crease, so need to wait for a day when I am not leaving the house but it is fabby on spots. So creamy and the colour is an okay match for my skin.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Black

‘I really love the collection liquid eyeliner – it’s so easy to do a cat eye with.’

When I saw this I turned away and groaned. I am so useless at liquid eyeliner as my hands are so shaky, so I thought I would just make a mess. I wasn’t wrong. So much mess. Anyway, Brittany from the Beauty deputy had a cool technique to use tape to mark off your area for a flick. I’m gonna get some masking tape and try this out. In terms of formula, I don’t really have any other eyeliners of the liquid variety to compare to, but it seems quite wet, drying to a semi matte finish. I will report back if I successfully manage a flick.

Alima Eyeshadow

‘I also put in a little loose eyeshadow I had but never used. I know you love eyeshadow more than me!’

Awh this was very sweet to get this included. The colour of this is hard to describe, a kinda grey-brown shimmer. I’m going to review this soon as I had never heard of the brand.

Notebook, pens and brush roll

Notebook, pens and brush roll

Food and Non-Beauty Stuff

Brush Roll, Notebook and Gel Pens

Cute notebook

Cute notebook

Couldn't resist a close up of the pens

Couldn’t resist a close up of the pens

Brush roll

Brush roll

Ah how cute is the brush roll?And she hand made it! I was scared to use it incase it gets dirty, but its washing machine safe! Once my house is back in order, this will take pride of place on my dresser. The notebook with the stitched on dolls was a cute addition too. And the swirly gel pens took me back to my childhood.

Food :)

Food 🙂

Haribo, Mikado, Eton Mess Chocolate and Necklace

I already ate most of the strawberry haribo as I opened them at work and shared them with people. The mikado were amazing –  never tried them before. I’m ashamed to say that me and the BF ate the whole box in one sitting. #Piggies

Has anyone else ever down a box swap? Big thanks to Jordannah for agreeing to do this swap with me:)

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International Box Swap with the Beauty Deputy | Part 2

Box Swap 1

So if you read yesterdays post on my international box swap with the beauty deputy, you are probably pretty excited right now? I know I certainly am! I had to split this in two as there was just so much in the box to show you all. I’m excited to be trying everything out over the coming months. I won’t be giving too much away in this post – saving that for the review!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I guess the images above give you a bit of an idea of what was in the box? And I am going to give a run-down of everything and my initial impressions, with reviews following at a later date. I had intended to try everything before doing this post, but there wasn’t enough days/I don’t have enough faces! I love the whole box, all the brands are new to me. So lets get started.

Look at all the pretty samples

Look at all the pretty samples

First up, Brittany really surprised me and made me really excited because she included an Ipsy bag! Yup, I got an actual Ipsy bag and she had packed it full of samples for me. I was really happy to receive some generous samples of BH eyeshadows and some sigma shadow samples too. Thanks Brittany! I also got some Stila foundation and BB cream, which will be perfect for travel. I can mix the darker shades with moisturiser to lighten them up and mix the lighter ones with bronzer. Win win. I think the icing on the cake in this bag of swag was the Too Faced Chocolate bronzer. I knew that I was getting this one as she had mentioned it before, but I didn’t realise just how GENEROUS the sample was. Its pretty large and will last a while. Happy happy. The next time I go on holiday I will probably take many of these samples, so will review them then, but look out for the mascara, bronzer and eyeshadow reviews coming soon. I haven’t tried the mascara yet, but the bronzer is amazing and the eyeshadow really pigmented.

Brittany really pulled it out the bag with this box swap. It is almost like she read my mind or something! How amazing are all of these goodies? The colours she choose are spot on too.

Pacifica, Bath and Bodyworks, Zumbar and Fortune Cookie

Pacifica, Bath and Bodyworks, Zumbar and Fortune Cookie

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter

I love oranges and the whole box smelled of oranges as the corner of the tube had come undone in transit. I’ve since glued it back down and used this on my legs yesterday and my hands on Monday. It’s very thick and smells delicious. Big thumbs up.

Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted

This is really girly isn’t it? Smells girly anyway. Brittany mentioned she couldn’t do a box swap without including something from Bath and Body works and I am glad she did. I find it funny after being used to the metric system where everything comes in 10ml, 50ml, 100ml etc that this is a random volume. Its in fluid ounces, but it made me look twice!

Zumbar in Almond

Brittany mentioned that this contains goats milk, which is good for your skin because of it’s ph. You learn something new huh? This smells nice, I think I will put it in my shower as my soap is almost finished. I think this will be great for me as it is very moisturising.

Fortune Cookie Soap

In her note, Brittany mentioned that this is mint choc chip ice cream and it definitely reminds me of that. I was so jealous of all the US folk getting these boxes every few months and now I can experience a bit of it too! This is going in my bathroom once the soap is finished in there (should be the end of the week), so I will be able to read my fortune then. Pretty cute that it is shaped like a fortune cookie – no?

Is it leopard print? Or cheetah? What would you call that?

Is it leopard print? Or cheetah? What would you call that?

Maurices Head Band

I had only heard of Maurices from Brittany’s Instagram and blog, so it was a total shock to recieve something in the box. I never thought about putting something from a clothes/accessory shop in. As long as I can remember I don’t think I have owned a hair band like this! I know, I know. I think this will be great for keeping my hair out of my face in the summer, especially when it is hot. Thank you Brittany 🙂

Maybelline, NYX, Physicians Formula, NYX again and Flower.

Maybelline, NYX, Physicians Formula, NYX again and Flower.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Shimmering Sea

Wow, this is the strangest colour I have ever seen. It’s so mesmerising. We get some shades in the UK, but not this one. I love this so much, so thank you for including this. These are really long lasting and work well as a base. Brittany suggested trying it under a nude colour and it does look pretty special. I will definitely review this at a later date , along with my Taupe one (can’t believe I never reviewed that yet).

NYX Love in Paris Palette in Mon Cherie

This bag just got better and better! An NYX palette! Of course the box swap wouldn’t be a box swap if Brittany hadn’t included a palette, she is the queen of palettes after all. She’s managed to convince me to buy the Urban Decay Vice 2 and I’m swithering over the Too Faced Chocolate bar now. Anyway, I’m going off track. I thought this palette was pretty fitting as I’ve just been to Paris! The colours are very versatile and from sticking my finger in there, these feel smooth. Brittany said she had a hard time picking this for me, but good choice! I think this would be a great palette for a day to evening look. Neutral in the day and jazz it up with the green and blue sparkle in the evening.

Physicians Formula Glow and Mood Boosting Blush

When I saw this, I was squealing like a baby pig. Literally. I mean look at it. Even if this turns out to be the worst blusher in history (which it wont, going by the reviews I had seen previously), how can you not just sit and admire those cute hearts? Brittany asked if there was any brands I would like to try and this one was in the list as I had seen SO many reviews on it. Apparently this has natural plant extracts that mimic endorphines and pick up your mood. Brittany just bought it for the packaging. I can’t bring myself to use this quite yet, give me two weeks and I will be ready. In the mean time lets just appreciate how beautiful it is shall we?

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Great minds think alike. I ended up getting Brittany a similar pencil in a vanilla colour from collection thinking it would make a great base. She got me this for that reason too. Apparently the white makes eyeshadows pop, so this will be great for those more adventurous shades in my collection. I like that this glides on really smoothly and doesn’t tug. I am going to try this in the corners of my eyes, but not sure my application is precise enough!

Flower Zoom In Mascara

The first thing I thought when I saw this was ‘how does the brush work?’. Being an engineer, I had to immediately open the mascara and twist the brush several times to see how it worked. It’s a very simple concept and I am surprised other brands haven’t copied this. The packaging feels very high end for a drugstore brand and the formula is pretty decent. My main issue is not really knowing how to apply this. Are you meant to use each stage of the three stage brush to lengthen, curl and add volume at once? Or is it a case of use whichever setting you fancy that day? Help! Brittany seems to have a similar lash problem to me – no curl, so I have high hopes for this mascara once I work out the best way to apply.

The Jamberry nail wraps

The Jamberry nail wraps

Jamberry Nail Wraps

I knew Brittany was sending me these as she had mentioned it before. I was really lucky to be sent 3 designs! Apparently one nail was missing from a sheet and Jamberry sent her a new sheet, so I scored. I can’t wait to try these out. I need to grow my nails first as I had a few breakages and chewed them a little from stress. My bad. The designs I got are all very varied – Midnight Celebration, Cup of Tea and Flutterfly. Cup of Tea are perfect for summer. Brittany was even kind enough to include instructions for me. How thoughtful.

Okay, so the next bag I was really excited about – it was all about lips! The first thing I noticed was this Gorgeous Lip Smoochie from Covergirl.

NYX, Pacifica, Covergirl, Flower, Miranda's

NYX, Pacifica, Covergirl, Flower, Miranda’s

CoverGirl Lip Smoochie in C U L8R

This was another brand I was keen to try, but Brittany had never tried so I was curious as to what she would buy me. I know Covergirl and Revlon have some sort of link and the packaging is very similar, but I knew I wanted to try something from Covergirl. I’ve seen these on some of the American and Canadian blogs I read, so can’t believe I finally got one. Mega thank you Brittany! And the colour is perfect.

Pacifica Orange Lip Tint in Blood Orange

I know that Brittany loves these, so I was so excited to try this one out. I was surprised by how big these are and I love the fact that it is orange. I love oranges. I’m not revealing the colour yet, I’m saving that for the review post :p

Flower Lipgloss in Shine On

How cool is it that Drew Barrymore has her own makeup line? I loved Drew in Charlies Angels. This is the only product I haven’t yet had a chance to try out, but I know I will love it. The colour is so wearable and very me. I am also impressed with how luxurious and sleek the packaging looks.

NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel

Aaaaah I actually squealed a little when I opened this! How Perfect is that colour? This baby barely left my lips all weekend. It applies like a dream and it is just truly awesome in formulation. It doesn’t drag, nor does it feel sticky. I think I may have just found a new favourite lipgloss.

Miranda’s Tangerine Lip Balm in Lime

Brittany included a super sweet story with this about how it is a friend of hers that makes these that she met when she was really young and moved schools. I liked the sweet and personal touch, very thoughtful. This smells really fresh and I’ve only tried it once, but feels very nice on the lips.

Oooh pretty. Wet n Wild and EOS

Oooh pretty. Wet n Wild and EOS

EOS Lip Balm in Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet

Mirya, Brittany’s naughty puppy likes to chew these. I can see why. Strange as they look, they are like little eggs of heaven. The smell awesome and are so moisturising on the lips. I’ve got the passionfruit one at my desk with me right now. The egg shape reminds me of kinder egg insides. I had a wrestle to get this out the packet, but it was worth it. I think I need to buy more of these. Oh and Mirya, stop chewing up your mummies lip balms!

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Coloricon Eyeshadow

Woop woop. Another palette. This time, wet n wild. I really wanted to try wet and wild, so was very happy to see this. Most of my eyeshadow is brown, neutral or purple toned, so I was ecstatic to see some green. I like that each of the shadows are marked define, crease etc. Yes Brittany, I like the green and blue too. These are really soft and fairly pigmented. I need to experiment more with looks.

Wet N Wild Blusher

Brittany said this was really pigmented for the price, she wasn’t joking. The little brush is dead handy and I liked the detail in the blusher itself. This wore really well on me, I like it a lot. Maybe even more than Sleek. Oh no you didn’t. Oh yes I did.

I hope you enjoyed this overview post and gradually over the next few months I will be reviewing everything. I like to test things for a few weeks before reviewing, but will get reviews up soon. I would love to know if anyone else has ever done a box swap?

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Thrifty Thursday # 3|Sleek MakeUp Coral Blusher|Swatches and Review


Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Showing the size of the Sleek blush next to other products

Its been a while since I’ve written a Thrifty Thursday Post and coincidentally the first one was also a blusher. I like this blusher better. I like it so much that I have made a massive dent in it already. For me this blusher is almost a bronzer. It’s not really what I would think of as being coral, that’s for sure. I’ve had so many comments from people when wearing this on how ‘glowy’, ‘healthy’, ‘tanned’ and even ‘beauutiful’ I look. It has quickly become a staple in my daily makeup and I don’t remember the last time I used a blush that wasn’t this one on a work day. My silly drop box deleted some photos and my packaging is now quite badly scratched, so I’ve decided not to show it. Apologies for the photo of the used blush, silly dropbox!

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

The big mirror inside

I was initially sceptical about Sleek MakeUp, as we got off to a bad start. Fast forward 3 months and I’ve accumulated 4 out of 11 of their shades and 2 of the blush by 3 palettes. I really love these blushers that much and at a fiver a piece, you can’t go wrong. The packaging is simple matte black plastic – very sturdy and it definitely won’t open in your hand bag. One of the reasons we got off to a bad start is that I broke a nail trying to open this little blighter. I mean not cool. Anyway, it’s not just the coral shade the other 3 I have are stupidly hard to open but the blush by 3 palettes are find. I’ve found a system now, I just don’t close the lid fully. If I need to take the blush anywhere for on the go use, I wedge my house key into the packaging to open it. Quite effective really. I like that these include a good sized mirror in the lid and that it’s an actual mirror not just a  plastic piece of rubbish like you would find in a fun house. These are also insanely compact for the 8g of product you get in them. For reference it is about a third of the size of my mobile phone which is a Sony Xperia U and is similar in size to an HTC One or Iphone 4.

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Unused blusher, not a great colour representation

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Sleek Coral Blush in the pan

Pigmentation of this little beaut is fantastic. The first while I had this, I couldn’t quite get the amount I needed on my brush right and was a little bit orange. It’s cool though – nobody noticed! This is definitely more brown in colour than orange, but I really love the healthy glow it gives me. The texture of the blush is quite hard in the pan and when you first get it I would recommend sticking your finger in there and rubbing it around a little to break the surface. There is some micro shimmer in the blush, but when it is on the face it is barely noticeable.I really love how blendable these are and how pigmented it is. I also really love the price. Wear time is really good, this starts to fade on my skin after around 7 hours, but even after a full 14 hours at work there is still a trace of this on my face. Fantastic.

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Unblended Swatch

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Blended Swatch

Sleek is currently part of the massive 3 for 2 offer at Boots or you can buy the blush individually for £4.49 from Boots and Superdrug.

Which Sleek blush should I buy next and is there any you would like me to review? I have Pixie Pink, Pomegranate and Antique. I’ve never tried anything else from Sleek, but any ideas on what I should buy next?

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Bargain Alert|Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case|Swatches and Review (Picture Heavy)

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review|theLittleScottishCorner

The Urban Decay Anarchy Palette

Every now and again, my other half will surprise me by doing something really thoughtful and sweet. It makes up for all the times he just thinks of himself, I don’t think he realises he does it sometimes. You may remember I posted about the Urban Decay Shattered Face Case a few months ago and how much I loved it. I really wanted to rush out and buy the Anarchy Face Case too, but refrained. I went for 5 years with just one handbag palette, so I couldn’t really justify buying this one. Fast forward a few months and I have the Anarchy Face Case, Shattereds edgier sister. I have now also convinced myself that I need all the Naked palettes and probably the electric palette too. I can’t see myself ever buying the electric palette as my raver days are long behind me (I still have a little rave to myself every now and again, especially if I am in the house alone). Anyway a few weeks ago I went shopping in Leicester with my other half and he took a blooming age in House of Fraser and I mean an age. Probably over an hour. I was patient and waited while he tried on a million t-shirts and pairs of shoes. Passing through Debenhams, I really wanted to look at the beauty section but normally he moans so I didn’t. In some twist of fate, we ended up leaving with a Mac Lipstick and this palette. I’m not sure what got over him…

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review|theLittleScottishCorner

The Urban Decay Anarchy Palette

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

The gorgeous logo on the palette

What Urban Decay Say…

‘Anarchy Face Case the all-in-one palettes for the most discriminating beauty junkies. The LIMITED-edition Face Case includes colors for your eyes, lips and cheeks, giving you all the essentials for a range of looks. Perfect for quick getaways, rushed mornings and last-minute invites to stay the night, this travel-size palette fit stealthily into your bag – making it easy to create a hot look no matter where you are. The double-layer compact keeps everything organized and prevents the shadows from mixing with the blushes and highlighter. Lift the lid to reveal the first tier, which houses the shadows, the lip color, the eye pencil and a big mirror. Delve into the lower tier and you’ll find the blushes and highlighter, along with another mirror.’ – Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Showing the 2 Layers of the palette

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

The loose middle shadow


When does Urban Decay ever get their packaging wrong? Although this isn’t quite as impressive as the Shattered, it is still pretty with the logo detailing on the front. I’m not sure if it is just me, but the plastic case doesn’t feel as sturdy as the Shattered and is slightly easier to open. It comes in a double layer layout, with two massive mirrors making it extremely great fro on the go application. I feel like this palette is definitely one for parties – the Shattered one does have shades that could be a day to night transition but this one is very sexy. The case is a bit more sophisticated than the Shattered, so I guess UD have anticipated that people will be carrying this around while all glammed up. Nice one UD, very well thought out. It is also really compact for the amount of stuff UD have packed in there: five eyeshadows, 2 powder blushers (which aren’t sold individually), a highlighter, mini eyeliner and full size lip crayon. Big thumbs up.

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

The top layer of the palette


Crammed into this little case are 5 shadows, most of which are packed with glitter and a travel 24/7 eyeliner pencil. One gripe I have with these palettes is that the middle shade of shadow is loose in both this one and the Shattered Face Case. I figured it was just my Shattered Face Case and my bad luck before, but now I am starting to think that they just aren’t gluing the middle shades down properly. It’s not a big deal as it can be pushed back into place, but still annoying. Inside you get 5 powder eyeshadows:

Redemption: A deep gunmetal satin. This is a true dark grey and the texture is very smooth and silky. Pigmentation and wear time was excellent and I experienced minimal fallout with this one. This does have tiny particles of shimmer in it, but it is quite subtle.

Fray: A warm mauve matte. I wouldn’t necessarily refer to this as mauve, it’s more of an off pale pink if you know what I mean. This one takes a few layers to build up any sort of colour and I imagine on very dark skins this could look a bit ashy. The texture is really buttery and it applied like a dream. Makes a great all over shade.

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Redemption and Fray

Vaporize: Deep metallic grey-taupe shimmer. This leans a lot more brown than grey, but had really cool undertones in it and quite  a bit of glitter. This one was awful for product fallout and application was not as smooth as the first two. Pigmentation was very good and wear time with a primer was still 8 hours.

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner


Provacateur: Light metallic mauve with multi-dimensional metallic glitter. This one is jammed full of glitter and as it is pink kinda reminded me of something Barbie might wear? It’s quite a pale pink in itself, with the glitter being much darker. Pigmentation was great, but fall out was ridiculous. The glitter just goes everywhere and wear time suffers as a result. I think this one might benefit from a wet brush and I can’t see myself using this often except maybe for a party.

Revolt: Bright metallic silver shimmer with silver micro-glitter. This is a true silver colour, much like the colour of 10, 20 and 50p coins in the UK. Even in the pan it looked like a total glitter bomb and it did make a bit of mess, with some fall out, but nothing like it’s pink sister. Pigmentation of this one was a bit poor – I needed 3 or 4 swipes to get the pigmentation shown in the swatches. It is buildable, but I think I would use this over the top of a more muted shadow to add a little bling.

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Provocateur and Revolt

In comparison to its sister palette, the eyeshadows in the Anarchy Face Case are a little disappointing. I can see me getting a lot of use from Redemption and Fray, but the other 3 just had too much fallout to make a regular appearance on my face. Let’s hope the rest of the palette doesn’t disappoint!

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

The pencils in the palette


Perversion: Blacker than black matte 24/7 glide on eye-pencil. Wow. This certainly packs a punch. It is so incredibly black. The pencil in itself glides onto the lid without dragging or pulling and can easily be smudged out for a softer look. Wear time on this is incredible – 12 hours plus. The swatch on my arm has been there for a few hours and didn’t budge with soap and water so it looks like a cleanser job for that. The pencil is really really soft and easy to work with. I really like it and would probably buy this in full size when this runs out (it’s a mini and is 0.8g).

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Perversion eyeliner

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Perversion Eyeliner

Scandal: Bright metallic raspberry shimmer. This is definitely raspberry coloured and contains a little shimmer but nothing too noticeable. The pencil is really hydrating and can be built up for full coverage . I like to apply lip balm first, then this pencil and blot it off for a subtle hint of colour. I then top it with a gloss as I love a glossy lip. Wear time on this alone is good – around 4 hours and it partially survives eating and drinking. This shade is exclusive to this palette, but normally these pencils retail at £14 so if you like it, it’s worth buying the palette. Note that if you wear this alone it does stain the lips slightly – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if your out and about.

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Scandal lip crayon

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Scandal lip crayon

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

The bottom layer in the palette


Fetish: A mauve-pink. This blush is a bit meh for me. It’s a peachy-plum colour with shimmer in it and the formula was quite dry and difficult to work with. I tried blending this out with little joy so be wary if your applying it to use a light hand. Wear time is not great, but not bad either. I got this to last for around 6 hours on my skin with a primer, but I really didn’t like it so have only worn it 3 times.

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Fetish Blush

Quickie: A bright pink. This colour looks gorgeous in the pan, it is so vivid and I was initially a little apprehensive that I would end up with clown cheeks. This blush has cool undertones and is completely matte and the pigmentation was amazing. This blusher is really, really soft but blends easily and wore for a good 8/9 hours. I’m really impressed with this one.

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Quickie blush

Craze: A pale gold shimmer. Me and highlighters don’t get on so I didn’t expect to like this one but I did. I love it! It is a yellow toned beige, with the shimmer we have come to expect in most highlighters. As with any shimmer, it emphasises pores if you use too much. It is very soft in texture and blends well. Where this really stood out for me was used on the cupids bow and brow-bone. Wear time was in excess of 8 hours for this, which I thought was impressive.

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Craze highlighter


The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

From L-R: Redemption, Fray, Vaporize, Provacateur, Revolt

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Out of focus to show shimmer. From L-R: Redemption, Fray, Vaporize, Provacateur, Revolt

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Review and Swatches|theLittleScottishCorner

Left: Perversion 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil
Right: Scandal Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

From L-R: Craze, Quickie and Fetish

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Showing the shimmer better. From L-R: Craze, Quickie and Fetish

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

I definitely don’t like this as much as the Shattered Face Case, but I do like more than half of the palette so I guess it’s not too bad. For me the stand out products are the lip crayon, eye liner and the bright pink blusher. The eyeshadows are pretty disappointing by UD standards, but I think they will get some use come the party season.

This is currently on sale at Debenhams for £21 and they are offering free delivery on orders over £30. The shattered Face Case is also reduced to £21 and I would say buy it over this one, unless you love glittery eyes or really like the lip crayon (it is gorgeous).

What do you think of this palette? Are you tempted to buy it? Would anyone like to see side by side swatches of this and the Shattered?

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