Makeup Revolution Fluid Blusher in Malibu Ocean | Review


I think I’ve found my blogging mojo again! Yay. I recieved this blusher from Makeup Revolution in the BBB Dream Box by the British Beauty Blogger a while ago and when I saw they were being discontinued, I had to share. These are supposed great dupes for the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush, which I have been lusting after for agess! These were originally priced at £3, however are reduced to £1.50 and come in 5 shades. Much more purse friendly – you could buy the entire range for less than 1 DS blusher.


Time to shake it up, shake it up!

The shade I have is more of a Bronzer than blusher and ideal for summer. It’s Malibu Ocean and even that name makes me think of summertime. I think come shorts weather I will be using this on my legs as I have a nasty scar on my left leg which I am concious about and as such tend to hide. The coverage of this is enough to sort of draw the attention away from the scar. The formula is really thin and does have the tendency to separate, requiring a good shake before use. The bottle is cute, but does feel a little cheap (not complaining, just observing!).

The dispenser

The dispenser

I find the best technique is to dispense a drop onto the back of my hand, allow it to spread slightly and quickly grab my brush. This stuff is very pigmented and does dry quite quickly, so I don’t find I have much time before a stain appears on my hand. In terms of blending, I’ve had no issues – if you do go a bit heavy handed it should be easy enough to blend out. The thing I didn’t really like about this is the siliconey feel of it, you know what I mean like slippery. It is really odd.

Straight out of the bottle

Straight out of the bottle

Starting to run - see the shimmer (yeah out of focus was intentional to get the shimmer)

Starting to run – see the shimmer (yeah out of focus was intentional to get the shimmer)

Partially Blended (no it isn't streaky fake tan)

Partially Blended (no it isn’t streaky fake tan)

Fully Blended

Fully Blended

I quite like this colour, it isn’t too shimmery but does add another dimension to my skin. Would I wear this product every day? Probably not because I don’t rate the siliconey feel of it and do worry that with prolonged use it could irritate my sensitive skin. It does claim that it doesn’t block pores, I can’t say it did or didn’t but I do shower and wash my face pretty often. For special occasions or weekend wear though, I love this. I had mixed results with wearability – one day it wore for 6 hours including a sweaty and hot 12 mile mountain bike and another day it seemed to disappear within 2-3 hours. I think it probably depends on what foundation and primer you wear, but I can’t pinpoint why such a big difference. It is marketed as water proof and budge proof, but I wouldn’t say that is necessarily true. I doubt I coulo go swimming in this and it would stay in tact, but who swims in makeup anyway? That’s just asking for Panda eyes!

Available from Makeup Revolution for £1.50

Who loves Makeup Rev? Have you tried this or are you tempted?


Budget Brand Lovin – Anatomicals | thelittlescottishcorner


I thought I would do a mini review on one of my favourite budget brands – Anatomicals. I only discovered Anatomicals last year and it was by chance really. I was browsing the beauty aisle in Asda and I never normally shop at Asda, when I chanced across the ‘Farewell Scarlett Pimpernell’ (reviewed here) face mask and at £1 it seemed a bargain. I really enjoyed using the face mask and being a sucker for the packaging decided to do a quick Google search on the brand. Turns out everyone’s favourite fashion/beauty online store -ASOS stock Anatomicals. At the time, they had a couple of gift sets reduced to clear as it was in January, so I snapped them up. In one gift set I got an inflatable bath pillow (which doesn’t stick properly) and features a quirky story, a candle (a little disappointing), some bath salts (reviewed here) and the above face mask. The face mask isn’t really my cup of tea as it is self heating and I find these a little uncomfortable and always panic that they will burn  my skin. The second gift set contained some funky rubber gloves (now my bog cleaning gloves cos nobody wants toilet germs on their hands), a hand cream (which is almost finished and in my desk drawer along with around 4 other almost empty tubes) and the above hand polish. I bought the body scrub separately for the bargain price of £3.50!

I’m not going to review the individual products as such, this is more of a brand review because I’ve really fallen in love with Anatomicals. The packaging is amazing isn’t it? Everything comes in brightly coloured plastic containers, with sturdy lids/pumps. Nothing worse than a cheap pump. The product names are genius – Cheese Release Me Foot Cream, Help the Paw Paw Hand Cream and No More White Bits Fake Tan to name but a few. You can’t help but chuckle inside. The product instructions are equally as quirky, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it! All of the products I’ve had from Anatomicals have been highly scented and good quality. The body scrub left my bathroom smelling of Grapefruit for a good half hour after showering and the consistency was perfect. Often I can find budget brands to be runny or thick, but I think Anatomicals have got it spot on. The products are also paraben free which is a bonus!

ASOS currently have a sale on Anatomicals, so I’m eyeing up a few bits. They are so budget friendly and with the sale it would be rude not to! You can also purchase Anatomicals from Cloud 10 Beauty, but I’ve only ever used ASOS because that way I can combine my order to get other bits and bobs I really need want. I thought I would add a little wishlist into this post because it seems like an age since I’ve done one. To make things more interesting, I’ve set myself a budget of £20 (enough to treat myself, but not enough to bankrupt myself). Here’s what I would purchase:


1.We Never Forget a Face Memorably Good Moisturiser – £4.50 for 50ml (was £6)
2.Shower to the People Lime Shower Gel – £2 for 250ml (was £3)
3. Cheese Release Me Minty Foot Cream – £2 for 100ml (was £3)
4. Not Another Rough Day Please Neroli Body Lotion – £2.50 for 200ml (was £3.50)
5. Oi You Throbhead Headache Balm – £3 for 20g (was £4)
6. Anatomicals Face Mask Pack x3 – £2 (was £3)
7. Aint No Dope This Soap Watermelon and Cucumber Hand Soap – £2 for 300ml (was £3)
8. Help the Paw Vitamin Rich Hand Cream – £2 for 100ml (was £3)
TOTAL = £20

Yup. Fantastic. 8 products for £20. Even at full price all of this would only come to £28.50. Such fantastic value isn’t it? Now excuse me while I go and find my purse. It’s free delivery after all.

What do you think of Anatomicals? Would you be willing to try it?

Disclaimer – I was NOT sponsored by ASOS or Anatomicals to write this post – I just really like the brand. 

What I’ve Bought #6 – A Massive Haul

Mac Urban Decay Laura Mercier | theLittleScottishCorner

Mac Lipstick, Urban Decay Anarchy and Laura Mercier Primer

This is so shameful I am going to have to split it in two. Please note that this is everything I’ve bought since Jan/Feb time, so it’s not really that bad? I’ve been missing for a few days after posting every day the past few weeks and that’s mainly because I wasn’t feeling too hot and was working this weekend. It was another Mercedes 1-2 though, so can’t complain 🙂 although I was man-marking my favourite driver on the grid – Jenson Button along with his team mate Kevin and the two Williams drivers. I haven’t actually watched the race yet, so don’t really have a clue what went on, but it is on my to do list! So much to do before I go on holiday on Thursday. Aaah. So this week I will probably only be posting every other day or so. Anyway, on with the haul (or part of it anyway).

First up are a few items I have already reviewed. I got this gorgeous Mac Lipstick in Angel as a present from my other half when we went shopping and I love it. So creamy and pigmented and it lasts on the lips so well. I love it and want another. I am a Mac convert!

Next up was the Urban Decay Anarchy palette, which was also a gift from my other half. Although I didn’t like this as much as the shattered face case, I can still see me using it a lot and I now have the problem of which one to pack for my weekend away? #bbloggerproblems

Finally in this pile was a Laura Mercier primer, which I picked up in a blog sale for £10! Bloggers be raving about this bad boy, so I had to try it. Disappointed I was not! The reason I haven’t reviewed this yet is because it is so expensive, but if anyone would like to see a review let me know! I still can’t believe I got this for a tenner (it was brand new as well).

Real Techniques, Mac, Urban Decay | theLittleScottishCorner

Cohorted Bargains! Real techniques, Mac Highlighter and Urban Decay Primer Potion

If you haven’t heard of cohorted, you are missing out. They have a twitter and facebook, so it is worth a search and a follow. Every Monday at 6pm UK time, they have a series of bargains going live. It’s similar to price drop Tv, where the more people that buy the cheaper it is. These Real Techniques Brushes have been on my wish list as I think the Bare Minerals brush is too scratchy for my skin now and they cost me under £14 all in! If you want a bargain, click fast as they sell out. You basically join the cohort and the lowest price is what you pay.

This limited edition Mac highlighter was another Cohorted buy for only £17.50! RRP £25. Woweee. I really want to highlight more often, and swatches of this revealed it would be perfect for my skin. Worth a try no?

Finally, the Urban Decay Primer potion. Well here is where it gets funny. I ordered one of these from cohorted at the price of £11.20 and they sent me two. I tweeted them with the error and they never replied, this says to me they don’t want the second one returned? I mean I am an honest person, so would return it, but they never replied, so their loss. Should I feel guilty? Oh just a heads up, I actually already own this so was buying for my next giveaway when I reach 200 bloglovin followers – now I have two I might do another random giveaway (maybe for my birthday?).

Sleek Blush  |theLittleScottishCorner

Sleek Lovin’ Happened so fast

Wow, this Sleek obsession happened fast. Four blushes. Shades are Pumpkin, Pink Sprint, Antique and Pomegranate. You may remember me mentioning I loved the blush by 3 palette in Pumpkin in my Drugstore Makeup post? I hate Pink Sprint. I will probably sell this one in a blogsale. It doesn’t go with my skin at all. Oh well, at £10 for the palette these are a great way to try new shades. The singles are only £5 too and Antique is gorgeous, but pomegranate is horrible on me. Far too dark. I have to question why I ever thought these deep shades would suit me, cos they just don’t.

Mac and Clinique | theLittleScottishCorner

Mac and Clinique Lovin

Moving on, some more Mac! I picked up this empty quad and the shade Jest in a blogsale and I think it was a tenner all in. I was dubious about Mac paint pots and didn’t want to pay full price for one, so got this one in the shade Rubenesque for £7 in the same blog sale. I love the formula of both the Mac eye products and Jest is my go to shade of the moment. Now I have tried these, I definitely don’t mind splurging on them and can’t believe someone sold these barely used (probably swatched at most) beauties off. Maybe they didn’t suit their skin tone – like my Sleek beauties?

Clinique chubby sticks! At last I have you in my clutches. It seems everyone raved about these, but again the price put me off. This little set of 3 miniature versions was a total steal, however they contain hardly any product. Are the full size ones just as stingy? The colour pay off is quite sheer, except the pink, but these are by no means intense like the name suggests. I still like them though.

Bodyshop Haul | theLittleScottishCorner

Bodyshop Haul

Since QVC stopped selling Ojon Hair stuff, I have been on the search for a good hair care regime on a budget. Herbal Essences was nice, but I settled on the Body Shop Rainforest Moisture and mine has just run out. Last week I picked up another bottle, along with Rainforest Colour to use twice a week to prolong my slightly lighter brown hair.  The lighter brown was a mistake, but my hair lightens easily in summer anyway, so I am keeping it. When I say lighter brown, it is still dark, but more of a medium brown now.

The four miniatures are some of my favourite BodyShop smells/items. I wanted the strawberry shower gel, but it was sold out, so settled on the body puree instead. Chocolate is a new try from the Bodyshop, so I hope I like. As for the Mango lotion and Grapefruit shower gel, these are two of my absolute favourite products (and satsuma too of course). These were bought for my long weekend away in June 🙂

Drugstore Essentials | theLittleScottishCorner

Drugstore Essentials

I actually bought 3 of those foot packs, but used one already haha. They are 99p and are basically plastic boots filled with lotion which you wear for 20 minutes. These are a god send when travelling and you have sore feet – exactly why I bought them. I also picked up some nail polish remover, deodorant and a lip butter which has been raved about by bloggers, Finally I was so happy last weekend when I found the inecto coconut hand cream in Bodycare for 99p in Leicester! I was rationing my tube as it is quite difficult to find, although I now know Savers and Bodycare sell it. It is Lush.

Drugstore Haul | theLittleScottishCorner

More Drugstore

Maybelline Colour Tatoo. I had to buy one and I love it. I got the shade Taupe, which I used in my GRWM post and it is so long lasting.

These 3 nail art kits were only 99p each in Bodycare and are such a find. I’m wearing some of the blue studs right now and they are so far holding up quite well. Great for a  bit of fun.

Free Stuff

Free Stuff

I think I am going to leave my haul here, it has got rather long. This little Aromatherapy Associates kit was free with a magazine. When I say free, I mean I actually paid the £4 or whatever to buy this and it came with a free magazine. Haha.

The Fearne nail wraps and Bio Effect were a gift from my mum and the Eyeko eyelash curlers came free with a magazine. This time I actually wanted to read the magazine…

Boy that was a big haul. I can’t believe there is more! I have issues. If there is anything you would like a review of, let me know and I will try my best. I usually like to test things for a few weeks prior to writing a review, but will let you know 🙂

What have you been buying recently? Do you own any of these products?

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Getting Handy – a Hand cream for Every Budget

Hand Cream Comparison|theLittleScottishcCorner

My top hand creams

Hand cream is something I use every day, sometimes even several times a day. With so many hand creams on the market, what makes a good hand cream? Is it worth paying above the odds for hand cream or can you get away with a budget version? I thought it was about time I compiled my favourites into one list:

Inecto Pure Coconut Hand Cream Review |theLittleScottishCorner

Inecto Pure Coconut 

Low Budget

Inecto Pure Coconut Hand & Nail Cream – 99p for 75ml from TJ Hughes

This is currently out of stock on the TJ Hughes website, but as with most things from TJ Hughes it is probably worth having a rummage. Yes TJ Hughes has a lot of cheap junk, but I’ve found Rimmel 60s polish in there for 99p rrp £3.99 before. The packaging has changed since I got this tube, but the formula is still the same. I really liked this hand cream and wish it was available in the likes of Boots and Superdrug. I actually managed to nab a new tube of this in a shop called BodyCare on Saturday. Winner.


– Really Cheap

– Smells very strongly of coconut

– Formula is non greasy and leaves my hands soft and smooth


– Difficult to get hold of

– Contains glycerine, which may irritate some peoples skin

– Also contains parabens

Rating 4/5

Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream Review |theLittleScottishCorner

Soap and Glory Hand Food

Mid Budget

Soap and Glory Hand Food – £5.00 for 125ml from Boots

This seems to be a firm favourite with beauty bloggers and I am no different. I don’t think it is the best hand cream out there, but it is readily available and does the job. I have gone through countless tubes of this and keep coming back for more, even though it isn’t my favourite.


– Powerful and sweet smelling

– Absorbs well

– Easily available

– Attractive packaging


– Seems to leave my hands greasy

– Not great if you have irritated hands or broken skin

– A little bit runny

– Parabens!

Rating 3.5/5

L'Occitaine Hand Cream Review |theLittleScottishCorner

L’Occitaine Hand Cream (the ones I could find!)

Mid- High Budget

L’Occitaine Shea Hand Cream in Various Scents – £8 for 30ml from L’Occitaine

This is my all time favourite hand cream and I have so many tubes scattered around myself. One on my desk, in the car, in my bag, jacket pocket, makeup bag, bathroom, nail box. It is a great all rounder in my opinion and the little tubes do pack some punch. I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned this before.


– 13 different scents to choose from

– Comes in such a small tube, handy for travel

– Contains up to 20% shea butter so massively moisturising

– Lovely thick formula

– Lasts for ages as you only use a tiny drop


– The price

Rating 5/5

Neom Morocan Blush Rose Hand Cream Review |theLittleScottishCorner

Neom Morocan Blush Rose

High Budget

Neom Complete Bliss Morocan Rose Hand Cream – £20 for 75ml from Neom Organics

I got this in my advent calendar last year and I really love it. The formula is a cross between thick and runny, but it is the smell I love. Anything Rose scented is a winner in my books.


– Smells of lovely Roses

– The scent lingers for a while after applied

– Absorbs quickly

– Chic packaging

– Organic


– The matte white tube gets dirty easily

– Very expensive

– Tube doesn’t last as long as I would like for the price

Rating 4/5

So that’s it! My favourite hand creams for every budget.

Have you tried any of these? What can you recommend a girl with problem hands like me uses?

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Thrifty Thursday # 3|Sleek MakeUp Coral Blusher|Swatches and Review


Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Showing the size of the Sleek blush next to other products

Its been a while since I’ve written a Thrifty Thursday Post and coincidentally the first one was also a blusher. I like this blusher better. I like it so much that I have made a massive dent in it already. For me this blusher is almost a bronzer. It’s not really what I would think of as being coral, that’s for sure. I’ve had so many comments from people when wearing this on how ‘glowy’, ‘healthy’, ‘tanned’ and even ‘beauutiful’ I look. It has quickly become a staple in my daily makeup and I don’t remember the last time I used a blush that wasn’t this one on a work day. My silly drop box deleted some photos and my packaging is now quite badly scratched, so I’ve decided not to show it. Apologies for the photo of the used blush, silly dropbox!

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

The big mirror inside

I was initially sceptical about Sleek MakeUp, as we got off to a bad start. Fast forward 3 months and I’ve accumulated 4 out of 11 of their shades and 2 of the blush by 3 palettes. I really love these blushers that much and at a fiver a piece, you can’t go wrong. The packaging is simple matte black plastic – very sturdy and it definitely won’t open in your hand bag. One of the reasons we got off to a bad start is that I broke a nail trying to open this little blighter. I mean not cool. Anyway, it’s not just the coral shade the other 3 I have are stupidly hard to open but the blush by 3 palettes are find. I’ve found a system now, I just don’t close the lid fully. If I need to take the blush anywhere for on the go use, I wedge my house key into the packaging to open it. Quite effective really. I like that these include a good sized mirror in the lid and that it’s an actual mirror not just a  plastic piece of rubbish like you would find in a fun house. These are also insanely compact for the 8g of product you get in them. For reference it is about a third of the size of my mobile phone which is a Sony Xperia U and is similar in size to an HTC One or Iphone 4.

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Unused blusher, not a great colour representation

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Sleek Coral Blush in the pan

Pigmentation of this little beaut is fantastic. The first while I had this, I couldn’t quite get the amount I needed on my brush right and was a little bit orange. It’s cool though – nobody noticed! This is definitely more brown in colour than orange, but I really love the healthy glow it gives me. The texture of the blush is quite hard in the pan and when you first get it I would recommend sticking your finger in there and rubbing it around a little to break the surface. There is some micro shimmer in the blush, but when it is on the face it is barely noticeable.I really love how blendable these are and how pigmented it is. I also really love the price. Wear time is really good, this starts to fade on my skin after around 7 hours, but even after a full 14 hours at work there is still a trace of this on my face. Fantastic.

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Unblended Swatch

Sleek Coral Blusher Swatches and Review|theLittleScottishCorner

Blended Swatch

Sleek is currently part of the massive 3 for 2 offer at Boots or you can buy the blush individually for £4.49 from Boots and Superdrug.

Which Sleek blush should I buy next and is there any you would like me to review? I have Pixie Pink, Pomegranate and Antique. I’ve never tried anything else from Sleek, but any ideas on what I should buy next?

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