Stila Lip Glaze in Kaleidoscope

Stila Lip Glaze

I swithered about whether to write about this lipgloss for months and I’ve finally decided that I should. I got this in my Latest in Beauty advent calendar last year and didn’t think much of it. That and there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Stila as a brand (I won’t get into it here), so I cast it aside. When I was clearing out my stash I stumbled across it and decided to clean the brush and give the gloss another go.

On the lips, excuse the bad photography. It's super hard to photo your lips

On the lips, excuse the bad photography. It’s super hard to photo your lips

Kaleidoscope looks very pink in the tube, but this doesn’t really translate onto the lips. On the lips it looks more of a sheet pink with sparkle and can actually look fantastic layer over a pink lipstick for a bit of shine and sparkle. I’ve been teaming this with my favourite Benefit lippie and I have to say I am impressed so far. The colour is fantastic. The texture is quite sticky, but not in that horrible thick and sticky way that lipglosses can so often be. Your hair will stick to your lips with this one, but isn’t that the case with every lipgloss? In terms of longevity, I got a couple of hours max from this before another application is required. The flavour and scent of this is somewhat fruity, making it a joy to apply. What I really don’t like is the brush. The brush and twist mechanism sucks. You twist the base of the gloss to allow it to flow onto the brush, but I find it just pools and you get a massive blob on the brush. I don’t like it at all. I don’t really like lipglosses with brushes. The packaging is quite chic looking and sturdy though, so if you can get past the awful brush and throw it in your bag it will survive.

You can buy a 2.4ml tube of this in a massive 36 shades from Stila for £15. It is rather expensive for the tiny amount of product and I don’t think I would repurchase it. I will mention that the controversy surrounding stila has been in the animal testing department, which will put a lot of people off. I’m not here to pass judgement on a brand, I will leave that up to you.

What do you think of this gloss? Do you rate brush applicators or hate them like me?


My 1st Mac Product – Frost Lipstick in Angel

Mac Angel

Mac Angel

Like most people, I never tell my family and friends all the good things. Only the bad. I have a tough outer shell and I don’t like letting people break it. I guess this is probably down to being picked on when I was younger. I don’t really know, but I suspect it also affected me in the way of low confidence, self esteem and generally being quite socially awkward/shy. Anyway I am digressing slightly from the point of the story here and the point is I have a lovely boyfriend. Last weekend in Leicester he bought me this Mac lipstick and an Urban Decay palette. It was very sweet of him. We were walking past the Mac counter in Debenhams and I mentioned how I would love something and he dragged me over and picked this lipstick for me. It wasn’t his first or second choice, but those were really not my style, so we settled on this one. The Mac experience was horrible, people pushing past to get in at things and the shop assistant even managed to bruise my knee when she viciously shut the drawer on my leg. How rude. So onto the lippie!

Mac Angel

Mac Angel


I love how chic the black plastic tube looks on my dresser. I know it’s only a lipstick, but it just looks expensive and I have it pride of place at the moment. The tube feels really sturdy and the lid clicks into place, meaning no opening in your bag. Big winner from me.

Mac Angel in the Tube, so gorgeous!

Mac Angel in the Tube, so gorgeous!

Colour and Application

Angel is a frost finish lipstick and is one of 30 available from Mac. They have an absolute enormous range of colours, I was kinda speechless when I saw the tester stand. After a scout around on the lovely inter web, it appears that you can also but Angel nail polish (we all know I don’t need that) and lipglass. The colour is a medium-toned neutral pink with a little bit of silver shimmer. I think this shade would suit most people. The coverage is quite opaque, making this a perfect choice for those (like me) who are afraid of bold lips. I wish I was brave enough to wear bright pink, it looks fab on others, but I doubt I could pull it off.

Mac Angel in the Tube

In the tube again

I must apologise for the used lipstick in the pictures, I put this on as soon as we left the shop, I couldn’t wait. I was so excited. Application is good, the lippie glided onto my lips easily with its creamy formula. The thing I did notice was the smell. It didn’t smell like lipstick, it almost smelled a bit like cocoa. I’m not sure if this contains cocoa or not (I couldn’t see it in the ingredients list) but the smell was surprisingly pleasant. So far so good.

Mac Angel in the tube

And again

Wear Time

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but pout and lick my lips whenever I am wearing lipgloss or lipstick. Bad habit. This means I need to reapply often. I made a concious effort not to one day for the sake of a review and I can tell you I got around 3 hours wear from this without any eating. I thought this was pretty good.  I didn’t find this dried my lips out at all – nor did it accentuate my lines. Now I know you are probably sick of my rambling, so I will leave you with a swatch while I go and prepare for work tomorrow.

Mac Angel review

Mac Angel again – because it is so pretty

Mac Angel Swatch

Swatched on my arm

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

Overall I really like this and I am pleased with the shade Woody chose me. I can wear it during the day or at night, so it is very versatile. I love the formula – it is so creamy and applies like a dream. I will definitely treat myself to another lippie from Mac, but maybe after I have been on holiday. We are looking at going to New York for 4 days in June for my 24th. Geezo I am getting old. Time to start saving the pennies.

You can buy Mac lipsticks in the like of Debenhams and House of Fraser and from Mac online for £15.

So now I have the Mac bug, what other shades can you recommend? Has anyone tried their paint pots or blushers? They look amazing.

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You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 12


Okay, so I cheated a little, I opened this yesterday as I knew I wouldn’t be able to post tonight. Today or should I say yesterday, I opened my calendar to be greeted by this lovely lipgloss from Stila. This is my first ever product from Stila, so I will definitely do a full review after some more intensive testing. The applicator is interesting, it is a click operated brush, which dispenses the right amount supposedly. We shall see about that though. In terms of the shade, it is fairly safe, a very sparkly glitter filled pink. This shade would probably suit the majority of people. I can’t complain with this. Hope you all enjoy your evening and normal service will resume tomorrow with day 13.

£5 off any Stila cosmetics set using the code XMAS5

Have you tried any Stila products before? What do you think of this shade?