Skin Saviour | Elemis Freshskin Matte Moisturiser

Elemis FreshSkin Moisturiser

Hi my name is Jacquelyn and I am the world’s worst blogger! Sorry people. I’m so bad, but blogging is a hobby right? And it’s difficult to fit it in sometimes when your working full time. Speaking of work, I just applied for a full time job at my work. Aaaaaah. Scary stuff. I’m nervous already. I hope they interview me. This kinda means I’m an adult. I just applied for an adult job. Not a graduate job. No. A real life adult job. I really hope they interview me, even if I am relatively inexperienced. I want this soooo bad. Will be weird getting interviewed by people I know. Do I picture them naked or not? One of lifes many dilemmas. I think I will probably try not picture them naked because that is the worst interview tactic anyone has ever told me. Anyway, I’m stressing out here for no apparent reason. Which brings me on to my skin saviour of the year.

I’ve banged on about Elemis Freshskin before, it is seriously good. Now I love Elemis, but I can’t afford £20 odd for a bottle of cleanser (the lime blossom cleanser is ah-mazing), so freshskin is right up my street. It is aimed at teens to mid twenties, but when did an age recommendation ever stop anyone using anything? ‘Oh look this moisturiser is for teenagers, I better not use it’ said no one ever. If we get into technicalities I am still early, verging on mid twenties so I fit the bill perfectly. My skin is weird – dry in places, but my nose? Well if you wanted to I’m pretty sure you could crack an egg on there and fry it some days. It has mahoosive pores in there too, kinda like looking at a greasy moon is the way I would describe it. Not cool. I’ve always been plagued with big, disgusting spots on my nose every now and again, but generally other than a few tiny white lumps here and there the rest of my skin is clear.


Moisturisers and skin care can be problematic. Do you buy one for dry skin and risk making the oil rig that is your nose worse? Or do you buy one for oily skin and end up turning the rest of your face into a dry and barren dessert? Or do you buy both and have two sets of skin care, taking up precious space in the shower? First world problems here. Well in my teenage years, I went with the latter. In my early twenties I went with the former. Neither was ideal. Now, well now I have found a moisturiser that works for me. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you the Elemis Freshskin Skin Clear Mattifying Moisturiser.

The packaging is fairly plain and colour coded. Anything blue is for mattifying your skin and anything pink is for normal skin. I think that because this is fairly plain, you could give it to boys as well as girls. It is important to treat your teenage skin right –  I remember my brother looking after his and he has fabulous skin for a man now. I can see mums and grannies buying this for their teenagers for Chrimbo. Points to Elemis. The pump dispenser works and doesn’t clog, not much else to say here.

The texture, hmmm. Not too thick, not to watery. Exactly what you want from a moisturiser. It spreads evenly on the face and absorbs really well. Typically I give this around 5-10 minutes to soak in whilst I dry my hair before applying any makeup and I am left with no oily residue on my face. I do find that when I use this my nose gets marginally less oily during the day than if I don’t use it. Winner. This contains shea butter for added moistures and bergamot which is antiseptic to help reduce spots. It also contains cucumber and witch hazel, which are pretty common skin care ingredients for moisturising and fighting spots. I cant’t say that this noticeably reduces spots on it’s own, but combined with the serum from this range, it definitely does. Elemis don’t use any nasties – parabens, SLS etc in any of their products which is a bonus.

Okay, so the downside – it is quite pricey. £21 for a 50ml pot from Feel Unique. It is worth it though, trust me. It is my skin hero and a dessert island product.

Have you tried Freshskin? Did you love it as much as me? Can anyone recommend a nice face scrub, I am on the hunt?


You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 13


A lot of gorgeousness behind door 13. This fabulous four piece ultra calming set from dermalogica and another little sample with a voucher code to top it off. I haven’t had much dealing with dermalogica products, quite frankly I challenge you to find any university student who has. I’ve only tried the microdermabrasion exfoliator, which is nice but not worth the price tag and a little odd and one of the cleansers. Both of these were sample sizes and if I am honest didn’t do enough to persuade me to part with my cash. Regular readers will know I am partial to a good sample and like nothing better than buying kits of mini sizes to try things out. I find that mini products are much more affordable, as opposed to spending say £25 on a tube of moisturiser in one sitting, I can buy a whole kit with moisturiser, face wash and serum for £20. Anyway, I was really excited to get some more samples to try out, after all thats why I got the calendar (and lets face it most of the samples I have got previously have been luxury and way out of my price range).


So in the little packet, we have a cleanser, serum, mist and masque. The face masque is a welcome addition, as I use masques of some description on a weekly basis. The mist is lovely and light, but quite moisturising. I tried it out this morning and was pleasantly impressed. I am loving that in this one window, I get to try four products out. You never know, this range could completely change my mind on dermalogica. I haven’t tried any of the serum yet, I will hold off until after my Christmas party. I don’t want a break out.

I would be interested to know if any of you have tried dermalogica and if you think it is worth the price tag? For me, it offered little over my Elemis freshskin range. What is your go to skin care brand?

You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 11


Steamcream! Yes! I am so happy to see this, even if it is in a slightly garish tin. I got a tin of this earlier in  the year and just recently started using it and it is amazing. It is apparently fused together using steam, hence the name. They offer a really large range of tin designs, and this one screams summer to me, so goodness know why it was in an advent calendar. The cream is very thick and hydrating and can be used on body, hands and face. I will try and get a full review of this up soon, but I am struggling for time with posts and it being Christmas. This has won countless beauty awards and is a great buy at under £15 a tin.

20% off all single tin purchases using the code CALENDAR20

Have you tried steamcream? What is your go to moisturiser?

You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 1


Just a quick post with todays advent calendar goody. Sisley Masque Creme a la Rose Noire in a 10ml deluxe sample size. Sisley wasn’t a brand I had ever heard of and when I opened this I was a bit meh, but I looked it up and a 60ml tube retails for £88. Whaaaat? So I slathered a little of this on my face and waited for 10 minutes before rinsing it off and my skin was soft. Now obviously one use isn’t enough for a full review, so I will use the whole tube and get back to you in time on whether this rose scented creme is good or not.

In the meantime if you want to check out my previous post on the You Beauty Calendar, you can find it here.

Using the code Sisley1DEC you can also get a free coffret fleur gift worth £75 when you buy 1 skin care and 1 other Sisley product.

Whats inside your advent calendar today? Have you tried Sisley?

Elemis freshskin Skincare Part 1 – Discovery Set Review


It has been a stressful couple of weeks for me and as a result, my skin is suffering more than normal. As a result, I have really stepped up my game in terms of moisturising and reduced the ammount of make-up I am wearing to give it a chance to clear. Again, apologies to anyone who has already read this as I am trying to post all my previous posts from a shared blog on here so I have everything in one place. A few months ago now, I purchased the Elemis freshskin discovery kit available from Superdrug for £18.99 (I LOVE that Superdrug are branching out into slightly more luxury brands, Nicole OPI, Crabtree and Evelyn et al). It is also available at the likes of feelunique, lookfantastic and Debenhams so do shop around for offers. Since then I have repurchased the kit, as I think it is a fantastic price for the contents, which last for ages even though they are small tubes. I found that these lasted me around a month of daily use. For those of you who haven’t heard of Elemis, it is a British Spa brand and is towards the luxury end of the scale. The Pro Collagen Marine cream retails for almost £100 (yikes) and as gorgeous as that is, I doubt any teenager or twenty-something could afford that (unless of course you are blessed with a multi million pound fortune, which sadly most of us mere mortals are not.) Anyway, many beauty salons offer Elemis products and I have had an Elemis facial before which was lovely and relaxing. Early this year, Elemis released the freshskin range, targeted at the teens to 20s age group. The idea is the range offers luxury skin care at affordable prices, encouraging young people to look after their skin. What do Elemis say about the freshskin range?

‘Being young is all about having a packed life and that’s just how it should be.
freshskin has been specifically designed for the needs of a young skin.
Skin will appear brighter and more radiant whilst the freshskin Skin Clear range targets problem, oily and blemish prone skin.
Every freshskin product is formulated with naturally active ingredients which have been specially chosen for their ability to help cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and target the problems of a young skin.’

As mentioned previously, I suffer from both oily and dry patches, so have tried products from both ranges and will review more from the freshskin range in another post. I think this range is fantastic, it is free from so many nasties: Parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, Mineral Oils, Artificial Colours and Silicones. This ethos runs across the whole Elemis brand, not just the freshskin range, so as your skin matures you can move on to their more ‘grown up ranges’. The discovery set contains five products: a 30ml Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash, a 30ml Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash, a 15ml Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser, a 15ml Dreamy Sleep Night-time Moisturiser and 3x7ml Deep Clean Purifying Face Masks (only 2 are shown in the picture as I used the third one already and a review will follow shortly).

Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash

Everyday facial wash, available from Superdrug for £11.99 for 100ml.

‘Hydrating chicory extract, conditioning elderflower and skin-awakening lemon leave the complexion beautifully soft and glowing.’

This face wash is nice and thick and comes with a handy pump dispenser so you can get just the right amount. I find this is not too drying and is gentle enough to use around my eyes. It has no smell when you pump it out the tube, but once you foam it up with warm water, it smells really fresh and peachy. It lathers up well and does leave my face feeling clean, although sometimes I am left wanting something a little stronger for my oily nose which is why next pay day I want to try the purifying face wash from the range for oily skin.


Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash

Facial exfoliator, available from Superdrug for £11.99 for 100ml.

‘With a deep pore cleansing action, this exfoliating facial wash contains cherry powder and jojoba beads to gently polish and refine skin texture. Enriched with mandarin and aniseed to soften and condition, leaving skin bright, clean and more radiant. ‘

I never knew this contained cherry, so I am glad that it didn’t flare up my skin due to my weird allergy. This also contains sweet almond oil, which for me is the main scent that I can detect when using it. I do get a small whiff of mandarin, which is nice. This scrub is quite smooth in comparison to others I have used, but does a great job for an everyday scrub. It gently exfoliates away my dry patches and helps unclog pores too. I do feel that I could do with a rougher scrub for once a week use. I am on my third bottle of this so far, I just love it.


Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser

Everyday moisturising cream, available from Superdrug for £19.99 for 50ml.

‘Enriched with seaweed extract, this light and non-greasy daily moisturiser helps protect and moisturise. Rosehip seed oil and sweet almond oil deliver soothing and softening qualities ensuring the skin receives and instant hydration boost. Skin is left revitalised and more radiant. ‘

This also contains geranium, lavender and English chamomile and therefore is quite strongly scented. If you like your moisturiser to be scent free, this probably isn’t for you. The smell is not overpowering, it very much reminds me of the oils they used at the beauty salon and when I apply it I find it very relaxing. The formula is quite thick, but not overly so and as you can see in the picture (its the one on the bottom) it has started to run slightly. I find that this really does soften my skin and my face is honestly so soft after use. I didn’t apply it today and wow, my face felt like sandpaper in comparison to normal. The moisturiser does not leave my skin oily and I usually leave this to soak in for 10minutes whilst eating my cereal. I NEVER want to be without this baby.

Dreamy Sleep Night-time Moisturiser

Overnight replenishing cream, available from Superdrug for £21.99 for 50ml.

‘Specially formulated with a powerful liposome complex of Vitamins A,C and E, this intensely hydrating night-time moisturiser improves skin radiance while you sleep. Blackcurrant seed oil and barley extract help to further refine skin texture and increase skin smoothness.’

This smells much the same as the day cream and has much the same effect. The only difference it is a bit thicker, as you can see in the picture (it is the one on the bottom) and probably much more moisturising. I do find that I wake up with soft skin, however if you are tight for cash, I would say the day cream would do just as good a job if you have normal or oily skin. This is probably only essential if you have dry skin.


Overall, I love this range, my only criticism is the price. Although in my book £20 for a moisturiser and £10 for a face wash every 3 months isn’t much, I know that when I was 13 earning £20 a week from my paper round and £24 every Saturday in my local flower shop, I would definitely not have forked out for this. I think Elemis have targeted the wrong age group, unless any mums or grandparents are kind enough to purchase this for birthdays, Christmas etc. Look out for my review coming up on the face mask, serum and eye gel.

Gosh that was a long post wasn’t it? I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear your thought on the freshskin range. Have you tried any Elemis products or are you tempted to purchase this kit now?