Stila Lip Glaze in Kaleidoscope

Stila Lip Glaze

I swithered about whether to write about this lipgloss for months and I’ve finally decided that I should. I got this in my Latest in Beauty advent calendar last year and didn’t think much of it. That and there’s a lot of controversy surrounding Stila as a brand (I won’t get into it here), so I cast it aside. When I was clearing out my stash I stumbled across it and decided to clean the brush and give the gloss another go.

On the lips, excuse the bad photography. It's super hard to photo your lips

On the lips, excuse the bad photography. It’s super hard to photo your lips

Kaleidoscope looks very pink in the tube, but this doesn’t really translate onto the lips. On the lips it looks more of a sheet pink with sparkle and can actually look fantastic layer over a pink lipstick for a bit of shine and sparkle. I’ve been teaming this with my favourite Benefit lippie and I have to say I am impressed so far. The colour is fantastic. The texture is quite sticky, but not in that horrible thick and sticky way that lipglosses can so often be. Your hair will stick to your lips with this one, but isn’t that the case with every lipgloss? In terms of longevity, I got a couple of hours max from this before another application is required. The flavour and scent of this is somewhat fruity, making it a joy to apply. What I really don’t like is the brush. The brush and twist mechanism sucks. You twist the base of the gloss to allow it to flow onto the brush, but I find it just pools and you get a massive blob on the brush. I don’t like it at all. I don’t really like lipglosses with brushes. The packaging is quite chic looking and sturdy though, so if you can get past the awful brush and throw it in your bag it will survive.

You can buy a 2.4ml tube of this in a massive 36 shades from Stila for £15. It is rather expensive for the tiny amount of product and I don’t think I would repurchase it. I will mention that the controversy surrounding stila has been in the animal testing department, which will put a lot of people off. I’m not here to pass judgement on a brand, I will leave that up to you.

What do you think of this gloss? Do you rate brush applicators or hate them like me?


What’s in my Daily Makeup Bag?

Kipling Make-up Bag

My Make-up Bag

This one has been floating around the beauty world for quite some while now and I figured I should share what I have in my daily make-up bag. I’ve said it before, I don’t generally wear much make-up to work, foundation, blusher, mascara and powder is the norm really. As you can see my make-up bag is bright pink and comes complete with a monkey. These monkeys are a signature of Kipling bags and are apparently named after people that work there. The only thing I don’t like about this bag is that it shows up the dirt easily, but it is washable so that is not too much of an issue. I stuck a little rabbit pin badge on there too, just to make it extra cute.

Kipling make-up bag with bareminerals brushes

Opening the front pocket

In the front pocket I keep my flawless face brush from BareMinerals along with some other bits and bobs. If I am travelling these are the brushes I can’ live without. You can see just how roomy the front pocket is and I like the elasticated holders, which are handy for smaller brushes and eye-liners. I know many people like to keep their brushes on display, but I much prefer keeping them in the bag as there is less chance of dust and dirt getting on them.

Main compartment

Main compartment

The main compartment is really spacious and I use it to store everything that I might reach for on a daily basis. I like how it securely zips up so that nothing falls out when travelling. When I emptied the bag out I was shocked at how much actually fitted in this tiny bag.

Bare Minerals Brushes

Brush collection

Okay, so the brushes with pink bits don’t actually live in this bag, they have their own travel pouch but I use them a lot so thought I should include them anyway. First up I have my Bare Minerals concealer brush. I got this about 4 years ago and it is still going strong. I usually try and wash this at least once a month as I don’t want bacteria spreading on my face. This is a full coverage brush so I need to be careful not to over do the concealer. I then have the Blemish remedy brush for those times (like today) when I have a crater on my face. The next 4 brushes are smaller than normal size and are synthetic, but are all from Bare Minerals. The line diffuser and contour brush I only tend to use when I wear eye make-up, which is usually on nights out or meals out with the bf. The line diffuser is great for smudging out eyeliner or applying thin lines of eye shadow. I then have a blush brush and a flawless face brush which I use everyday to apply my blusher and mineral veil. Finally I have my full size flawless face brush which I used to apply mineral foundation.



I have 2 eyeliners in this bag: a black one from the Bodyshop and a turquoise one from Avon. I don’t wear either of these everyday, but wear them quite often at the weekend. I’ve replaced the body shop eyeliner with my new favourite Urban Decay Zero from the Shattered Face Case, but will keep this one in here ‘just in case’. The final tool in my bag is a little bit disgusting, so sorry. It is a blackhead removal tool from the Bodyshop. I try not to use this, but when you get a horrible spot it can sometimes be too tempting.

Benefit Porefessional, Fake-Up, Boing, Stay don't stray, maybelline dream mousse

Base Products

This is where it gets a little exciting!  Base products, which I mix around a little depending on how my skin is. I like to smooth a little Benefit Porefessional over my nose and cheek area to try and reduce my bucket like pores. Following on from this I sweep fake-up under my eyes in a v shape and blend out to hide my big dark circles. Sometimes I will apply a couple of dots of stay don’t stray; it really just depends on how oily or dry my face is. Next I use Boing shade 2 to conceal and spots I have (at the moment loads). It really is fantastic, but creased under my eyes so be careful. I got this duo of 2 and 3 in the how to look the best at everything kit and come summer shade 3 will be a better match for me, so I like having the 2. If I have stupidly dry skin I will use the maybelline dream matte mouse in the shade sand. This foundation applies really well and I can’t believe it was under a tenner. The wear time for the matte mousse is also pretty good, lasting 6-8 hours on me when set with powder.

More Base Products

More Base Products

If I have a really bad spot, I will skip the Boing and apply the BareMinerals blemish remedy to try and speed up the healing time. This doesn’t offer much coverage, but is very light allowing the skin to breathe and you don’y have to worry about clogging up. If my dark circles are particularly bad I will set them using BareMinerals Summer Bisque concealer which can be pretty drying on its own. Once I am happy everything is covered (even if I do look cakey according to the BF, which I don’t), I buff a little of the BareMinerals Original SPF15 in Medium Beige onto my skin. I like to even out my skin tone and find that this offers light to medium coverage depending on application. I use the BareMinerals Mineral Veil to set my make-up once I have applied my blusher.

Benefit, Mua and Sleek


I’ve bought so many blushers the past few months and these 3 are the ones that have managed to stay in my bag. I really love Fine One One from Benefit as it incorporates a highlighter, but it just doesn’t last on my cheeks. A bargain I found lately was this blusher from MUA in the shade Bon Bon for only £1. Its very soft and a bit messy, but does have great pigmentation so a light hand is needed. Finally I have the blush I am LOVING just now from Sleek in the shade coral. It is almost like a bit or a bronzer and looks very dark in the pan but once blended out looks amazing on my cheeks. Well I think it does anyway. I’ve already managed to make quite a dent in it and maybe, just maybe I will finish it one day.

Eyes and Lips

Eyes and Lips

The Model Co mascara is still in here from the wand experiment I did a few weeks ago. I should probably throw it out before it festers. My current go to mascara is they’re real from Benefit. I prefer Bad Gal, but have a few miniature tubes of this to work through first. I’m on a mission to use up some products so have chucked this mini Smashbox lipgloss in there; unfortunately it is so small I can never seem to find it at the bottom of the bag to use 😦 . I’ve been putting everything I got in the You Beauty Advent Calendar to proper use and think I need to review this Lipgloss from Stila. It isn’t cruelty free, but I figured I should use it up and it is actually pretty good. Finally I have my Baby Lips in Mint Fresh. I wouldn’t buy this again, but really want to use it up and actually quite like the mintyness on my lips. I find this to be quite drying and a little over hyped to be honest. I hope you enjoyed seeing what is in my makeup bag! I would love to see inside yours because I am nosey like that! Link me in the comments if you decide to do this?

Do you have any of these products in your makeup bag?  


You Beauty Advent Calendar Day 12


Okay, so I cheated a little, I opened this yesterday as I knew I wouldn’t be able to post tonight. Today or should I say yesterday, I opened my calendar to be greeted by this lovely lipgloss from Stila. This is my first ever product from Stila, so I will definitely do a full review after some more intensive testing. The applicator is interesting, it is a click operated brush, which dispenses the right amount supposedly. We shall see about that though. In terms of the shade, it is fairly safe, a very sparkly glitter filled pink. This shade would probably suit the majority of people. I can’t complain with this. Hope you all enjoy your evening and normal service will resume tomorrow with day 13.

£5 off any Stila cosmetics set using the code XMAS5

Have you tried any Stila products before? What do you think of this shade?

You Beauty Advent Calendar (and some Discount Codes) – It’s Arrived!


Imagine how delighted I was when this arrived on Friday! For those of you who don’t know, You Beauty have released a jam packed advent calendar for £49.95 worth a staggering £240. This calendar is massive, the booklet provided with it which you can see on the left of the picture is A5 in size, so that gives you an idea of scale. The calendar is beautifully packaged in white, complete with a ribbon to close it and gold writing.


The doors are all different sizes obviously depending on whats in them. I haven’t opened any of them yet, but I am dying to.

These are still available from You Beauty Discovery for £49.95 plus postage and the sheer luxury of the packaging makes me want to subscribe to their monthly box.

The little booklet also included some information on the brands inside, as well as some discount codes, so look away now if you are planning on getting this and want the contents to be a total surprise. I’ve split these into the sections they are in in the booklet. There is some massive savings here, especially for Christmas shopping so I hope this helps someone.

Skin SOS

Dermalogica – £10 off a £50 spend plus free samples and shipping from 01/12/13 to 31/01/14 using the code YOUBEAUTY

DHC – £10 plus free shipping when you spend £50 from 01/12/13 to 31/01/14 using the unique code in the advent calendar (looks like you have to buy it to get this one folks, but if anyone wants the code leave me a comment as I won’t be buying anything)

ESPA – £15 gift card valid from 03/12/13 to 31/01/14 using the unique code (the savings with the calendar keep adding up don’t they?)

Dr Organic – No discounts 😦

Skin Care Regime Revised

Trilogy – £7 off rosapene night cream valid 01/12/13 to 28/02/14 using the code 7NIGHTS

The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Free pink brow and lash brush valid 07/12/13 to 31/01/14 using the code LIBXMAS (the eyelash curler from this company is amazing :))

Sisley – Buy 2 products, 1 to be skincare and recieve a free coffret fleur worth £75 valid 01/12/13 to 31/01/14 using code Sisley1DEC

BioEffect – £30 off valid from 01/12/13 to 31/01/14 using the code XMAS30 (Hello Bio Effect Serum)

Make-Up Magic

Inika – 20% off orders over £50 valid 01/12/13 to 01/01/14 using code ADVENT

Stila – £5 off any purchase of stila sets valid 01/12/13 to 31/01/14 using code XMAS5 (will definitely be redeeming this)

ModelCo – £10 off plus free shine ultra lip gloss valid 01/12/13 to 31/01/14 using code GLOSS10UK

Green People – £5 off a £25 spend valid 01/10/13 to 31/01/14 (I think this is a unique code, so if anyone wants it leave me a comment)

A Big Thumbs Up

Neom – 20% discount from 01/12/13 to 28/02/14 using YOU20

Weleda – Free Weleda skin food with any purchase over £25 from 01/12/13 to 28/02/14 using ADYOU

Caudalie – 15% off any purchase from 01/12/13 to 15/01/14 using HARVEST15

Leighton Denny – Sadly no discount, but that’s probably a good thing for my bank balance

Banish Skins Winter Woes

SteamCream – 20% off all single tin purchases from 27/10/13 to 31/01/14 using CALENDAR20 (great excuse to expand my collection of this wonderful cream)

Dr Lipp – Free baby Dr Lipp valid 01/12/13 to 31/01/14 using code LOVERDRLIPP001

Perricone MD – 20% off valid 01/12/13 to 31/01/14 using code YOUMAGAZINE20

Alterna – No discount codes, which is a shame as I would definitely order some goodies if there was.

Tis the Season of Indulgence

Aromatherapy Associates – 20% off from 01/12/13 to 31/12/13 using code YOU20 (this is bad for my bank balance)

Blanace Me -Free 20ml face cream plus 10%  off an free gift wrap from 05/12/13 to 12/01/14 using YOU10MAG13

Therapie Roques Oneil – 20% off from 01/11/13 to 31/01/14 using YOU20

I really hope these help someone and let me know if you buy the advent calendar. I also have codes for 20% off REN and Rouge Bunny Rouge if anyone wants those, but they didnt come in this advent calendar.

Q – Again no discount codes 😦